18 Cheap Card Games For All Ages And Categories!

Card Games Under $10

You probably have been stuck in’ I want to have fun, but I don’t want to spend money’ very often…

It was always no money, no fun. Well, guess what? We found some ways to have fun without spending that much money! We’re geniuses, aren’t we?

And you’re probably tired of people thinking you’re crazy because you spend that much money ($20-$50) on some unnecessary (according to them) games. I know, I know… The struggle is real. I feel you!

Chill buddy, the solution is in this article. You’ll read about 15 amazing card games under $10. Great news, isn’t it?

1. Adult Loaded Questions – $9.99

Adult Loaded Questions

Nr. Of Cards: 308 | Age Range: 17+ | Players: 4+ | Requires: Sincerity.

We started with adult card games because you’re probably looking for some games to play with your friends.

Well. Adult Loaded Question is all about getting to know them more. Inside the box, except for 300+ cards, you’ll also find a spin, which basically tells you which question to read, because one card, has 4 questions on it.

With questions like: “What television show would you watch if it included full nudity?, What word sounds dirty…but isn’t?, What would you NOT want to find in your partner’s bedside drawer?, and lots more, you’ll definitely laugh out hard!

2. Legless – $6.92


Nr. Of Cards: 69 | Age Range: 18+ | Players: 3+ | Requires: Drinking & Knowledge.

Oh, you’ll definitely be legless after playing this game. You’ll drink, a lot. 

It has pretty simple rules. Basically, all you have to do is to give examples for the categories in the cards. If you fail the example, take too long to answer, or repeat the same answer as your opponents, you HAVE to drink.

One thing we know for sure, you’ll either be drunk at the end of this game, or you’ll either be called ‘The genius”.

3. Comment Below – $8.99

Comment Below

Nr. Of Cards: 435 | Age Range: 17+ | Players: 3+ | Requires: A Sense Of Humour.

Every single time I hear ‘comment below’, I imagine the YouTubers saying it, lol.

The Comment Below card game, is another creation of the amazing What Do You Meme?, and these two actually have the same style.

Here’s the point of the game: The ‘Judge’ chooses one of the 75 picture cards, and one of the 90 status cards & puts them in the easel. The other players choose one comment card from their pile that they think is the funniest & the best. When everyone makes their choices, the judge chooses his favourite.

Because of the content, it is recommended for people older than 17 years. You’ll love it!

4. Let’s Mingle – $9.95

Let's Mingle

Nr. Of Cards: 110 | Age Range: 14+ | Players: 2+ | Requires: A Partner!

Let’s mingle mingle… This game is made for you to have fun with your lovely boyfriend/ girlfriend and your friends.

It is for couples, and it is 14+. A bit confusing, isn’t it?14 years old being in a relationship? Oh, teenagers nowadays. 

There are no extra rules. You just have to read the card and answer. They can be funny but some are really serious and help you get to know each other more, especially if you just started dating!

Have fun MINGLing!

5. Blink – $5.75


Nr. Of Cards: 60 | Age Range: 7+ | Players: 2 | Requires: Concentration & Speed.

Blink, blink! We started with the Blink! The first card game we’ll show you is a kid-friendly one, which requires a lot of concentration and speed.

First, divide the card into 2 piles (one for every player), and each of the players draw 3 cards at once. The game is all about matching the cards(based on the color, the shape, or the number of shapes in the card).. Here’s a video to learn the game faster: How To Play Blink.

The game can become very, very intense. You’ll love it!

6. Pictionary – $6.59


Nr. Of Cards:  156 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 2+ | Requires: Creativity.

No, it’s not Dictionary. It’s Pictionary. This game contains 88 picture cards, 66 clue cards and 2 category cards.

The cool thing is that the same cards can be used for all ages. If you’re playing with adults, use the back of the cards, and if you’re playing with kids, use the front, the yellow side. It’s easier.

The key is to not make a sound and to tell what that category is while using the clue cards.(Alone, combined with each other or with any object in the room).

At first I found it hard to explain it to the kids, but this video gave me a good hand: How To Play Pictionary Card Game.

7. UNO – $6.70


Nr. Of Cards: 108 | Age Range: 7+ | Players: 2-10 | Requires: Strategy.

It’s Uno, You Kno’! The classic, the famous card game. Uno contains 76 number cards, 24 action ones and 8 wild cards.

Just as the previous game, Uno is also about matching the cards. But, what’s special about Uno is that it has some special cards, including: Skip, Reverse, Draw twos, Wild and draw four wild cards… Check how the game goes real quick: Playing UNO

Here’s the cool thing: The first player to have just 1 card left in their hand, has to scream UNO, if they want to win the game. If that player forgets to say that, he gets a penalty of 4 cards. 

It is fun. Lots of fun. Endless fun!

8. Sushi Go – $7.39

Sushi Go

Nr. Of Cards: 108 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 2-5 | Requires: Probability.

No, you’ll not eat sushi. You ate enough food today! This is like one of the coolest games, very very creative and cute. All the cards have a picture related to sushi, or other food as well.

You deal the cards according to the number of players. For example, if you are only 2 players, both of you deal 10 cards, but if you’re, let’s say 4, you all deal 8 cards.

You pick your favourite card and put it face down on the table, after every player picks their card, they ‘reveal’ their choice.. Then you pass your card pile to the player on your left, and this repeats until there are no cards left. If you want more details, yes, another video: Sushi Go Game.

Sushi… Go!

9. Monopoly Deal – $7.50

Monopoly Deal

Nr. Of Cards: 110 |Age Range: 8+ | Players: 2-5 | Requires: Luck & Strategy Skills.

You’ve probably heard of Monopoly dozens of times. The Monopoly Deal Card Game, comes with 110 creative & amazing cards, of different categories: Rules Cards, Action Cards, Property Cards, Rent Cards, etc.

This game is all about collecting properties and kinda stealing from your opponents. 

I actually found it hard at first to understand the Monopoly Deal, and I had to watch some videos to really get the game. Here’s one that helped me: How To Play Monopoly Deal Card Game.

Fun fact: The earliest (first) version of Monopoly was invented by a woman, Elizabeth J. Phillips. GRLPWR!!!

10. Cards Against Disney – $9.95

Cards Against Disney

Nr. Of Cards: 828 | Age Range: 17+ | Players: 4+ | Requires: Knowledge about Disney.

It hurts. It really hurts. Against Disney??? How dare they?

Just kidding, it’s fun. It’ll make you nostalgic as hell. No, it isn’t appropriate for kids, even though it has a Disney name!

If you’re familiar with Cards Against Humanity rules, you’ll definitely have no trouble playing this edition, because this is an unofficial expansion of CAH.

You have to pick your funniest white card, that you think matches best the red (question) card. It’s easy. 

11. Family Feud – $9.50

Family Feud

Nr. Of Cards: 209 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 3+ | Requires: Strong Intuition.

You’re probably familiar with the name. The Family Feud show, hosted by the amazing Steve Harvey.

This Trivia Box Card Game is appropriate for all ages, and the main purpose of the game is to guess correctly.

For example, the Game Judge reads the question in the card, and other players have to guess the answers. Of course, you get points based on the value of your answer. 

 Yeap, it’s that easy!

12. Hanabi – $8.99


Nr. Of Cards: 60 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 2-5 | Requires: Concentration.

Hanabi [Meaning: Japanese Summer Fireworks. “Hana” means flower and “bi” means fire.]. We love the box, we love the game, we love the definition!

Inside the box, except for 60 cards, you’ll also find 8 blue clock tokens & 4 black fuse tokens.

The point of the game is to create the perfect fireworks show, by placing the cards in the right order. There are 5 kinds of cards, made with 5 different colors. 

Now, to be honest, the instructions seemed a little hard to follow at first for me, but you don’t have to go through all that! Here’s the video to explain the rules: Hanabi Rules.

13. Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza – $9.97

Taco Cat Goat Cheese

Nr. Of Cards: 66 |Age Range: 6+ | Players: 2-6 | Requires: Speed.

Oh man, what a creative name! This is really an all ages game, no doubt!

All the cards belong to one of these types: Taco, Cat, Goat, Cheese, Pizza. But, there are 3 special cards: Gorilla, Groundhog and Narwhal. Cool, isn’t it?

Here’s what you have to do if you want to play: Divide the cards equally to each, and you start drawing cards from your pile in rounds. You have to shout the thing after the name written on the card. For example, if your card is Goat, you have to shout out Cheese. 

For the special rules and for a game overview, check this video: Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza.

14. Cards Against Supernatural – $9.95

Cards Against Supernatural

Nr. Of Cards: 335 | Age Range: 17+ | Players: 4+| Requires: Information About Supernatural.

The iconic & amazing American TV series. Are you supernatural? I bet you aren’t!

This is one of many Cards Against Humanity unofficial (fan-made) editions, and probably one of the coolest.

The rules are just the same. You have to answer the question card with a white card, which you think is the best. 

Oh, and I am Batman!

15. The Original Wizard Card Game – $8.00

Wizard Card Game

Nr. Of Cards: 60 | Age Range: 6+ | Players: 2+ | Requires: Strategy.

The Wizard Card Game is kinda similar to a regular deck of playing cards with the addition of four Wizards and four Jesters.

Here’s the thing: The Wizards always win, and the Jesters always lose.

It usually comes with some score sheets to keep track, but you can use regular sheets as well.

It is fun & challenging as well. The cards come in 4 colors, each of them has numbers 1-3. 

Here’s an interesting fact about the game: The Wizard Card Game was first released in June 1986. It’s 35 years old!!!

16. No Thanks – $9.99

No Thanks

Nr. Of Cards: 33 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 3-7 | Requires: Memorization.

After reading about this game, you won’t say No Thanks! Anymore, you’ll say Yes Thanks!

No, the player with the most cards doesn’t win. The point is to have as few cards as possible.

I mentioned there are 33 cards, but there are also 55 chips (counters) you use when you don’t want to keep a card.

Oh, you should see the faces when any player doesn’t want to take a high numbered card, but on the other hand, doesn’t have any chip. RIP!

17. Saboteur – $9.99


Nr. Of Cards: 110 | Age Range: 8+ | Players: 3+ | Requires: Cooperation.

This game actually tells a story. You together create the story. You have to work together for a common purpose. 

Sometimes it’ll look like making a puzzle. There are Path Cards,  Action Cards, Gold Nugget Cards, Gold Miners and Saboteurs. 

And how do the saboteurs win? When everyone is out of cards  and if no one has reached the finish card with the gold nugget on it. 

I feel like adding video links, makes it easier for you: Saboteur Card Game.

Find the treasure, saboteurs!  

18. Phase 10 – $8.52

Phase 10

Nr. Of Cards: 108 | Age Range: 7+ | Players: 2-6 | Requires: Competition.

It’s Phase 10, fellas! There are colored cards: Yellow, blue, green and red, and also 2 special cards: Skip (to skip your turn) and Wild( which can be used as every number or color).

The purpose of every player is to complete the phase they’re working on.  The phases can be completed if you collect 7 cards of 1 color, if you collect 2 sets of four, and some other. Check them all here: Phase 10- How To Play.

But, not every phase has the same value. You get points based on what phase you finished! You’ll wake up that competitor in you for sure!


Card game lovers, we hope that you enjoyed this article.

Yes, there may be some other cheap card games available that we didn;t mention, but we really tried to pick the best ones.

Make sure to check out the age range & the cards content in every game if you want to choose the best one.

Save your money, and have fun!!!

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