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Truth Or Drink - Cover Photo

Truth Or Drink has been a favorite for decades, even when there was just a bottle and some filthy questions to ask. Nevertheless, the card game has only added magic to this game experience. Truth Or Drink makes you laugh as much as it makes you drink, and there’s nothing more to look for! 

As you all know, CUT has made a great version of the game, and I bet all of you would want to have that in your collection of card games. An even greater thing is that you don’t even have to pay for it: 

Download PDF - Truth Or Drink

  • Brings 405 cards to your table;
  • Cards are divided into 4 categories;
  • Includes the rules page & the back of the cards;
  • Each card is 99 mm tall and 71 mm wide;
  • Available in A4 or Paper format;
  • This PDF contains 52 pages;

Before you start playing, why don’t we show you a little preview, fellas?

Truth Or Drink - Rules Page

First, we gotta see the rules page, one important detail. There are 2 ways of playing explained (for 2 and 3+ players), everything about the card categories, suggestions, alternative rules, and more. Right after, they share information about the cards and give a few pieces of advice on how to make your deck, just like our lovely printing guide

This version starts with the On The Rocks card set, continuing with Last Call, Happy Hour, and Extra Dirty. One card set includes several types of cards. For instance, Last Call could be a Straight Up, Make It A Double, This Round’s On Me, and such more. 

After each set of cards, there’s one page of the back of the cards, for all of you who want to make the deck as original as it gets. And here’s how that looks:

Truth Or Drink - Back Of The Cards

I bet you already know how Truth Or Drink is played. You take turns to play, and either decide to answer a question, or take a sip of your drink, and both of these are fun! They ain’t random questions though… All are well-thought-out, very creative, and bring the best out of you, even in the dirty ones. Just like our Truth Or Drink Questions…  

You’re dying to know how the cards look, am I right?

Truth Or Drink - Cards

Go get the game. What are you waiting for?

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