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Personalize Cards Against Humanity: Card Ideas For Your Blank Cards!

Your shitty jokes

Although all Cards Against Humanity decks are well-thought-out, and each card in each pack is hilarious, we suppose many of you would like to add a few personalized cards too. Your blank cards and our CAH card ideas are the best combination ever!  Where To Write These Ideas? Here’s the thing. If you want to […]

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary: One-Century Story and Whimsy

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversy Edition - Cover Photo

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary Edition is a special pack that marks a very important milestone in the game. It brings cards you’ve never seen before and designs that speak out the importance of the edition. Do Cards of Humour and Whimsy tell something to you? Well, we’ll find that out in a bit.    What […]

The Best List Of 150 Yes Or No Questions For Couples

Yes or No Questions For Couples - Cover Photo

Yes Or No questions are the perfect way to get your partner’s thoughts, without putting too much effort. There are several categories of extremely well-thought and straight-forward questions, which help couples connect deeper than ever. Questions below should be asked with yes or no, but most of the time, they lead to heartfelt conversations. Relationship […]

Cards Against Star Wars Review: The Best Game in the Galaxy!

Cards Against Star Wars - Cover Photo

Mixing Cards Against Humanity & the Star Wars franchise creates only the most humorous card game ever. Not only the pack brings jokes about your favorite space characters, it teases your competitive spirit as well!  The Box & Cards Of Cards Against Star Wars What could we expect less from Star Wars, other than a […]

That’s What She Said Card Game Review: Is That What She Really Said?

That's What She Said - Cover Photo

That’s What She Said isn’t only the funniest phrase ever, if used in correct situations. Just like in the Office…  It’s also one hilarious card game, which besides showing the humorous part of you, gets you in the competitive spirit likewise!   The Box & The Cards Of That’s What She Said Although they like to […]

Cards Against Muggles: A Special Review For Our Potterheads

Cards Against Muggles

There’s no better game than Cards Against Muggles, whenever a Potterhead is in question. It’s the perfect mix of Cards Against Humanity and the Harry Potter series, plus, comes to you at a pretty affordable price, and is played using extremely effortless rules!  Cards Against Muggles Box & Cards Most of CAH packs have a […]