80+ ‘Who Knows The Bride Best?’ Questions: From Fun to R-Rated!

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Who Knows The Bride Best? (or How Well Do You Know the Bride) is the perfect game to play at a bachelorette party, to break the ice & get the girls connected with each other. All you’ll ever need for this game is a good list of questions, and that’s exactly what we will share with you in a glimpse. 

  • Fun questions;
  • Deep questions;
  • Future-related questions;
  • Questions about the couple;
  • Family questions;
  • R-rated questions;
  • Windup;

Fun Questions

Who Knows The Bride Best Questions - Fun Questions

This category includes all the random & fun questions you’ll need. But, are they random enough so every girl has a correct answer? 

  1. What is the bride’s middle name?
  2. What are the three items she never leaves the house without?
  3. Is she a coffee or tea person?
  4. What’s her favorite movie and actor of all time?
  5. What car does she drive?
  6. Does she think she can sing?
  7. What was the bride’s first job ever?
  8. What’s her signature drink?
  9. What’s the dumbest way she’d been injured?
  10. How many wedding dresses did she try on?
  11. What is her go-to card game?
  12. Is she a night owl or an early bird?
  13. What were her grades in high school?
  14. Does she have any annoying habits?
  15. What house chore does she hate most?
  16. What is her biggest pet peeve?
  17. How many times did it take her to pass the driving test?
  18. Is she scared of horror movies?
  19. What magazine cover would she like to be on?
  20. What’s her favorite curse word?
  21. If she was a man for a day, what’s the first thing she would do?

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Deep Questions To Ask About The Bride

Deep questions make you talk your heart out. That’s okay. No bachelorette is done well without a good cry. 

  1. Is she more of a ‘long-term’ person, or all about ‘here and now’?
  2. What’s her way of showing love?
  3. Did she get into her dream job?
  4. What is her biggest goal in life?
  5. What is her comfort place?
  6. What’s her favorite memory back from when she was a child?
  7. What’s one feature she loves most about herself?
  8. Is career or family more important to her? Is the bride-to-be more of an introvert or extrovert?
  9. Is there any cause or issue she’s passionate about?
  10. What are the top 3 things/people she couldn’t live without?
  11. What is one scent she loves?
  12. Who is her role model?
  13. How does she handle stress?
  14. What’s her biggest accomplishment so far?
  15. What values does she look up most for in a friend?

Future-Related Questions

Future-related questions test if you know anything about the bride’s goals and life in the following years, which is mandatory in connections.   

  1. What is her biggest career goal?
  2. Once the wedding’s over, what will the bride’s new last name be?
  3. What is one bad habit she wants to get rid of?
  4. What is her dream car?
  5. What is one thing she has to achieve to make her 10-year-old self proud?
  6. Does she think of getting a tattoo?
  7. What are 3 things she will bring with her on the wedding day?
  8. For what question will she call her mom in the following years?
  9. What is she the most passionate about her future?
  10. What’s one thing that scares her most about her future?
  11. Is there a kind of legacy she’d like to leave behind?
  12. Does she wish to live in a big house or an apartment soon?

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Questions About The Couple

Who Knows The Bride Best Questions - About The Couple

Enough of personal questions. Let’s check quickly how much you know about the bride & her spouse!

  1. How did these two love birds first meet?
  2. When did they share their first kiss?
  3. What’s their favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday?
  4. Where did he propose?
  5. What is their song?
  6. Was it love at first sight?
  7. Who forgets anniversaries more often?
  8. What nicknames do they have for each other?
  9. How do they like to spend special dates?
  10. What’s the biggest surprise the groom has prepared for the bride?
  11. What qualities do they admire most of each other?
  12. Who’s a better cook?
  13. What is their dream holiday?

Family Questions

You don’t really know the bride-to-be until you guess most of these family-related questions right…

  1. How many siblings does the bride have?
  2. Who does she look up most to in her family?
  3. What’s her favorite family dish?
  4. Did she have a pet growing up?
  5. Who is the bride’s godparent?
  6. Is there a special talent that runs in her family?
  7. Does she have a strong connection with her grandparents?
  8. What’s her favorite holiday meal?
  9. What family member does the bride-to-be go to for advice?
  10. Is she mommy’s girl, or daddy’s one?
  11. What was her preferred vacation destination growing up?
  12. Who in her family makes her laugh the most?

R-Rated Questions

We’ve been innocent for too long now. Are you brave enough to answer these R-rated questions about her?  

  1. Has she ever been arrested?
  2. When was the last time she got a speed ticket?
  3. If her life was a movie, would it be safe for you to watch it with your family?
  4. What is the drunkest she has ever been?
  5. What are her fetishes?
  6. Does she ever watch porn?
  7. If the bride-to-be had a free pass, which celebrity would she like to spend a night with?
  8. What is the most embarrassing thing she has ever done?
  9. What’s her favorite underwear color?
  10. Is there a turn-off she finds in her man?
  11. Does she have a high tolerance for alcohol?
  12. Is she good at lap dances?
  13. Would she ever visit a nude beach?


Pick your questions carefully, share them with the group, and wait to see which one of the girls knows the bride best! Questions like these above, definitely add magic to your special nights: from bridal or hen parties to random girls’ gatherings. Oh, and if you haven’t taken care of that yet, check out the must-have bachelorette t-shirts

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