Best Packs Of What Do You Meme? Expansion, Editions, And Other Packs Included

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Just when you thought What Do You Meme couldn’t get more hilarious, we woke up and decided to present to you the best packs ever. Although they’ve made lots of editions and expansions, there are a few of them that people & experts value most, and that’s exactly what we’ll be sharing with you today!  

  • Best edition packs:
  1. Family edition;
  2. TikTok edition;
  3. Giant What Do You Meme;
  4. Bigger Better Edition;
  • Best career series:
  1. Real Estate Agents;
  2. Nurses;
  3. Teachers;
  • Best expansion packs:
  1. Fresh Memes #1’
  2. NSFW;
  3. Basic;
  4. Stoner;
  5. Mean Girls;
  6. The Office;
  7. Game Of Thrones;
  8. Friends;
  • Best other packs:
  1. Incohearent;
  2. Let’s Get Deep;
  3. New Phone Who Dis?
  4. For The Girls;
  5. Buzzed;
  • Final Thoughts;

Best Edition Packs

As you already know from the game terms, an edition is a certain form of the main game. What Do You Meme manufacturers have put more effort into making more themed packs, however, the editions we’ve mentioned below are well-thought-out, creative, and absolutely worth it! 

1. The Family Edition

Ages 8+ | 365 cards;

Well, kids tend to love things that are inappropriate for them. Just like the main pack of What Do You Meme! Thankfully, they made a Family Edition which could be played with the 8-year-olds of the family too! There’s nothing inappropriate in the cards or pictures, however, go through the cards before deciding to play and remove anything you find disturbing.  

2. The TikTok Edition

Ages 17+ | 350 cards;

Well, these past few years have been the TikTok era! Honestly, nothing can be a better gift for a TikToker, or someone who spends all day watching TikToks, than a What Do You Meme TikTok edition! All picture cards are screenshots from viral TikToks, so you’ll get the chance to write hilarious captions relating to these videos!

3. GIANT What Do You Meme?

Ages 13+ | 100 cards;

If the pictures weren’t large enough for you to laugh, they made a pack with cards thrice as large! This pack is available for ages 13 or older, for the teens to have some fun too! A hundred cards are included and played just like the other packs, so, make sure to read the rules of What Do You Meme again if you need a refresh!  

4. Bigger Better Edition

Ages 17+ | 525 cards;

The Bigger Better Edition, just like the Bigger Blacker Box of Cards Against Humanity, includes all the best cards of the main edition, plus 100 other extra cards. The package looks more expensive with the black wrap and holographic letters, but comes at the same price as the core What Do You Meme! Plus, it’s a special edition: celebrates 5 years of What Do You Meme! 

What Do You Meme? Career Series

These packs are made to appreciate important careers, without which we probably can’t live a normal life: nurses, teachers, and in this decade, real estate agents! Each is a perfect gift for its destined profession, you know, to be played by specific teams and laugh at things only they can understand!

1. Real Estate Agents

Ages 17+ | 375 cards;

Real Estate Agents, this time, What Do You Meme? knows the deal better than you, since they made this pack! The content is all about selling houses with deer heads, half baths, stains in the carpet, and you know, money & real-estating stuff. Well, jokes in these cards & hilarious pics can only be understood by real estate agents and no one else!

2. Nurses

Ages 17+ | 375 cards;

We know you barely have any breaks during your shift, but if for some reason that happens, you may play the Nurses edition with all your colleagues, and have some good laughs, with things probably stressing you out! Well, you’ll get to make memes about patients yelling ‘Nurseee!’, realizing someone has nice veins, kids crawling on the hospital floor, and more usual stuff!

3. Teachers

Ages 17+ | 375 cards; 

Since we probably didn’t get to thank our teachers enough, this pack is a good step to do so! Cards are all related to school, finals week, the teachers’ jokes not being funny, extra credits, and other stuff they deal with all day every day! Teachers, enjoy making fun of your profession. You finally got the chance to do it yourself.

Expansion Packs Of What Do You Meme

The packs we mentioned above are played as stand-alone, obviously. Now, packs in the following are meant to be added to the main games, to increase the number of cards, add fun, and make the games more replayable! Just like expansions of Cards Against Humanity are! 

1. Fresh Memes #1

Ages 17+; 

For your information, there are 2 Fresh Memes packs, but the first one is indeed art itself! This expansion pack will add 115 cards to any of your preferred main games, and absolutely adds over a hundred fresh memes! Needless to say, it’s made to be played by adults only!

2. NSFW Expansion Pack

Ages 17+; 

Apparently, the content wasn’t dirty enough, so, they decided to make an NSFW (not safe for work) expansion deck! It only includes caption cards (90 brand new), dirty, adults-only, because it wouldn’t be very professional to add NSFW cards, would it? 

3. Basic Expansion Pack

Ages 17+;

This pack is anything, but basic. Also, who doesn’t love a card game under $10, to be fair? Cards in this pack are about random things we do daily, you know, basics: saying ‘literally’ every 10 minutes, grandpa’s and their thoughts on ripped jeans, getting all glammed up and not running into your ex, and such stuff. You’ll love them. 

4. Stoner Expansion Pack

Ages 17+;

Sober people probably won’t get the feeling of extra hits, being in an empty room, everyone Kung fu fighting… Soo, this pack is definitely made for you and your stoner friends! Or for everyone who wants to make fun of it! And we almost forgot: it brings 65 cards to your collection of What Do You Meme! 

5. Mean Girls Expansion Pack

Ages 17+;

We might agree. This pack is just as fun as the Mean Girls drinking game! The content included in 100 cards is related to the movie, indeed about Regina George, vintage skirts, being a mouse for Halloween, trying to make fetch happen… It’s just like rewatching Mean Girls, but with lots more laughs added! 

6. The Office Expansion Pack

Ages 17+;

The Office expansion of What Do You Meme is definitely worth the dundie awards! The picture cards (a total of 50) all include pictures of characters in your favorite sitcom, Michael’s mostly. And the captions (in the 50 caption cards) are a perfect match to these pictures. If you know how to play them, obviously. 

7. Game of Thrones Photo Expansion Pack

Ages 17+;

You probably found comfort in Cards Against Thrones. But give this photo expansion pack a try too! This special pack includes 75 GoT-related photos to be added to your favorite main game. You’ll get to see your favorite characters, in different situations, and get to laugh when specific expressions meet your captions! 

8. Friends Expansion

Ages 17+;

It’s the cherry on top! The Friends edition is made for everyone who wants to laugh about finally finding their lobster, your date stealing your fries (Joey doesn’t share food tho!), getting drunk married in Vegas, and more situations only Friends fans get! And OH MY GOD! It brings 80 brand-new cards to your deck!

Best Other Packs Of What Do You Meme?

Sure. What Do You Meme’s main ‘dish’ is indeed the What Do You Meme game with its extra packs. However, they’ve made other cool things too, and you’ll find out about them in the blink of an eye:

1. Incohearent

Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

Differently from other games, Incohearent’s cards present phrases written in gibberish, which must be guessed by the other players. But, be careful: there’s a sand timer included, which puts the pressure of time on you! Well, it takes some effort to guess that ‘shook herd addie’ stands for ‘sugar daddy’? 

2. Let’s Get Deep 

Let's Get Deep - Box

Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

Since we had enough laughs, it’s time to get to know each other better with Let’s Get Deep! This card game includes 3 levels of cards: Icebreakers, Deep, and Deeper, which help you ask and answer questions that lead to deeper connections. This is the couples edition, however, there are packs for friends, NSFW, and more! 

3. New Phone Who Dis?


Ages 17+ | 450 cards;

We conclude: the creators of What Do You Meme? are way too creative! New Phone Who Dis is a game similar to CAH, which brings the feeling of offline texting! In simple terms, you have to submit a card that is the best response to the previous message. The best answer wins, needless to say!

4. For The Girls


Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

Of course, there’s something special for the ladies of the group! For The Girls is a card game that brings 4 categories of cards: Keep this card, give this card, first to mess up loses a card, and do this dare to keep this card! The names of categories are self-explanatory, so get ready for some spicy questions and challenges! 

5. Buzzed


Ages 21+ | 250 cards;

As y’all thought, we couldn’t finish this list without mentioning a cool drinking card game just as Buzzed is! The game includes challenges which most of the time include drinking: if you relate to the card, can’t complete the challenge, or just drink for several other reasons!

Since you’ve spent all this time reading and picking your preferred pack, make sure you pick a good carrying case to protect your favorite cards! 

Final Thoughts

We’ve enjoyed making this list just as much as we’ve enjoyed playing these games. Take your time choosing your favorite game(s), and read the descriptions carefully to help you in your journey. If anything, remember that it’s okay to get all of these games and have the best time of your life!

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