You Laugh You Drink Review: For Those Who Can’t Keep A Straight Face

You Laugh You Drink - Cover Photo

If you’re up to making each other roll in the aisles & have a few drinks, your pick should be You Laugh You Drink. This card game has the power to liven up your gatherings while making you complete extraordinary challenges.

Outside & Inside The Box Of You Laugh You Drink

The box of You Laugh You Drink is very straightforward. It’s a simple, black, square-pattern box, with the game name written in yellow and blue. In huge letters! 

You Laugh You Drink - Box

If the front is not catchy enough, the back will definitely be. A little spoiler: it contains all the basic information you need to know.

You Laugh You Drink - Back Of The Box

It’s a game for people who can’t keep a straight face and can be played by whoever’s 21 or older (because of the drinking age). The back of the box also shows the number of players who can play and a little preview of the cards. 

The magic though, belongs to the deck of cards. You Laugh You Drink brings 150 cards, and they look something like this:

You Laugh You Drink - Cards

Embarrassing stories will be told, shows will be performed, people will get mad… But, who’s the target? 

How To Play You Laugh You Drink & Words In The Player’s Seat

Before you get your assumptions, we might say You Laugh You Drink is a light-sipping game. However, make sure the driver ain’t playing:)

To play, the group votes on the funniest player. That player becomes the first joker and draws one card. After reading the card silently, the Joker picks one player to be the Target, meaning, the one they’ll try to get laughing with the challenge written on the card. If in-between 30 seconds, the target laughs, they must drink, and the Joker keeps the card as one point. Otherwise, Target takes the point, and the Joker drinks. Whoever gets 7 points first, wins You Laugh You Drink.

But hey! Alcohol is not necessarily included. You might play with non-alcoholic drinks as well, or laugh with no drinking at all. The full rules can be read here: YLYD.

If you’re curious to know how the game went for me: it’s definitely worth it. The set-up and rules are extremely simple, and honestly, it’s a recipe for laughs, you either laugh or take a sip of your drink, which is pretty fun too. With the challenges included, it’s almost impossible to keep a straight face, so, the goal was definitely achieved.

But, you must know that the replayability is limited since you can only use the same cards once. To help make this better, you can always add your own twists, in case the challenges feel anything similar to one another. 

Where To Get You Laugh You Drink?

Lucky you, you can get all these hilarious challenges & reasons to drink, for free! We have created a digital version of the game, so, you won’t have to pay a penny for it.

All you have to do is go read You Laugh You Drink printable, and download the pdf file! 

Final Thoughts

Created with the idea of you laugh you’re out, this drinking game delivers unlimited laughs and a considerable amount of drinking, which is key to a great night with close people. Above all, we brought to you a free version of the game, so, there’s nothing to lose!

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