Is What Do You Meme Funny & Worth it? – Game Review

What-Do-You-Meme Inside the Box

What do you mean? Well no, it’s actually What Do You Meme? I know, I know! You’re dying to know the details! If you already know about Cards Against Humanity, it’ll be very easy for you to play ‘What Do You Meme?’. Since the latter is one of the most popular and entertaining party games, we’re so happy to bring to you a review about it. 

You’ll get to know pieces of information about the game, including instructions, creators, extra packs, its competitors & shops you can get the game, some extra fun facts, and you also have the chance to take a quick look at the cards and the box. 

  • Details About The Game;
  • The Creative Box & The Cards;
  • How To Play & Who Can Play?;
  • The Editor’s Game Experience;
  • Buying The Game & Any Competitors?;
  • Extra Packs;
  • Interesting Facts;
  • Finally: The Finals Thoughts!

Some Details About The Game:

  • Release Date: August 2016;
  • Publisher: What Do You Meme LLC;
  • Designers: Elliot Tebele, Ben Kaplan;
  • Category: Party Game, Card Game;
  • Specialty: Creating Memes;
  • Number Of Cards: 435;
  • Age Range: 17+;
  • Number Of Players Needed: 3+;
  • Amazon ratings: 4.7 out of 5 stars (34,367 ratings);
  • Official website:;

What Do You Meme? – The Creative Box Design


The first thing we look about when buying a new game, is of course its appearance, its box.

What Do You Meme? Has a very ‘serious’ box. No unnecessary drawings, or redundant colors, or words we don’t really need.

It shows the name of the game in very visible letters, made of a very pretty font.

Below you can read that the game is “An adult party game for meme-lovers”. This basically tells us a lot about the game!

We’d like to show you the back of the box as well. You love details, we already know that!

I actually love the back more, not gonna lie… That is my favorite picture ever. You know when your brain is exploding and you’re super mad, but you gotta act it cool!!!

The back also shows us some more details of the game, such as the number of cards, some basic rules, the official website of the game… However, you’ll learn more about the game in the following. 

If you’re curious, here’s how the old box looked. Ps. I loved it just as much!!!

What Do You Meme Back

But, what’s inside that box? The cards, of course! Now, imagine you have the box in your hands. Let’s open it together… We’re opening it… Voila!

So, What Do You Meme? Comes with a total of 435 hilarious, outstanding cards. 75 of them, the largest ones are picture cards. 

The others, do the math…. Yeah 360 of them are caption cards. The front of the cards is dark blue, while the back is white.  Inside the box, we also find the instructions paper and an easel, or as the box says, a ‘sexy easel’. It’s very sexy, that’s for real!

You can use it to place the picture card, so everyone sees the picture card while choosing the caption. We’ll get to that in a blink of an eye.

The content is really smart, let me tell you. The captions, and notably the pictures are way too funny. But of course, what makes the game perfect and memorable, is your sense of humor, and our card combinations. Here are some ideas:

Ahh, we all know this shitty feeling. Let’s act like we don’t care.

Well, at least she didn’t ‘bro’ you. It could go worse…

What Do You Meme Cards Example 1

Relatable, both of them. I can feel the picture for sure!!!

What Do You Meme Cards 2

This hurts, doesn’t it?

What Do You Meme Cards 3

Moments you feel powerful. Very powerful.

What Do You Meme Cards 4

Okay, we’ll meet him together for the first time baby <3

These were just a few. Imagine how many funny ones there are!

How To Play & Who Can Play?

With a little concentration, you’ll learn the rules very easily, especially if you already know the Cards Against Humanity rules.

First, every player draws 7 cards, which means they have 7 caption cards to match with the pictures. This is how the game goes: The game judge picks one picture card out of the pile. He/she puts that on the easel, and every other player has to pick their best card to match that picture.

The game judge picks the funniest caption card. The player whose card was chosen gets to keep the picture card as a point. It’s obvious, the player with the most points at the end wins the game.

Now, who can play this game? Is it for everyone? Depends on the editions, but the core game is definitely not for kids, and not for sensitive people.

It is recommended for people over the age of 17, because some of the cards may have adult content, sexual jokes, and you know, that’s not very kid-friendly. However, they do have the family edition if you’re interested.

Is this game reminding you of something else, but you can’t find what? I’ll tell you, you’re thinking of Cards Against Humanity Picture Packs. Well yeah, they’re pretty similar.

My ‘What Do You Meme’ Game Experience: Were The Jokes Worth The Price?

Oh, it’s time for my favorite section, finally… This game is a gift I bought myself. We should treat ourselves right, shouldn’t we? I love how the box & packing came. If I can remember clearly, I first played the game on Thanksgiving. I had invited some friends over for dinner, some close friends of course.

We were 5 players, and the game judge was one of our friends, he isn’t really into card games, but we convinced him to be the judge at least. We followed the rules, drew the cards, and started playing. Long story short, our game started with this picture:

What Do You Meme 1 Photo Experience

And, these were our caption cards:

  • When someone asks If you voted for Donald Trump;
  • When someone irrelevant speaks:
  • When ur lasagna sounds like WWII in the microwave but comes out cold;
  • When you find out that girls poop.

Let’s be honest now. Which is your favorite answer? The third card was mine, but the last one was the funniest, it hurts, but I’ll admit it. We had to wait some minutes before continuing. And why is that? Because we were dying of laughter!!!

Anyways, you’ll prove that yourself. This was another question we had: 

What Do You Meme Photo 2 Experience

I could keep this picture on my wall. I love it!!! SO cute… Anyways, check our answers:

What Do You Meme Photo 2.1 Experience
What Do You Meme Photo 2.2 Experience
What Do You Meme Photo 2.3 Experience

And one more I didn’t really remember.

We can all relate to the third one, can’t we? The first one won the round. Tbh, it was funny, and it’s so true!

Let me show you one more card I remember:

What DO You Meme Photo 5 Experience

This is cute. Innocent. Lovely.

These were our caption cards:

  • When you’re ready to go out but you have no money, no plans, no friends;
  • When your mom calls you ‘son-of-a-bitch’;
  • When you invite them over to watch Netflix & Chill, knowing damn well you don’t have Netflix;
  • When you queef in public;

Imagine what a hard job the game judge had. We sorry man…I don’t remember laughing more with any other card game than this one. Do you need more proof? Here’s another favorite card combination of mine:

Proud to say this was my caption! And he gotta be the funniest kid ever!

We played the game a few more times after that night until we memorized all the cards and it just wasn’t that fun anymore. Of course, I ordered other expansions & editions, starting with the Office edition! I love it just as much as I love The Office Drinking Game!

Where Can We Buy The Game & Does It Have Any Competitors?

Imagine making you fall in love with a specific game, and then tell you that there isn’t any shop that sells it. Just kidding. Here’s where you can buy What Do You Meme?:

  • On Amazon for $29.99;
  • On Walmart for $27.99;

Let’s answer the other question. Does What Do You Meme? Have any competitors? Yes. Of course, yes! Check them below:

1. Don’t Be Meme – $24.99

Don't be meme

The name is creative. No doubt. The game is even more creative & fun. Don’t Be Meme, has a total of 468 cards, of which 76 are large picture cards, and what are the other 390 cards? Well, find it yourself… The good thing is that this is also kid & teen-friendly, actually for ages 10+.

3. Live Laugh Lose – $19.99

Live Laugh Lose

What’s better than to Laugh and Love? (Let’s ignore the ‘lose’). This edition has a huge pile. 400 cards. This is actually a little different from the other card games. You have to read the red card with a voice like the purple card says, and actually, this is what makes the game special. Because of the content, this is also a 17+ game.

4. Review My Thingy – $15.99

Review My Thingy

The main purpose of this game, just as What Do You Meme?, is to create the funniest answers, the funniest combinations. This one includes 125 product (red) cards and 350 reviews (black). Every player picks one card from their review cards pile, to match with the product card. It is designed for 3+ players, ages 17+.

The Extra Packs

I can’t actually count how many expansions & editions there are. Really. I just know that they’re a lot.

I’ve chosen to show you the best extra packs, and they’re actually my favourites:

1. Fresh Memes #1 Expansion – $11.99

What Do You Meme First Expansion

This is the first expansion of What Do You Meme?.

It really has fresh memes inside. This expansion comes with 115 cards to add to the main game. 

We don’t really recommend you to play it as a stand alone game, because mehh, it isn’t that fun with 115.

First Expansion Cards

2. Fresh Memes #2 Expansion – $11.99

What Do You Meme Second Expansion

First of all, I love the box, I love the color. It’s so girlish…

As you can clearly see, this is the second expansion. Just as the previous one, it has 115 more cards to mix with the core game and with the first expansion.

Here’s what you can do: Of course this expansion is meant to be added to the core game, but you can also mix the two expansions together and create a whole new set.

Here’s what the #2 expansion has inside:

WDYM Second Expansion Cards

3. NSFW Expansion – $11.99


You thought there couldn’t exist a dirtier version? Well, think twice.

The NSFW Expansion of What Do You Meme?, is really Not Safe For Work (NSFW), and some cards can not be read out loud, trust us!

This edition comes with 90 caption cards, and this is something we don’t really like, because we’d love to see some NSFW picture cards as well.

Of course it is meant to be mixed with the core game, but think carefully before deciding to mix them.

Here’s shortlist of some of the cards:

  • When you call out your safe word, but they keep eating your ass like groceries;
  • When you shart in public;
  • When your mom sees the pile of tissues next to your bed and asks why you’ve been crying;
  • When your daughter says “Pass the salt daddy”, and both you and her boyfriend reach for it.

4. The Family Edition – $19.99

What Do You Meme Family Edition

It’s time for the cutest edition!

C’mon now, we all need some time with our family! And what can bring you all together more than a family edition of What Do You Meme?

That’s right. Nothing. It’s irreplaceable!

This edition comes with a huge set. With a total of 365 cards, and 65 of them are pictures. 

If you know the card games terms, you also know that an edition is not meant to be mixed with the main game. It’s nonsense, mixing a 17+ game with an 8+ one. 

Anyways, here are some of the cards:

What Do You Meme Family Edition Cards

5. Tik Tok Edition – $24.99

Tik Tok Edition

Tik Tok doesn’t live in our world, we live in Tik Tok’s world, period.

We couldn’t continue without mentioning the Tik Tok edition. There are so many Tik Tok ‘addicted’ people out there.

This fabulous edition has 350 amazing & funny cards. It is ages 17+. You already know that.

Wanna see some cards?

Tik Tok Edition Cards

6. The Nurses Edition – $24.99

What Do You Meme Nurses Edition

An appreciation edition for our lovely nurses out there. We see you, we love you! If you’re not a nurse, this edition is a great motivation to go to the University and become one!

This edition includes 375 cards, 300 of them have captions, and 75 pictures. It is perfect when you gather all your colleagues together and laugh about things only you can relate to. You’ll probably make fun of things you hate too, you never know!

Some Interesting Facts About ‘What Do You Meme?’

Finally: Our Final Thoughts About The Game!

You’ve read about all these expansions, editions, game details, and all the other cool stuff, and you’re still doubting if this is worth it? Really? Of course it is worth it! Especially for those who like creating memes. We all have that one friend in our group, don’t we?

What Do You Meme? is the funniest game, which requires creativity and a sense of humour. I’m an optimist, of course, but I have to say a few other things, so I don’t owe you anything. Here’s what we like and what we don’t about the game:

What We Like?And What We Don’t?
The genius name;
A huge set of cards;
Lots of expansions & editions made for different careers and series;
Easy to play;
A chance to submit your own ideas;
Brings tons of laughs to the party.
Good quality of cards;
The manufacturers refresh the decks once in a while to make them even better;
Hilarious content (captions and pictures). 
May be rude to sensitive people;
Not so many editions & expansions appropriate for family time.

Enjoy it, and start playing , our lovely Meme Kings & Queens!

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