New Uno Cards 2022: The Fantastic UNO All Wild Deck! Mattel Just Released A New Version

UNO All Wild Box New

UNO card games never fail to amaze us. Although there are dozens of UNO editions, chances are high that the All Wild UNO will be your favorite. 

The name tells us a lot. There isn’t just a wild card in the deck. All the cards are wild. Wait, we’re making it complicated. How are all the cards wild? Where are the color cards? There aren’t any color cards! Or even number cards. This is what the manufacturer said right after the game came out:

UNO All Wild - Every Card Is Wild

Yes, every card is wild. The cards of course include skip, reverse, but, are there any surprises? You know, since they’re all wild, there gotta be something different. Wait, what are we talking about? We’ll get to that in a bit!

The game is so evil, and let me tell you, it may ruin some friendships or even families. That’s its point: to go wild!  I mean, they even told you, there’s nothing to be surprised about! 

UNO All Wild - 2022 Was Going To Be Wild

According to the manufacturer, once again, this new version of UNO is supposed to be a fast-paced, even more, unpredictable version of this family favorite!

What’s In The Game? 

There are no numbers, no color cards, so, how is this supposed to be a card game? Well, UNO All Wild contains 112 cards (and the instructions, of course), and some of them are the Wild Swap Hands, Wild Skip, Wild Reverse, Wild Double Skip, Wild Target +2, and so on. 

UNO All Wild - Some Of The Cards Inside

We know you’re curious, so, here’s how the cards look:

UNO All Wild - Cards
UNO All Wild - Cards 2

Yes, the actions are the same, but it’s pretty visible that the cards are different. We used to have different color cards, including the numbers, besides the special actions, skip reverse, and wild cards. This is what tells us that we don’t need to pick a color for the wild cards or all that, that’s great, isn’t it? 

Also, you should know that these cards are NOT supposed to be added to the main UNO. I mean, you could do that, as @realUNOgame says on Twitter: Sure, why not?!, when they were asked about adding it to the other decks, but, the manufacturers didn’t design it as an extra expansion to the core edition, just so you know.

And yeah, the old deck isn’t going anywhere. Don’t stress out!

UNO All Wild - The Old Game Is Still Available

The basics of the game are still the same, but of course, there’s a new more fun (and wild) way to play your lovely UNO! Also, do you know how ‘wild‘ was supposed to be written in one of the cards drawn from the box? Now, WILD is written in bold large letters. Cool, huh?  

Wait, How Do You Play This New UNO?

With all the cards going on, it may look a bit confusing. But, is it? Foremost, there should be more than 2 players, up to 10. The age doesn’t matter, since it is a family card game, and it works great starting from kids 7+ (they should know how to read) till the elders.

One of the players should be the dealer, which has to draw 7 cards to each of the players. All the remaining cards should be placed (facedown) at the center of the table, which makes the draw pile. The first card in the draw pile should be flipped over, and if it’s a wild action card, just ignore the action (you’ll understand later what I mean). 

The player in the dealer’s left starts first, and based on the cards, this is what the players should do:

  • Wild Cards, yes, there are also random wild cards, which obviously can’t change the color, but just keep the game going on;
  • Wild Reverse, just as the random reverse, reverses the direction of the play. So, if the game was continuing to your left and you draw a wild reverse, you continue on your right;
  • Wild Skip, makes the next player lose their turn, because of this card;
  • Wild Skip Two, or Double Skip, is going to mess with you and your friends. When this card is played, two of the next players have to skip (lose) their turns;
UNO All Wild - Wild Skip Two
  • Wild Draw Four, makes the next player draw 4 cards from the draw pile, and immediately skip their turns, so, they can’t play any other card;
  • Wild Forced Swap, known as Wild Swap Hands, means that you have to choose a player to exchange or swap the hands (not your hands, but the cards) with; 
UNO All Wild - Wild Swap Hand
  • Wild Draw Two, is similar to Wild Draw Four, but now the next player has to draw only 2 cards and lose their turn;
  • Wild Targeted Draw Two, means that one player of your choice has to draw 2 cards from the pile, and no, they don’t lose their turns this time.

Since all the cards are wild, the players will play cards (almost) every turn. The other rules go the same as the classic UNO, whenever you have only 1 card left in your hand, you yell UNO! 

The point of the game is to be the first player who gets rid of all their cards. Just as simple as that! 

Ps. you can get the UNO All Wild game on Target for only $5.99. Could this game get any better?! 

How many cards are in a uno deck?

An Uno deck contains 108 cards, which include:

  • 25 cards in each of the four colors (red, green, blue, and yellow) numbered 0 to 9
  • 8 Draw Two cards (2 in each color)
  • 8 Reverse cards (2 in each color)
  • 8 Skip cards (2 in each color)
  • 4 Wild cards
  • 4 Wild Draw Four cards

When playing UNO, each player is dealt 7 cards at the beginning of the game. The remaining cards are placed face-down to form the draw pile, with the top card turned over to start the discard pile. During gameplay, players draw cards from the draw pile when they cannot play a card, and the game ends when one player has no cards left in their hand.

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