Cards Against Muggles: A Special Review For Our Potterheads

Cards Against Muggles

There’s no better game than Cards Against Muggles, whenever a Potterhead is in question. It’s the perfect mix of Cards Against Humanity and the Harry Potter series, plus, comes to you at a pretty affordable price, and is played using extremely effortless rules! 

Cards Against Muggles Box & Cards

Most of CAH packs have a black & white box, and Cards Against Muggles as well, doesn’t stay aside. 

Cards Against Muggles - Box

Although the color palette is the same as the main game of CAH, we immediately know we’re talking about something related to Harry Potter: the letter font (giving a witchy vibe), and the little Harry Potter illustration in the right bottom corner. 

Cards Against Muggles - Box 2

On the other hand, the back of the box is blank, while the sides, show just a few information about the main rules: game age, number of players, and the appropriate playing time. And we’re here to explain all the other pieces in between! 

Well, the box of Cards Against Muggles is huge. But not only the box. The deck of cards is huge too. This card game contains a total of 1440 cards, precisely, 990 white cards, and 450 black cards. 

Cards Against Muggles - Cards 1

The rumors spreading around… Remus’ heterosexual? 

Cards Against Muggles - Cards 2

That’s not a very common thing to find in the dungeon, is it?

Cards Against Muggles - Cards 3

This card is shown to you to prove the age range. Getting themselves off using Peter’s leftover finger? This one’s too much to handle. 

How To Play & What Are Our Sincere Thoughts?

To not let the muggles get you down, you gotta know how to play Cards Against Muggles, this Harry Potter party game. If you’ve played any of CAH games, Cards Against Muggles won’t be a struggle. Bear in mind that this hilarious, magical card game can only be played by people who are 17 or older, with 4 to 20+ players per game. A good Cards Against Muggles game could last 30 to 90 minutes. 

Each round, there’s one Card Czar, who reads a black card from the deck. All other players submit one of their white cards, depending on which one they think is the funniest. Then, the game judge picks their favorite response and gives that player one awesome point – which determines the winner. Among all other ways that CAM could be played, the option of playing with only 2 or 3 people is available too.

Before deciding to play, let me remind you that this is made only for a real fan. The cards contain inside jokes, spells, and characters, that only a Potterhead could get. If you – and your people, are Potterheads, it’s gonna be one of the funniest games you’ve ever played. The game’s a hilarious test too: checks our knowledge of Harry Potter, and our skills to create combinations of prompts too. 

And here’s a video of Potterheads playing: Cards Against Muggles.

Playing Cards Against Muggles

Where Does One Get Cards Against Muggles?

Cheers. You’ve finally found a trusted place to get Cards Against Muggles. The game is available at EditionCards, for only $9.95! Although at a pretty affordable price, you will get the deck in a record time, in great quality! 

Final Thoughts

One thing we didn’t mention in this heart-to-heart review, is that Cards Against Muggles is the perfect choice for bookworms, and binge-watchers or Harry Potter. If it ain’t in your game collection, you’re missing a lot. 

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