Cards Against Humanity Cards You Didn’t Understand – C.A.H Cards Explained

It is C.A.H cards explanation time!!! Alright, I’ll guess the scene that brought you here…

You’re playing with your friends, and one of them plays the “Smegma” card (it’s a filthy word, I’m telling you), everyone starts laughing, but you. Then, you gotta pretend you understood it, and you laugh too. For some reason, I’m more than sure that this happened more than once to you.

Tip: You can always mix cards with Cards Against Disney, Muggles, Star Wars, and a few others making the CAH even laughter.

It’s okay though, we’ve all been there. It would get even worse when they’d find out that we had no clue what the word meant, but hey! We’re living and alive, right? We survived the heavy weight of humiliation given by the closest people to our hearts, that is to be congratulated!

In a few words, this article has the explanations to all the Cards Against Humanity cards you didn’t understand.


Bees Cards Against Humanity

For some reason, this one has been searched quite a lot by people. One of the reasons it has been searched so much could be that it is not very usual for the white cards to end with a question mark.

However, it doesn’t have any particular meaning, it’s just Bees?

Here are a few combinations so you can get the idea:


You simply don’t have to overthink it. It’s just… bees? Seriously!

“An Oedipus complex.”

Oedipus Complex Cards Against Humanity

Oedipus’s (or Oedipal) complex was used in the theory of psychosexual stages of development by Sigmund Freud.

To put it more basically it was used to describe a child that’s unconsciously sexually attached to their opposite sex parent, and frustration/jealousy toward their other same-sex parent (considered like a rival).


Mechahitler Cards Against Humanity

Here’s the definition of the word mecha:

Definition of mecha

This would be the best description of the MechaHitler meaning:


Now, I know that you understood it by now. But here’s this one last thing you need to know to fully understand what MechaHitler means: This computer game called Wolfenstein 3D had the Hitler as the final boss.

This would be the best description of the MechaHitler:


So, in a few words, MechaHitler it’s basically Hitler in a robotic, armored, ‘dangerous’ suit.

Considering the rest of the content of Cards Against Humanity, I’m not surprised, and I think neither should you be.

“A robust mongoloid.”

Mongoloid used to be a grouping of people which included indigenous people of most parts of Asia, some parts of America, and Polynesia.

However, mongoloid was also used as an alternate name for people with Down Syndrome, because of some physical features caused by the disorder that was considered to be similar to the normal features seen in Asian people.

On the other hand the word ‘robust’ stands for strong, healthy, and other similar words. If you’re still questioning it, this card is obviously offensive at whatever point of view you look at it.

“Pixelated bukkake.”

Pixelated Bukkake Cards Against Humanity

To pixelate something means to divide it into pixels. A bukkake is the action of multiple men ejaculating on one person, which makes it a sexual activity.

So, to conclude what is a pixelated bukkake, it is the action of multiple men ejaculating on one person being divided into pixels.


Eugenics Cards Against Humanity

Eugenics is/used to be an unscientific study on arranging the reproduction of the human population in order to ‘reproduce’ the strongest, fittest, best ones.

Meaning, that the ‘weak’ ones, the disabled, to be ‘removed’ or not reproduce in order for this ‘arrangement’ to happen.

What more have you got, Cards Against Humanity?


Seppuku Card

So many people asked what is Seppuku in Cards Against Humanity. Well, here’s the answer: Seppuku is another term for hara-kiri.

It is a ritual suicide which used to be practiced with a sword by samurai. Seppuku was practiced in Japan, in a more respectful way than other forms of execution.

“Fetal alcohol syndrome.”


Fetal alcohol syndrome is caused (to the child) by alcohol consumption by the mother during pregnancy. It causes problems to the child, and though they vary from person to person, the damages/problems of fetal alcohol syndrome are irreversible.

Ladies, don’t play the Cards Against Humanity drinking game if you’re pregnant. It can wait.


Leprosy Card

Leprosy is a disease, which is often called Hansen’s disease, caused by some type of bacteria. It causes problems and damages the nerves mostly.

If left untreated, it can affect your eyes causing blindness, and damage the nerves which can even result in paralysis and crippling of hands and feet.

Now that you know a little bit about Leprosy, you can use this card and make fun of an almost, if not, deadly disease.

“Sarah Palin.”


Her full name is Sarah Louise Palin, she’s American, a politician, and above all, a TV personality. She was the ninth governor of Alaska (2006-2009). Here’s a picture of her:

Sarah Palin

That’s pretty much it. If you want to know more about her, google it! Why exactly did they mention her in the cards? I guess we’ll never know!

“Lena Dunham.”

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham Cards Against Humanity.Lena Dunham has many professions: actress, director, etc. She’s mostly known for her series “Girls”, for which she received awards, and got nominated several times.

She got attention through posts, and actions a few times, which led to her apologizing a few times on social media.

Here’s a picture of her:

Lena Dunham HBO

She made it to Cards Against Humanity. I don’t know what else to say…


Serfdom Cards Against Humanity

Serfdom, Cards Against Humanity, what is going on? It’s more like Serf-dom, like bore-dom, and such words that you add the “dom” to them. Here’s the definition for the word “Serf”:

Serf Definition

I don’t believe I have to explain this any further than this: serfdom is the description of being a serf. That’s it. Serf.


Smegma Card

Smegma, Cards Against Humanity, are you kidding me?! This is not a word you want to google.

According to Google “Smegma is a sebaceous secretion in the folds of the skin, especially under a man’s foreskin”. It happens in mammal male and female genitals.

“Toni Morrison’s vagina.”

Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison’s vagina Cards Against Humanity.

It’s not just the name Toni Morrison mentioned in Cards Against Humanity, no, no, no. They HAD to include “[…]’s vagina.”

Toni Morrison Picture

The actual name of Toni Morrison is Chloe Anthony Wofford Morrison. She was a writer (novels, essays), editor, and professor. What would they possibly have against Toni Morrison? Cards?

Cards Against Toni Morrison? I don’t know, really.

“Synergistic Management Solutions.”

Synergistic Management Solutions

Let’s start with the synergistic first. Here’s the definition of the word “Synergy”:

Synergy Definition

From an Attic Greek word which means “working together”. You can take it that way. Now it’s time for “management solutions” definition:


Thank you google!

So in a few words, you need to study economics to fully understand synergistic management solutions. But you can say that we do understand it means managing solutions together.

“Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious asshole.”

Daniel Radcliffe Cards Against Humanity
Daniel Radcliffe Cards Against Humanity

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name Daniel Radcliffe, you might be familiar with Harry Potter?

Daniel Radcliffe is an English actor, and he’s mostly known for playing on the very famous series of Harry Potter. Here’s a picture of him, in case none of this is ringing any bells for you:

Other movies he played in are: Horns, The Woman in Black, What If, Escape From Pretoria, etc.

“Steve Bannon.”


His full name: Stephen Kevin Bannon. He was the White House chief strategist for 7 months when Trump was president.

Steve Bannon

He also was a media executive, and a bunch of other things. Apparently people drink to forget him. Perhaps you knew who he was, but drank so much that you forgot about him??

…Sh*t. I guess you gotta drink again pal. IM SORRYYY!!!


Swooping Cards Against Humanity
Swooping Cards Against Humanity

There are two definitions of the word swooping:

  • 1. Swooping – the action of moving rapidly from a high position down through the air. They also do the ‘swooping’ to humans, which causes damage, as it is a form of attacking.
  • 2. This one is from Urban Dictionary and it says that swooping is secretly looking up card meanings on Urban Dictionary during a game of C.A.H because of not knowing what your card means.

There you have them, take whichever you like, or whichever makes better sense to you.

“A sad fat dragon with no friends.”


Me too! This one is just for the ones who relate to it. It doesn’t have a meaning, unless you can relate to a sad fat dragon with no friends. I can! And it has a meaning for me.

Here’s a more accurate example of how accurate this card can actually be:


“Rush Limbaugh’s soft, shitty body.”

Rush Limaugh

His full name is Rush Hudson Limbaugh III. He was mostly known for his show, Rush Limbaugh Show. But besides a show host, he was also a conservative political commentator, an author, etc.


You saw him before, you did. You just never knew his name. Or you did know him, and he’s not the reason you’re reading this article.


“The Chronic.”

The Chronic

It is the name of an album by Dr.Dre (a hip hop artist in case you don’t know). The Chronic is also used as a slang term for strong cannabis.

This card will make sense from now on, I’m sure of it.


prep cards against humanity meaning

“PrEP.” is used in Cards Against Humanity, to be more correctly in the Pride Pack.

PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis. It is a pill for the ones that think they have a risk of being exposed to HIV in order for them to prevent getting it[HIV].


Of course they used this very specific card, in this very specific pack! Of couuuurse!!!

“The invisible hand.”

The Invisible Hand

It is a metaphor used in economics when the marketplace regulates itself. You know, like an invisible hand is regulating things that go wrong in a marketplace. Jesus Christ, the economists!

“Stifling a giggle at the mention of Hutus and Tutsis.” / “Helplessly giggling at the mention of Hutus and Tutsis.”


Hutus are the Bantu-speaking people, they make up most of Rwanda and Burundi’s population. However, they were dominated by Tutsis people who were a minority in Rwanda, who then started dominating Hutus. Therefore, there was a huge ethnic violence in 1994 between the Hutus and Tutsis, mostly in Rwanda.

Now they’re mentioned in Cards Against Humanity in order for people to make fun of “helplessly giggling at the mention of Hutus and Tutsis.”



Heteronormativity is the belief that heterosexuality is the only way to go. Meaning, that norm, that way of understanding heterosexuality as the one normal/natural sexuality is called heteronormativity. Yes. You can use this card from now on. You’re welcome.

“Sex with Patrick Stweart.”

Patrick Stewart Cards Against Humanity

Patrick Stewart has been around in the media for nearly 60 years. Movies, video games, and TV. He’s mostly known from Star Trek (which is a sci-fi series that started in 1966 and still continues).

We all know his face, but we don’t know much about his name. Like one of those songs you know the lyrics and everything, but you have no idea about the artist.

Patrick Stewart

This is Patrick Stweart, and the meme you’ve seen him from. You’re welcome!

Not very surprised that Patrick Stewart is on Cards Against Humanity, as a matter of fact, I’m glad he’s on Cards Against Humanity. Though the line they included him, is a little… a little… Well, interesting, eh?


Necrophilia Cards Againt Humanity

Necrophilia defines the condition of someone being sexually attracted to corpses, or them having sexual intercourse with them. You now know what necrophilia is, and you know how to use it the next time you have the card in your hands. I’m not really sure what I can add to that.


Auschwitz Cards Against Humanity

Auschwitz was the largest Nazi concentration camp. At least 1.1 million people were killed. Auschwitz included 40 extermination and concentration camps. The events took place during World War II and the Holocaust. You can imagine why CAH manufacturers put this card in the deck. Horrible people.

“The Ubermensch.”

The Ubermensch Card

The Ubermensch Cards Against Humanity.

It was first used by Nietzsche as a philosophical concept. It represents a demigod. That’s all. Nothing more to it.

“The Three-Fifths compromise.”

The Three Fifths Compromise

This refers back to the time where there was an agreement at the United States Constitutional Convention about the counting of the slaves (in relation with the number of population), we’re talking 1987.

There are more details to it, but it’s about an agreement about slaves, C.A.H doesn’t want you to know more than that.

It’s a little messed up now that I think about it.

“Object permanence.”

Object Permanence

Object permanence is the realizing/understanding that an object exists despite the fact that you can’t see/hear/sense/feel/smell it. It is a skill that we develop at early stages of life, you know, when we’re little tiny babies. Perhaps even before the “gugu-gaga”.

You’ve just learned something fun didn’t ya?! Well, thanks to Cards Against Humanity, you’ll remember it every time you play this filthy (yet hilarious) game.

“Madeleine Mccann.”

Madeleine Mccann Cards Against Humanity
Madeleine Mccann Cards Against Humanity

Madeleine Mccan was a three year old British girl that disappeared in Portugal in 2007. Her condition has been unknown ever since – the police haven’t reported to have found anything on whether she’s alive or dead.

Lately, some young girls on TikTok have been making jokes about their appearance and story being related to Madeleine’s, joking that they might be her, and so on.

I’m all about fun and jokes, but I think C.A.H really went too far with this one.

“The Trail of Tears.”

The Trail of Tears

This is also known as the Indian removal. It refers to the time (1830-1850) when the United States forced over 60,000 Native Americans’ relocation.

I’m choosing to not comment about this.

“The Rapture.”

The Rapture Cards Against Humanity

Considering that the rapture in cards against humanity is written as “The Rapture” with capital letters, we can assume that it is about either:

  1. The Rapture – the rock band (formed in 1998).
  1. The Rapture – the movie (which was released in 1991).
  1. The Rapture – is believed by christians. Basically that process of people rising up in the air to meet Jesus is called the rapture.

Now you can get creative with this information, listen to something from the band, and/or see the movie, and decide what context you want to give the card to.

Since the C.A.H did not give us any f*cking clue about it, that seems the only logical thing to do, or you can just burn the card if it bothers you that much!


Chungo Cards

Chungo Cards Against Humanity.Who is Chungo? The word “Chungo” is mentioned in the Family Edition of C.A.H. The word Chungo is usually used for oversized things/animals.


Was also mentioned in a card “Chungo, the talking gorilla.”, but there’s no such thing on the internet. It is “Koko, the talking gorilla”, but I’m assuming they were feeling funny, and turned it into Chungo.

“j15 patriot assault box”

The card “j15 patriot assault box” is mentioned in the Box Expansion of Cards Against Humanity. You probably heard of “J15 Patriot Assault Rifle”, or instead of “rifle” using “fighter” which would turn it into “J15 Patriot Assault Fighter”. Hence, we’re assuming that CAH took that, and instead of Rifle or Fighter, they put the word Box (which they have a bunch of).


Jibber jabber Cards Against Humanity

It is an expression highly used by Mr T. As you can see the meme above. It’s like another word for “bla bla-ing”.

However, Jibber Jabber also used to be a Canadian kids animated series:

You can see the context of the cards, and see which version of the word will suit it better. I’m quitting the jibber jabber now!


Ennui Cards Against Humanity
Ennui Cards Against Humanity

It is a lack of excitement when you’ve got nothing much to do. It is pretty much another word for boredom.

This card is mentioned in the Blue Box Expansion, which means it is not mentioned in the main deck so don’t look for it there.

“A gossamer stream of jizz that catches the light as it arcs through the morning air.”

A Gossamer Stream - Card Definition

A gossamer stream of jizz that catches the light as it arcs through the morning air Cards Against Humanity.

Well, after much research, we’ve come to a conclusion: this phrase is a super-complicated way to say masturbating in the morning. And they’re Cards Against Humanity. Of course, they will include anything like this in their card game.

Ps. If you don’t believe in the rules of Cards Against Humanity, specifically the age range of 17, these cards will definitely prove how adult-y the content is. 

“Lose Two: Player to the LEFT of Card Czar forfeits two white cards before starting the next round.”

Lose Two - Card Definition

Lose Two: Player to the LEFT of Card Czar forfeits two white cards before starting the next round Cards Against Humanity.

C’mon now. It’s not that complicated. Put your thinking hat on. Whoever’s on the left of the Card Czar has to discard two of their white cards before starting the next round. We might say that the goal of this Lose Two rule is to make players’ hands smaller. 

“Jason, the teen mayor.”

Jason, The Teen Mayor - Card Definition

Jason, the teen mayor Cards Against Humanity.

Because Jason Nastke was elected as mayor of Valatie of New York in 1999, while he was only 19 years old, he became the youngest mayor Valatie has ever had. Adding the fact that he definitely looked so young & a babyface when he became mayor, Cards Against Humanity creators, decided to call him a teen mayor.

Well, at least he made history…  This card may not be included in the newest version of the game, but just so you know what it means.

“The wonders of the Orient”

Jason, the teen mayor Cards Against Humanity.
Because Jason Nastke was elected as mayor of Valatie of New York in 1999, while he was only 19 years old, he became the youngest mayor Valatie has ever had. Adding the fact that he definitely looked so young & a babyface when he became mayor, Cards Against Humanity creators, decided to call him a teen mayor. Well, at least he made history…  
This card may not be included in the newest version of the game, but just so you know what it means. 
“The wonders of the Orient”

The Wonders of the Orient Cards Against Humanity.

The Wonders Of The Orient is a term that was used to describe exotic aspects of Asian cultures. Specifically, ‘Orient’ stood for countries like China, Japan, India, and other eastern parts of Asia. Needless to say, it’s a stereotypical, problematic, disrespectful term. 

“Boppin’ my flopper”

Boppin My Flopper - Card Definition

Boppin’ my flopper Cards Against Humanity.

What could possibly be the ‘boppin’ my flopper’ meaning? What does ‘bloppin’ my flopper’ mean? Well, based on what Urban Dictionary has taught us, this term is another word for self-sexual stimulation, mostly referring to males.

“Me jubbly bubblies.”

Me Jubbly Bubblies - Card Definition

Me jubbly bubblies Cards Against Humanity.

Okay, it took us a while to understand the ‘me jubbly bubblies’ meaning. Jubbly is a word that stands for female breasts. Bubblies is usually used to describe carbonated beverages, including alcoholic ones, especially champagne. Now, the person who made this card probably loves both female breasts & champagne and decided to tell that in a cute, nonsense sentence, like a baby.


Pigglewink - Card Definition

Pigglewink Cards Against Humanity.

Pigglewink? How did they come up with this word? Well, a piggle could be another word for digging, but also an animal that is related to pigs, a third cousin maybe. We all know what a wink is. Winking your eye. Now, just put it all together depending on the context of the black card & give it its meaning! 

“Da Clurb”

Da Clurb - Card Definition

Da clurb Cards Against Humanity.

What does Da clurb mean in Cards Against Humanity? It’s probably the weirdest one yet! The Da clurb meaning is consuming fish on top of 5 women. Isn’t this strange?



Kneevis Cards Against Humanity.

CAH creators are getting a bit too creative. Before explaining the meaning of ‘Kneevis’, this card is available only in Picture Pack 1. Now, the picture shows the knee and the face of a man, probably because the skin on our knee, looks… weird, like a face. Well, his name could be Elvis, Evis, Vis, or whatever. And yeah, they took these two words, and voila, created Kneevis!

“Getting Pegged”

Getting Pegged - Card Definition

Getting pegged Cards Against Humanity.

Well, there are two meanings of the word ‘pegged’: to understand what kind of a person someone is, and the process of penetrative sex. Use whatever meaning you want. You may probably find this card in the green box.


Huit - Card Definition

Huit Cards Against Humanity.

Huit means ‘eight’ in French. But why did they exactly mention this word? Probably to make fun of the French language? Idk. Probably.

Red Card With Numbers

Red Card With Number - Card Definition

Red card with numbers Cards Against Humanity.

Now, this is what we call fun. To be frank, took us a while to decode the meaning too, so, you’re not alone in feeling dumb 🙂 So, where the number 3 is placed, it is meant to be the letter C, right? 1 has taken the place of F, 4 has taken the place of K, and lastly, 2 has taken the place of U. Let’s put it all together in order: 1234 writes F*CK! The meaning of all these numbers is the word F*CK!  Ps. This card is only available in the design pack.

Card With Stars On Top

Card With Stars On Top - Card Definition

Card with stars on top Cards Against Humanity.

This one’s fun too! Looks like they’re making a review about something. They’re telling Do NOT go there, so, the stars on top of the card are the star ratings of the specific place they’re reviewing. Let’s see how creative your white card will get with this one, babes!

DISCLAIMER: All card terms written in read, mean that these cards have been removed from the newest version of the main deck, probably because they were too offensive, or not funny enough. 

Final Thoughts: Is There Anything Else Worth Mentioning?

Fellas, we will update the article with new phrases, new sentences, or anything with the card content that’s not very clear to you. Let us know in the comments if you have any card that you are looking for an explanation and we will do it for you! As always, you ask, and you shall receive! Until then, have fun, you horrible people!

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