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Everyone loves talking about Spyfall because it’s a fun game that keeps you playing for hours with laughter, secret roles, and many scenarios that help improve your thinking skills. But when you get too familiar with it, it might get boring, so we’ve found a bunch of other great games like Spyfall to keep the fun going.

  • Games:
  1. Clue;
  2. Codenames;
  3. Deception;
  4. Pandemic;
  5. Scrawl;
  6. Mysterium;
  7. Magic Maze;
  8. Forbidden Island;
  9. Avalon;
  10. The Resistance;
  11. Spy Alley;
  12. Splendor;
  13. Detective Club;
  14. Death At The Dive Bar;
  • Summarize;

1. Clue


Ages 8+ | 2 to 6 players

Playing Spyfall is simpler than Clue since there aren’t many details and equipment. The objective is approximately similar: in order to win, you have to find the one who did inappropriate things compared to other players (a spy or a murderer).

2. Codenames


Ages 8+ | 2 to 8+ players

The main objective of guessing something is present in both games. Yes, in Spyfall you guess the spy, while in Codenames you guess words. Also, the latter is played in teams and not individually. To compare them deeper, Codenames is more structured and there are more steps to play than in Spyfall.

3. Deception


Ages 14+ | 4 to 12 players

Both Spyfall & Deception can end in two ways: the other players winning, or the spy/the murderer wins. In Spyfall there are only 2 main roles, while in Deception there are 5. Also, the last game is better for large groups than Spyfall.

4. Pandemic


Ages 8+ | 2 to 4 players

What they have in common is there is a mission to be completed in both games, even though in the Pandemic, it is a way deeper & meaningful mission. Pandemic is the Spy against the other players, while in Pandemic you all have to work together.

5. Scrawl


Ages 17+ | 4 to 8 players  

In Spyfall & Scrawl, there is a part of guesses where you have to use your guessing skills & intuition. Scrawl, obviously, includes drawing. However, you will have clues given in different ways: in Scrawl, you have a drawing, while in Spyfall, you ‘judge’ by asking & answering questions. 

6. Mysterium


Ages 10+ | 2 to 7 players

In some way, both games have a little mystery in them. Mysterium is way more complicated than Spyfall. Also, Spyfall is 1 vs the others, while Mysterium is working collectively to achieve the goal.

7. Magic Maze

Magic Maze

Ages 8+ | 1 to 8 players

Although it is different, both games have missions to be completed. In Spyfall you work together to find the spy, while in Magic Maze you try to steal things in a set time. Magic Maze, differently from the other game, has a board as well, and other special equipment (tokens, Mall tiles, hero pawns, a sand-timer, word pawns, and more).

8. Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island

Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 players

Cards are the main characters of each of these 2 games. The story in Forbidden Island is deeper, and the gameplay is more complicated. Also, the latter is played in adventurer’s teams, while in Spyfall, all players who have location cards are together. 

9. Avalon


Ages 13+ | 5 to 10 players

In some way, both games are a battle between good and evil. The topic in Avalon is more royal and feels like telling a story. In Spyfall, there are many rounds, but they don’t differ much from one another (besides cards), while Avalon is all about different phases, rounds & quests.

10. The Resistance

The Resistance

Ages 13+ | 5 to 10 players

There are spies in both Spyfall & The Resistance, and the other team wins if the spies fail. The Resistance has more rounds, phases, and missions,  and the game is more chaotic. The last game is made for more players, differently from Spyfall which can be played with as less as 3 people. 

11. Spy Alley

Spy Alley

Ages 8+ | 2 to 6 players

The main characters in Spyfall and Spy Alley are spies. The main difference is that in Spyfall, all players besides the spy work together, while in Spy Alley, everyone tries to win on their own.

12. Splendor


Ages 10+ | 2 to 4 players

One and the other require the same skills to win: concentration, strategy, following the goal & competition. Splendor is more about points and competing with all the other players. It also includes tokens, which are a main part of the game.

13. Detective Club

Detective Club

Ages 8+ | 4 to 8 players

What the two games have in common is that it is one player against the team. In Spyfall, if you suspect someone, you may stop the game and accuse someone. While in Detective Club, you may share your opinion only when the voting phase comes. 

14. Death At The Dive Bar

Death At The Dive Bar

Ages 13+ | 1 or more players

Is there a mystery & problem to solve in both games? Yes. Nevertheless, the topic of the previously mentioned game is way more serious and feels very realistic. Yes, it gives you the feeling of being a trained detective.


If you like playing the role of a spy, detective, criminal, or solving crimes, you’ll enjoy these games because they make you feel like you’re figuring out puzzles, training your brain, and improving your strategy.

Before buying, make sure you pick the right game by looking into its details, costs, and buying it from a shop you trust, aiming for satisfaction with your purchase.

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