Couples Favorite Card Game In PDF Form: Drunk Desires Printable

Drunk Desires PDF - Black Cards

Couples in relationships enjoy playing fun card games together. One popular game is Drunk Desires. It’s a mix of heartfelt conversations and cheeky dares.

You can buy the cards, but we made a free PDF version for you to download and enjoy.

Drunk Desires PDF

  • A PDF of 6 pages;
  • Contains 39 cards: 21 white cards & 18 black ones;
  • Includes the rules page too;
  • Made for A4 paper size;
  • Large cards format (9 per page);
  • Cards are similar to the original pack;
  • This PDF is made by us, meaning it’s not official. 

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Exactly as you assumed, the first thing you’ll read about in this Drunk Desires card game PDF, is the rules:

Drunk Desires PDF - Rules

Although the rules are extremely simple, everyone needs a reminder of how the game works. This page on Drunk Desires card List pdf explains it all: types of cards, who these cards will affect, a short explanation about gameplay, and more.

As mentioned above, this is not an official creation of the manufacturers, meaning that the cards are similar to the original ones, and there aren’t all cards included. Well, we will let about 10 of them be a surprise, just in case you decide to get the physical copy too… 

First, you’ll meet the white cards. These are the clean ones, a.k.a., the flirty cards of the pack:

Drunk Desires PDF - White Cards

Basically, you complete the challenge/answer the question, or drink. You will first get to play the ‘Or Drink’ cards, meaning that only the player who draws the cards will drink. Then, the ‘Drink If’ cards encounter, and whoever of you two relates to the prompt, drinks. 

We also included a few blank white cards in Drunk Desires cards pdf, just so you could add your crazy ideas. But, don’t forget there are black cards too!

Drunk Desires PDF - Black Cards

These are the dirty cards of the game, indeed, and will make you complete juicy, romantic dares, which will add magic to your intimate life. 

Bear in mind that you could simply just open the file, and read the cards in the digital form. However, we always recommend you print the cards out and play it as a usual lovely card game. This allows you to shuffle the cards, and create a better vibe when playing. 

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