16 Lit Games Like Apples To Apples: Different Vibes, Same Style! 

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Apples To Apples is a fun card game for all ages that is even used by psychologists in speech therapy, but playing it too much can make it boring. To keep the fun going, there are 16 other games like it, each with their own special twist.

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  • The games: 
  1. Snake Oil;
  2. Relative Insanity;
  3. Grounded For Life;
  4. Cards Against Humanity;
  5. Scattergories;
  6. Dixit;
  7. Exploding Kittens;
  8. Rotten Apples;
  9. Taboo;
  10. Wits & Wagers;
  11. Taco VS Burrito;
  12. Not Parent Approved;
  13. Awkward Turtle;
  14. Evil Apples;
  15. Oops My Bad;
  16. Say Anything;
  • Conclusion;

1. Snake Oil

Snake Oil

In scratch, both games have the same idea. To win, you have to try your best when making combinations. If it turns out your combination fits best, good for you! 

2. Relative Insanity

Relative Insanity

In both games, there’s one player who reads the first card (in Apples To Apples- the green card, and in Relative Insanity- the setup card), which also chooses their favorite answer from them all. 

3. Grounded For Life

Grounded For Life

To win in any of these two games, you have to have the most points. You’ll get the most points, only if you make the funniest combinations. 

4. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

The game style and the way the games are played are pretty much the same. Although, the content on Cards Against Humanity is much more adult-friendly. Not recommended for kids or teens at all.

5. Scattergories


Both games make you compete with the other players (or teams) to create the best answers, and you don’t have very much time to do that. Creativity is required in both Apples To Apples & Scattergories. In the latter, you do not have limited answers (cards). You’re free to make up your own words. 

6. Dixit


If we analyze how both games are played, they have very much in common. Even though when playing Dixit, you’ll never know what card you’re answering to. You’re just imagining it, based on the given clue. 

7. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Even though Exploding Kittens hasn’t done anything with making combinations, the logic behind it is the same. In both games, to win and stay in the game, you should hit higher scores. If you explode, fate isn’t by your side! 

8. Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples

Well firstly, because they both have Apples mentioned in the name. Second, because the rules are pretty much the same in both these card games. Be aware that the content in Rotten Apples is different & very mature. 

9. Taboo


Even though they may look like two opposite poles, the idea behind them is pretty much the same. You have to collaborate your thoughts, to make up the best result. The main difference is that differently from Apples To Apples which is always played individually, Taboo is all about that team spirit. 

 10. Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers

In both games, all players fight (not tho’) each other, and give their best to give the best answer. Clearly, in Wits & Wagers that isn’t determined by the Card Czar, but, by all players together. 

11. Taco VS. Burrito

Taco VS. Burrito

The main goal of both these games is combining cards in the best way possible, so, you tend to get more points. In both games, the player with the highest score wins the game! 

12. Not Parent Approved

Not Parent Approved

Since we know how to play both games, each has the same basic rules. Even the number of cards dealt with each player is the same (7). Although, the game judge in Not Parent Approved has a name: the Burp Boss. 

13. Awkward Turtle

Awkward Turtle

Apples To Apples & Awkward Turtles both make you get creative, concentrate and show your explanation skills. The latter tho’ is a bit more awkward, and not very kid-friendly. 

14. Evil Apples

Evil Apples

Cards Against Humanity, Apples To Apple, and Evil Apples have the same flow while playing. The same game characters (if I may say), instructions, and the scoring style. Evil Apples is a bit more risque, let me tell you that.

15. Oops My Bad

Oops My Bad

The idea of having to find the best response to a question card is the same. In ‘Oops My Bad’, there are more question card categories, not only Green Apple Cards. 

16. Say Anything

Say Anything

Back and forth, to get points in each of these games, it’s better if you match your answer to the dealer’s preferences & sense of humor. In both of these card games, you’ll show everyone your mindset & artistic side. 

Conclusion: Are These Games Better Than Apples To Apples?

We made a list of games like Apples To Apples because they’re fun and we want you to have options if you’re looking for something new or just a change.

Each game on the list is special in its own way, with different themes and ways to play, so read the details carefully and talk to your friends before choosing one.

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