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As seen on Bustle, Cosmopolitan, BoredPanda, EditionCards is a world-leading website in the gaming industry that has brought innovation to the gaming market since 2015 with a dream to make the best card games possible.

We are an enthusiastic gaming website of experts, on a mission to bring innovation and creativity to gamers around the world.

Our expertise also extends to extensive research which is then transformed into game reviews that consist of an explanation of the game process, and rules.

The great desire to meet the needs of all card game enthusiasts all over the world inspired us to include all possible card games in our listings which made us the top leading site in the gaming industry with the most wanted card games of all time

As a brand, we are constantly looking forwards, and use our expertise to deliver high-quality content in the gaming world inspired by the most famous movies, characters, TV shows, and series of all time. Whether you are a fan of Harry Potter, Disney, SPN, or Star Wars, we’re here for you!

At EditionCards we work together with the best game experts to design, create and deliver to you the most wanted card games with which you can go head-to-head against one, two, three, or even more of your friends!

Our team consists of passionate members and experts who work continuously to present to you the most famous card games in the gaming industry.

EditionCards History

EditionCards’s story began in a small bar run by us, with a group of board gamers who were playing together and competing about winning the game. In 2015, that friendly, funny, and creative competition grew into an innovative marketplace with board games on it.

Back at that time, people used to play board games, drink and laugh their heads off while also spending time with their loved ones.

Seeing the fun, positive and warm atmosphere that board games brought to our bar and to all the people who were part of it, made us think that this warm and cheerful atmosphere should be conveyed all over the world and EditionCards was born.

Since then, our goal has been to bring together all the fans of card games, to offer them the opportunity of their favorite games, and to unite people at a single table so they can spend a fantastic evening and leave behind the difficulties they encounter in their daily routine.

For anything, you can contact us at info@editioncards.com