New Releases for Cards Against Humanity in 2023

Cards Against Humanity 2023 Releases - Cover Photo

We are all eyes & ears whenever CAH releases some new products. It could be just as stupid as a hidden letter in mayonnaise, or a box of onions (the real ones know what I’m talking about), but it’s still exciting. These last few months, were Cards Against Humanity’s months. And clearly, we’re here to give you details about all these amazing releases! 

  • CAH 2023 Releases:
  1. Hot Box;
  2. 100th Anniversary Edition;
  3. Head Trip;
  4. Pop Culture Bundle;
  5. Smarty Pants Pack;
  6. School Sucks Pack;
  7. Class Clown Bundle;
  8. Culture Wars Pack;
  9. Ultimate Expansion;
  • Final Thoughts;

1. Hot Box

Hot Box
Hot Box - Back Of The Box

The Hot Box is creative. Just as other Cards Against Humanity packs. It’s an expansion to the game but contains a total of 300 cards, so can totally be played as a stand-alone. It follows the same game rules and has the same types of cards (but hotter), however, the content in the cards is all brand-new. Can be played by 4 to 20+ players, ages 17 or older. 

If you’re interested to know what cards are in the Hot Box, which came out on August 1st of 2023, check the card list.

2. 100th Anniversary Edition

100th Anniversary Edition
100th Anniversary Edition - Other View

CAH 100th Anniversary Edition is by far the most luxurious one. The reason why this pack is named like that is because it’s made to celebrate Cards Against Humanity’s 100th anniversary, while also using cards from the very first prototype of the game. The cards and the box are covered in solid gold foil, and there’s a total of 630 cards inside. Yes, it is played just like the main game. 

Go through this Reddit thread to check some of the cards. Keep in mind that this is a brand-new pack. Was released in August of this year.

3. Head Trip Game

Head Trip
Head Trip - Back Of The Box

Since all Cards Against Humanity packs are similar, and apply the same rules, Head Trip is safe to say, unique! The point of the game is basically answering questions as if you were in another person’s head. The pack has both question cards, and head cards, but brings some extra equipment too (a game board & chips, yes). Head Trip is made to be played by 3 to 10+ players, ages 17+. Because of the content, obviously. Here’s a glimpse of what the cards contain:

Head Trip - Playing The Game

Ps. Head Trip will be available to purchase in the next few weeks. Everyone who already has the game, it’s basically a gift CAH sent for being a loyal customer 🙂 

4. Pop Culture Bundle

Pop Culture Bundle

What they do in bundles, is basically combine different existing packs. The Pop Culture Bundle, is indeed, all about pop culture, and contains 6 known packs, and an extra one: A few extra cards about Pop Culture, specifically, 10 new cards. It’s made for adults, follows the same rules, and can be mixed with the core game if you wish.

Since you’re familiar with the other 6 packs, you might find the extra 10 cards in this spreadsheet

5. Smarty Pants Pack

Smarty Pants Pack

Here’s the first mini-expansion for the Family Edition of CAH, which brings 30 new cards to your deck. The content is basically about the smarty pants: jokes about the black hole, reading a 500-page book, plagiarism, and several others. Because it’s a small deck, can only be played if mixed with the Family Edition, or other main games if you find it reasonable. Can be played by all people over 8, luckily. 

Since the Smarty Pants Pack was released on 08/01/2023, we haven’t completed the card list yet, but we’ll make sure to update it as soon as possible. 

6. School Sucks Pack

School Sucks Pack

Just wait till kids find out that CAH finally made a card game that understands how they feel!!! This one is made to be mixed with the Family Edition too, and can be played by all kids over the age of 8. All cards relate to kids’ struggles in school: answers to a test, poop, paying dad to do their homework, and more hilarious content. Let the kids play the game alone. You don’t understand them.

Ps. The card list will be updated in a few days because just like the Smarty Pants pack, the School Sucks pack was released on the 1st of August as well. 

7. Class Clown Bundle

Class Clown Bundle
Class Clown Bundle - Back Of The Box

Here’s the second Bundle released in August of 2023, which is a blast. It contains the 2 above-mentioned packs (the Party Pants & School Sucks), and the Written By Kids pack, which is evidently written by kids. Also, there are 30 blank cards coming in this bundle, so your kid can use them to write their dumb, funny ideas. Do the math. The Class Clown Bundle contains a total of 120 cards, and can be played as a standalone too! 

We dealt with the first two packs of this bundle. So, here’s the card list for the Written By Kids pack. 

8. Culture Wars Pack

Culture Wars Pack

Culture Wars Pack is one of the newest mini-expansions, and also one of the packs of the Pop Culture Bundle mentioned above. This one brings 30 new cards, and they mostly deal with America’s issues, always while adding a humor element. Well, you’ll make fun of Huter Biden’s thing, mass shootings, getting mad, and not knowing why you got mad (probably because you live in America), and you know, other similar stuff. Make sure to mix it with a main game though. 

Look. The Culture Wars pack was released on 08.01.2023 too, so, we haven’t completed the card list yet. Be patient… 

9. Ultimate Expansion

The Ultimate Expansion
The Ultimate Expansion - The Back

The Ultimate Expansions is one of the largest expansions to date, released in January of 2023. It includes nearly 2000 cards, and the most famous editions of Cards Against Humanity (15 packs, plus extra blank cards). The most boujee thing about the Ultimate Expansion is that it comes in the Boks leather case, so all your cards will be protected. It may look like it has an expensive price, but it’s way cheaper than buying all these packs one by one, so this one’s a win 🙂

Ps. Keep in mind that all the games we mentioned in this list, can also be found in the official shop of Cards Against Humanity.

Final Thoughts

In this list, we took care of everything that was released in 2023 by Cards Against Humanity. We added all the information you might need, and make sure to use savings codes & coupons to get the games in the best deals possible. Love, us!

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