The Printable Version Of Mafia Cards Is All You Need!

Mafia Cards - Cover Photo

Mafia game is one of our first picks of games, especially when we’re playing with mixed ages. The game gets pretty chaotic and enjoyable for all, considering that there are several roles.

The game works pretty well with announcing the rules secretly, and organizing the game that way, but we’ve found something that could elevate the whole thing. What we’re talking about is having a few cards with the roles (and instructions), which will be dealt to all players, and basically make all games simpler. You might download these cards right below:

Mafia Cards - PDF download

  • A PDF of 6 pages;
  • Includes an invitation for the game;
  • Brings cards for the citizens, mafia, diva, nurse, and detective;
  • Diva role cards have explanations too;
  • There’s a cheat sheet included;
  • Rules are explained in the 5th page;

One cool thing to start with, is that this Mafia PDF includes an invitation you could send to all people you’re willing to play with. It looks like this:

Mafia Cards - Invitation

What you should do, is write the time and place for the game night, fold it, and send the double-sided invitation to your favorite fellas. They will also know that this inviatation is sent by the boss, which also explains what some of the phrases, such as rat, burn, contract, made-guy, mean in the game. 

Right after, you will meet all of the roles, which come with special illustrations each. Keep in mind that you can multiply these depending on the number of active players.

Mafia Cards - Roles

The back of each card in mafia game cards printable pdf is the same, a feature that allows anonymity in the game, which is one of the main elements of the Mafia. This means that when cards are dealt, no one knows what role each player is: 

Mafia Cards - Back Of The Cards

Mercifully, this pdf doesn’t let you go without having the rules stuck on your mind. The penultimate page is the rules sheet, which basically explains everything: the set-up, instructions during the day time & the night time, game flow, and much more. This is the Mafia card game rules pdf:

Mafia Cards - Rules Page

One other thing to absolutely love about this pdf game, is that Diva role cards are explained. But, guess what? We’ll leave that a surprise to you!   

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