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Cards Against Muggles: A Special Review For Our Potterheads

Cards Against Muggles

There’s no better game than Cards Against Muggles, whenever a Potterhead is in question. It’s the perfect mix of Cards Against Humanity and the Harry Potter series, plus, comes to you at a pretty affordable price, and is played using extremely effortless rules!  Cards Against Muggles Box & Cards Most of CAH packs have a […]

SERVD Card Game Review: Serving Challenges & Laughs.

SERVD - Cover Photo

Whenever you need a little entertainment & crazy challenges in your love life, keep your eye on SERVD. As a couples’ card game, SERVD brings to you extremely creative content, meant to add spontaneity and playful dares to your relationship. SERVD Box & Cards Design SERVD is one of the rare games designed in yellow, […]

Is Joking Hazard Really That Dirty? – Card Game Review

Joking Hazard Review - Cover Photo

When talking about offensive, but hilarious card games, Joking Hazard shouldn’t miss. As an adult game, this one makes all players create comic stories, which very often include dirty humor.  How Does The Box & Cards Look? The box design is as creative as it should be and makes you immediately get the vibe of […]

Best 8 Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for Laughs

absurd box new box

On today’s episode of the Cards Against Humanity series, you’ll meet the best expansions and themed packs of this hilarious card game Before making this list, I always found it overwhelming to distinguish all the packs and decide which one I would prefer to buy. For your fate and mine, today you’ll get details about […]