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How Deep Will You Go Cards PDF

How Deep Will You Go? is one of the deepest card games ever to exist, and we won’t ever take that back. It greatly impacts bringing people closer and touching parts of your soul that could make a difference in how you feel. The content in these cards is well-thought-out, and they vary in different levels, depending on who you’re playing with. 

The thing is, buying the game is affordable, yes. You might get How Deep Will You Go? for under $30. But, why do that when we can bring it to you for free? Right below, you might download the free PDF of the digital edition with one click only, for free! 

Download PDF - How Deep Will You Go

  • HDWYG PDF has 62 pages;
  • One page contains one question;
  • There are 4 levels of intimacy;
  • The colors of cards have meanings;
  • Includes the rules page;
  • Can be printed out, or played digitally.

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For a kick-off, let’s see a preview:

How Deep Will You Go Cards preview mode

Although it’s hugely simple, the digital copy of How Deep Will You Go? pdf free, in the first pages, presents the rules, so you don’t have to think about a thing. Then, you’ll also find an explanation about the 4 levels of questions, which go from ice-breaking to the deepest, including the ‘infinity’ level.

There’s one question per page, and you will get notified when the level of questions changes. Here’s how the cards of HDWYG pdf look:

How Deep Will You Go Cards Preview

There are 62 pages, and the color of the cards depends on the level of intimacy, as seen in the picture above. 

It’s up to you if you choose to use our printing guide and print the cards, making it a physical copy, or just open it as a PDF file and play as such. It’s important to know that this version is mobile-friendly, so you might easily open it on your phone, and have a good experience playing. 

One thing’s for sure: when the game ends, you will be happier. And make bonds stronger than ever.

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