100 Deep Questions To Ask Friends To Build Emotional Intimacy

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When it comes to creating strong bonds in friendships, it’s mostly about choosing the right topics to talk about. To help you talk your heart out and share your perspective in desirable talks, we have made a list of deep questions to ask your friends and get to know them in a way more personal way. 

  • Questions about personal values & traits;
  • Questions about the future;
  • Questions about beliefs;
  • Questions about the past & life experiences;
  • Questions about connections & relationships;
  • Final thoughts;

Questions About Personal Values & Traits

It’s beyond important to know about someone’s personality if you’re willing to connect deeper with them. What their habits are, fears, memories that have shaped them as a person, and lots more. Simply, some of the best questions to get to know someone… 

  1. Are there any core principles you live by?
  2. What is your favorite type of care to receive?
  3. What do you consider your greatest strength and your biggest fear?
  4. How do you approach self-improvement?
Approach Self-Improvement
  1. Do you have any role models in life?
  2. What has been in your heart and mind recently?
  3. What do you hope people value in you more?
  4. If you could leave a mark in the world, what would it like it to be for?
  5. What brings you the most joy?
  6. What are the values you admire most in people?
  7. What experiences have shaped your personality the most?
  8. If you could have dinner with one person, alive or dead, right now, who would you pick?
  9. Have you ever been in a position where your decision contradicted your values?
  10. How do you handle moments of self-doubt?
  11. How do you handle moral dilemmas where your principles are tested?
  12. Are there any parts of yourself you hesitate to share with others, because of the fear of judgment? 
  13. What keeps you up at night?
  14. What book or movie has left an impact on the way you live?
Books Or Movies Leaving Impacts
  1. What gives purpose to your life?
  2. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received?
  3. What do you need less in life?

Questions About The Future

If someone discusses their life goals, aspirations, career, or really, anything relating to their future, you must know that they feel safe with you. Questions below make you share your view in life and probably bring people closer considering similar objectives and interests.

  1. What steps are you taking to achieve your biggest dreams?
  2. How do you envision your life in the next 5 years?
  3. What are your top three goals?
  4. How do you try to ensure a more balanced and healthier life in the future?
  5. What kind of people would you like to surround yourself with while you grow older?
  6. Do you usually worry and overthink your future or just take things as you go?
  7. Have you ever thought about how you’d like to spend your retirement?
  8. Is there any technological development you’re concerned about for the future?
Technological Development
  1. How do you think you’ll know when you meet ‘The One’?
  2. What do you hope to achieve by 50?
  3. Let’s say you could have the chance to be immortal. Would you take it? 
  4. What role do you see yourself playing to contribute to an eco-friendly life?
  5. Are you looking forward to having more Hot Seat sessions with your close people?
  6. Have you thought about your financial goals for the near future?
  7. After how many years do you see yourself having kids?
  8. What are your thoughts on a five-year plan?
  9. After what achievement you’d be satisfied with your success?
  10. Are there any significant life events (graduation, marriage, retirement) you really look forward to?
  11. If money wasn’t an issue at all, what would your dream job be?
  12. Do you wish your relationship with any of the family members would evolve in the following years?
  13. If you were forced, what would you give up in order to achieve your dreams?
Achieving Your Dreams
  1. Is there any dream you have had since you were a child and what are you doing towards it?
  2. If you had unlimited money, what things would you do continuously? 
  3. What is your way to maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  4. Is there any definition of a perfect life to you?
  5. What values will guide your leadership during the upcoming years?

Questions About Beliefs

Well, beliefs are what make a person who they are. And we’re not talking about religious beliefs only; trust in the goodness of people, trust in humanity, in people’s morals, principles, values, and more. While answering the questions below, you’ll understand what’s important for each person in the room.

  1. On a scale from 1 to 10, what’s the importance of religion to you?
  2. Have you ever questioned your faith?
  3. How has the faith and background culture of your family shaped the way you view the world?
  4. Do you think that personal growth challenges your beliefs?
  5. How open are you to accept beliefs that are different from your own?
  6. In which value of humans do you believe most?
Values Of Humans
  1. Is there anything you believe in that contradicts social norms?
  2. Does your family have an impact on your current beliefs?
  3. What is your way of handling situations when your beliefs are at odds with your professional tasks?
  4. Do you have any thoughts on the purpose of the existence?
  5. What role does your faith have in the decision-making process?
  6. Do you try to obey people about your beliefs?
  7. How do you feel about philosophical books and has any of them impacted your faith?

Questions About The Past & Life Experiences

Once you’ve discussed everything, it’s time to talk about the days that went by: what made them stronger, what hurts their heart the most, what their favorite memories are, what has made them change throughout the years, and much deeper stuff. Keep a tissue box by your side while answering these…

  1. Have your childhood expectations met what you do now?
  2. Are you still in touch with your childhood friends?
  3. Have you ever given up a dream?
  4. What challenges have you overcome that have changed the way you see life?
  5. What’s one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?
Piece Of Advice To Your Younger Self
  1. Are you comfortable with change? Considering experiences from your past.
  2. What failure has taught you a valuable lesson?
  3. How did you find the strength to continue when you were at your lowest?
  4. What coping mechanisms have helped you through hard times?
  5. Do you believe in second chances?
  6. What childhood memory or experience has left an impact on who you are today?
  7. Think about a difficult life experience you’ve had. If you could go back in time, would you change anything about it?
  8. What are the people you’ve relied on during hard moments?
  9. When was the last time you had to step out of your comfort zone?
  10. Have you ever kept a journal and has it helped you in any way?
  11. Who is the most influential boss or mentor in your career so far?
  12. Is there any destination or adventure you’ve been part of, that you’ll never go back to?
  13. What is your favorite memory with your family so far?
Favorite Memory With Your Family
  1. Have you ever had a moment of deja vu?
  2. Is there any Truth Or Drink question that has made you feel embarrassed?

Questions About Connections & Relationships

Connections with people are an important key for someone to build their character. Getting to know what another person values in connections, what they expect from a relationship or friendship, and how important one is for them, is a great way to understand how your connection could work. 

  1. What do you value most in a significant other or friend?
  2. How do you emotionally handle a breakup?
Handling Breakups
  1. How do you maintain healthy boundaries in relationships?
  2. What is your way to build trust with people?
  3. Do you think Rapid Fire questions make connections better?
  4. What is your biggest regret in one past friendship or relationship?
  5. Do you believe in soulmates?
  6. What friend or partner has made you think of the world differently?
  7. What defines close friends to you?
  8. What does it take you to fully trust someone?
  9. How would you feel if someone got you a Disney-themed gift?
  10. What is a deal-breaker for you when it comes to being in a relationship?
  11. Which friends have the most meaningful place in your heart?
  12. Do you look forward to meeting new people and making new connections or you’re comfortable with people you have around you?
  13. What role do you think reciprocity plays in friendships, relationships, and all types of connections?
  14. How do you handle changes in long-term connections?
  15. What is your connection with your siblings?
  16. What was your first heartbreak and how did you feel?
  17. Does friendship have a great importance in your life and why so?
Friends' Importance In Your Life
  1. What does emotional intimacy mean to you?

Final Thoughts

If you’ve found a few people, or really, just one human to answer these deep questions for friends with, and you made it to the end of the list, you basically know almost everything about one another. However, if you feel like you’d like a few fun questions included too, to get to know each other in all dimensions, you must beyond any doubt keep an eye on our 21 Questions list.

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