24 Best Of Family Card Games chosen by Parents

Best Family Card Games

One of our best memories while growing up, I suppose for you too, are the family game nights. After time goes by, at some point you get bored of traditional, trick-taking card games. This shouldn’t be the reason for your family gatherings to be less fun. Our list of family card games exists! 

  • The card games:
  1. Cards Against Humanity – Family Edition; 
  2. Our Moments: Generations;
  3. Incohearent;
  4. Sushi Go;
  5. The Game Of Things;
  6. Blink;
  7. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza;
  8. Spot It;
  9. Codenames;
  10. Unstable Unicorns;
  11. Poetry For Neanderthals;
  12. Do You Really Know Your Family?
  13. Monopoly Deal;
  14. UNO;
  15. What Do You Meme? Family Edition;
  16. Exploding Kittens;
  17. The Mind;
  18. Just One;
  19. Red7;
  20. No Thanks;
  21. 6 Nimmt;
  22. Arboretum;
  23. Star Realms;
  24. Love Letter;
  • Final Words;

1. Cards Against Humanity- Family Edition

CAH Family Edition

Amazon ($29.00) & Target ($29.00) | 600 Cards | Ages 8+ | 4 to 20+ Players; 

It’s Cards Against Humanity y’all, how could it not be a good game? The Family Edition is played just like the other packs: you pick one of the white cards in your hand that you think is the perfect match with the black card of the round. Then, wait for your card to get an awesome point, and if you get the most of these points at the end of the game, win. It’s hilarious and contains safe cards, so, could be played with the little ones of the family too. Well, if you’re comfortable saying ‘butt’ and ‘boobies’ in front of them… 

2. Our Moments Generations

Our Moments Generations

Amazon ($20.95) & Our Moments ($19.95) | 100 Cards | Ages 13+ | 2+ Players;

It is time to burst the whole family into tears… Nostalgic tears. Our Moments, although recommended for people who are 13 or older, could actually be played by all ages in your family. It includes a hundred questions, all about the family and sharing stories of the past. Everyone will get to hear how their mom & dad were when they were younger, places grandparents have lived previously, their favorite memories, and more.

3. Incohearent Family Edition

Incohearent WDYM Family Edition

Amazon ($19.99) | 400 Cards | Ages 12+| 2 to 20+ Players;

Incohearent is made for all people who love gibberish. The idea of the game is guessing the words, depending on the coded, incomprehensible word written on the back of the card. There will be one game judge, which will be the only one who sees the correct words. So, you have to put your thinking hat on, and focus people, focus! The first player to decode a word wins the round. Keep in mind that words are pretty complicated to guess, and at times, may sound nonsense. 

4. Sushi Go

Sushi Go

Amazon ($11.33) & Walmart ($22.99) | 108 Cards | Ages 8+| 2 to 5 Players;

Here’s an amazing kid-friendly game that brings enjoyment. There are 12 types of cards, and long story short, all you have to do is to match the cards. That’s simple, isn’t it? The goal of each player in Sushi Go is to make the best combinations of sushi dishes. Combinations of different cards result in different numbers of points, and you’ll also get to use chopsticks or wasabi, make maki rolls, collect pudding cards, and similar.

5. The Game Of Things

the game of things

Amazon ($22.94) & Walmart ($24.91) | 300 Cards | Ages 14+| 4 to 20+ Players;

This one’s made for all the curious people of the family. The game is all about reading topics in the cards, letting everyone write answers to them, and then, once everyone has done answering, guess what each player wrote. It’s mostly about knowing your family, analyzing how their brain works, and following your intuition about what they answered on: THINGS you shouldn’t do in an elevator, THINGS you would do with a million dollars, THINGS people do when no one is looking!… Let the laughs begin!

6.  Blink


Amazon ($12.99) & Walmart ($8.87) | 60 Cards | Ages 7+| 2 Players;

Despite the name of this 2-player card game, you shouldn’t actually blink, if you want to win. The point of the game is to play cards only if they match the played card in the table (matching by color, shape, or number of shapes in the cards).

So, you two compete to get rid of all your cards. The one who is left with no cards remaining in their hand wins the game. 

7. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese

Amazon ($9.84) & Walmart ($17.90) | 66 Cards | Ages 6+ | 2 to 8 Players;

We LOVE the name & we love the game! Probably the most complex rule of the game is memorizing the name. For a 2-5 player game, everyone is dealt 12 cards. Players on their turn must flip a card over, and start saying the words in order. The first player says Taco, the second says Cat, till all words have been said (Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza), and then it starts again from Taco. But, once the name you said and the card match, all players must slap the deck of cards. The last to do so collects the entire deck.

8. Spot It!

Spot it

Amazon ($12.99) & Walmart ($12.99) | 55 Cards | Ages 6+| 2 to 8 Players;

Although at first sight Spot It might look too simple & boring, it can be a great card game for adults too! The idea of the game is to find matching symbols in cards. Specifically, in two cards, there’s only one matching symbol. The player who spots it first wins the round. However, you must know how each symbol is named, and whenever you spot it, say the name out loud. See? It ain’t that simple!

9. Codenames


Amazon ($12.39) & Target ($12.39) | 200 Cards | Ages 10+| 2-8+ Players;

In Codenames, my personal favorite for a family gathering, there are two teams playing: the red team, and the blue team. Booth teams have the spymasters, which give clues to the rest of the team. The goal of each team is to contact all agents, and guess clues & words of their color. The first team to make contact with all 25 agents of the game, before the opposing team, wins the game!

10. Unstable Unicorns

Unstable Unicorns

Walmart ($19.96) & Target ($10.99) | 135 Cards | Ages 10+| 2 to 8+ Players;

Unstable Unicorns is made to bring magic into our lives. Each player aims to collect 7 unicorns in their stable and win the game that way. There will be several turns in the game, and each turn contains 4 playing phases, which all deal with drawing, playing, and discarding cards. All cards come with specific rules, which decide the effect of that unicorn in your stable, or optionally, the damage you could cause to your opponents. 

11. Poetry For Neanderthals

Poetry For Neanderthals

Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99) | 200 Cards | Ages 7+ | 7+ Players;

Yeah, the name is a bit complicated to decode, innit? In Poetry for Neanderthals, you suppose all other players from your team are primitive, and you must help them guess words, but, only by using other words with one syllable. If you’re good enough and your team guesses, you get one point. On the other hand, if you use words with more than 1 syllable, or accidentally say the exact word from the card, the opposing team gets to hit you with the NO stick and steal your points too! At the end of the game, whoever has the most points, wins! 

12. Do You Really Know Your Family?

Do You Really Know Your Family

Amazon ($15.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 200 Cards |Ages 8+ | 3-8 Players;

I bet you wouldn’t say no to a Trivia question card game! This one’s all about testing how well you know other family members: their favorite restaurants, most usual complaints, favorite pizza topping, and more random & deep stuff. I almost forgot, there are also challenge cards, which dare you to do something: make someone laugh, do an impression of one of your relatives, pick dance moves for the other players, and so many other hilarious ones. Whatever you pick will start a blast!

13. Monopoly Deal

Monopoly Deal

Amazon ($7.66) & Walmart ($6.27) | 110 Cards | Ages 8+ | 2-5 Players;

Yes, Monopoly. The famous monopoly. We’re talking about the Monopoly Deal, but anyways. There are rules cards, action, property, property wildcards, rent, and money cards. The game is all about collecting property and stealing from your opponents. You might play money or action cards in your bank, property cards in your property section, and other action cards in the discard pile in the middle. The first player to complete 3 full property sets wins!

14. UNO


Amazon ($4.97) & Walmart ($4.97) | 108 Cards | Ages 7+ | 2 to 10 Players;

I’m convinced every human existing knows about UNO. However, just a reminder that it’s a great family card game, if you don’t know what else to pick. As y’all already know, the goal of UNO is to be the first to get rid of cards. To play them, you must either match the color or the value of the top card in the middle pile. To top all that, they also included special cards (wilds & draws), so the game becomes even more interesting. Don’t forget to check the UNO All Wild Deck, so you double the fun!  

15. What Do You Meme? Family Edition

WDYM Family Edition

Amazon ($14.37) & Walmart ($14.37) | 365 Cards | Ages 8+ | 3 to 20+ Players;

What Do You Meme?, the Family Edition, must be one of the funniest card games to ever exist! Just as in CAH, you must find the funniest card, to match with the question card of the round. Well, in this case, you have to find a good caption for the picture card of the round. Therefore, you will generate hilarious memes. The content (including the pictures) is safe, so, you could absolutely play it with the kids of the fam and make them think you’re the coolest adult ever! 

16. Exploding Kittens


Amazon ($15.99) & Walmart ($19.82) | 56 Cards | Ages 7+ | 2-5 Players;

Exploding Kittens? Really? Yes, you may explode. Each player is dealt 7 cards, one of which must be a defuse card. Taking turns, you will play cards from your hand into the middle of the table, and do whatever the card says. When you want to end your turn, you must draw one card from the draw pile and place it in your hand. But, be careful. If you draw an exploding kitten, you explode and get out of the game, unless you have a defuse card. So, each player aims to be the last player remaining in the game.

17. The Mind

The Mind

Amazon ($7.49) & Walmart ($15.72) | 120 Cards | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 Players;

Finally, a card game under $10 to play with your family! The game is played in teams, and each team is given a specific number of lives and throwing stars. The Mind starts with players putting cards down in ascending order, from lowest to highest, and upgrading to the next level of gameplay. If successful, the team gets rewarded one throwing star, and continues to other levels of the stack. The most challenging part is that there’s no talking or any other type of signal between teammates. 

18. Just One

Amazon ($16.61) & Walmart ($16.61) | 110 Cards | Ages 8+ | 3 to 7 Players;

In Just One, there’s no competition. You all work together with one common goal: helping the active player guess the mystery word. Each turn consists of 4 phases, which include choosing the mystery word, all players writing clues in their easels, comparing clues and removing whatever’s identical or incorrect, and finally letting the active player guess the mystery word. They have one guess only! It gets pretty chaotic & interesting in seconds!

19. Red7

Amazon ($12.97) & Walmart ($23.38) | 49 Cards | Ages 9+ | 2 to 4 Players;

The deck of Red7, includes cards numbered from 1 to 7, each in the 7 colors of the rainbow. The goal of each player is to be the last player remaining in the game, so, you win immediately. On your turn, you’ll play cards from your hand to the middle pile, aka. the canvas where you’d be mixing colors. The colors of the cards decide their value: red cards are the strongest, while violets are the weakest. Also, all cards represent rules, so whenever you play it, that rule starts being applied to the game, until the next card is played!

20. No Thanks!

Amazon ($9.99) & Walmart ($9.99) | 33 Cards | Ages 8+ | 3 to 7 Players;

What could ‘No Thanks!’ stand for? First things first, you all aim to have the lowest score by the end of the game. On your turn, you may either take the face-up card and add it to your collection of cards, or decline the card by placing one chip on top of it. If you decline, the card with the chip must be passed to the player on your left, who may decide to take them or decline while adding one other chip too. The decline action must be really strategic in case you want to win! All cards have their face value, meaning, a 5 is worth 5 points. 

21. 6 Nimmt

Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($14.99) | 211 Cards | Ages 8+ | 2 to 10 Players;

6 Nimmt, also known as the Take 5, is a card game that starts with 4 rows of cards. To play, everyone must play one face-down card from their hand into the middle of the table, and only after everyone has played, these cards are turned over. The player who played the lowest card, places that card into one of the rows, either by following the ascending order, or the smallest possible difference. But, once you can’t play a card because the rows are full, or the card doesn’t match, you must get cards., and et minus points depending on the number of bullheads.

22. Arboretum

Amazon ($21.99) & Walmart ($20.74) | 80 Cards | Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players;

The idea of the Arboretum is creating valuable paths through personal arboretums. Each card in the deck represents a special species of tree, and there are 8 cards of each suit, numbered from 1 to 8. On your turns, you will play and draw cards, but keep in mind that you can only have one copy of a tree in your arboretum. Once you hold all possible values of a specie in your hand, you win the game. It’s mostly about strategy and planting your trees correctly (in the arboretum, obviously), so you’ll do great!

23. Star Realms

Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($17.25) | 128 Cards | Ages 12+ | 2 players;

You ready to visit space? In Star Realms, players will take roles of starship commanders and successfully represent 4 factions: Blob, Star Empire, Machine Cult, or Trade Federation. Each player has the starting authority (or power) of 50, and you all aim to reduce your opponents’ to 0. You’ll play and get cards from the trade row, and improve your abilities. Although the game is made to be played by 2 players only, you may increase the number of players if you add an additional deck to the main game, and turn it into a multiplayer Star Realms!

24. Love Letter

Love Letter

Amazon ($11.24) & Walmart ($12.94) | 32 Cards | Ages 10+ | 2 to 6 players;

Let’s look at it this way: there’s the Kingdom’s princess, and you all compete to win her affection by sending love letters. All players represent different characters, who have different abilities too. When playing and drawing cards, you might be able to protect yourselves or attack your opponents.

Your goal when playing Love Letter is to be the last player remaining in the game or end the round with the highest-valued card. If you’re curious, the characters of the game are the Guard, the Baron, the Handmaid, and last but not least, the Princess! 

Final Words

We bet you already understood that your family reunions (or usual family nights) will never be the same! There will be more laughs, communication, and obviously, more competition.

Since there is a large number of games mentioned, you have what to choose from, considering that they were all played by us, and the descriptions are pretty sincere. 

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