UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy: The Most Brutal UNO Edition Ever!

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy - Cover Photo

Even the simplest edition of UNO is a little merciless. But, here comes the Show ‘Em No Mercy, which is chiefly a game that puts your friendships to their limits… With brand new cards and added rules, this UNO game might become your favorite ever.

How Do UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy Box & Cards Look?

Considering this is one of Mattel’s newest releases, you don’t probably know what to expect from the design, huh?

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy Box

As already known, worldwide, red is the color of UNO. This edition has a red background as well, with huge letters on top to show the name of the pack.

There’s a 3 word description too, which tells a lot about the gameplay. Some of the cards and the main game requirements are shown too. 

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy - Back Of The Box

Yes, we will explain all rules meticulously, but the back of the box does a pretty job on that too. You will get to meet a few cards, information about the contents, and details about the creators, in case you ever need it…

Uno Show ‘Em No Mercy brings 168 cards to your UNO collection. Here’s what the deck contains, in detail: 

In all 4 colors:

  • 2 cards of each number;
  • 3 Skip Cards;
  • 2 Skip Everyone cards;
  • 3 Reverse cards;
  • 2 Draw Two cards;
  • 2 Draw Four cards;
  • 3 Discard All Of Color cards;

Wild cards:

  • 8 Color Roulette cards;
  • 8 Reverse Draw Four;
  • 4 Draw Six;
  • 4 Draw Ten;

Even though almost each card name is self-explanatory, we will talk about most of them when we explain the rules.

Take a look at how all these cards look:

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy - Cards

Ps. The design using white streaks makes the box & cards look scratched and old, but they definitely aren’t. 

What Is Different From The Original UNO Game?

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy - VS UNO
  • Can be played by up to 6 people, not 10 as we’re used to doing in other editions.
  • It is more brutal than the main game UNO;
  • There are 56 more cards than the classic game. The latter has 108 cards, while Show ‘Em No Mercy has a total of 168 cards.
  • If you draw specific cards (more on that later), you must swap hands with other players;
  • Whenever one player reaches a set hand limit, they’re out of the game. 
  • 4 isn’t the maximum number of cards you might make a player draw. Uno Show ‘Em No Mercy may have players draw 6 and 10 cards too!
  • Although the classic action cards are included, some of them are upgraded: Discard All, and Skip Everyone are great examples! 

Here’s a real reaction of people playing this brutal edition: UNO No Mercy.

The Rules Of UNO Show ‘Em No Mercy

Since you’re reading about this edition, you most likely know how to play the original UNO. This edition could be played by 2 to 6 players, ages 7+, and the gameplay time varies somewhere around 30 minutes. The Show ‘Em No Mercy is a collaboration of the original rules and a few added ruthless ones. Right below, we will show you how these special rules work:

The Stacking Rule: When someone plays a Draw card, the next player (who’s supposed to draw cards), can play another Draw card, and pass the added penalty to the next player. The stacking continues until one player doesn’t have a draw card of the same (or higher) value, and that player must take the penalty.

The Mercy Rule: If you end up with 25 cards in your hand, you’re out of the game—sorry mate.

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy - The Mercy Rule

0’s Pass: Once someone plays a 0, all players must pass their hand of cards to their left, and everyone continues playing with the new hand of cards. 

7’s Swap: The player who played a 7, can pick a player of their choice to swap hands with. 

Other actions are the same as when playing the standard game. However, there are a few added cards with special actions:

  • Discard All Card: you’re allowed to discard all cards that match the color of the Discard All card.
  • Skip Everyone card: When played, means that all other players skip their turn, so you play again.
  • Wild Color Roulette Card: The next player must choose one color, and turn over cards from the draw pile until one card of the chosen color is revealed. Wild cards do not count. 

Therefore, there are two ways of winning: the standard way, yelling UNO when you have only 1 card left, or knocking all players out with them having 25 cards in their hands. 

More about the scoring and rules might be found in the instructions sheet.

UNO Show 'Em No Mercy - Game Rules

Where To Find This New Edition Of UNO?

Uno Show ‘Em No Mercy, just like every other UNO edition, is available at the official store of Mattel,, so, go there if you want to make this game yours. 

Final Thoughts

It’s amazing how every UNO game brings something totally unseen before. Uno Show ‘Em No Mercy, and Uno All Wild, are great examples. One of our best picks is the most brutal one, and that gotta be the edition we just talked about. And let me tell you: friendships who survive playing Show ‘Em No Mercy, stay forever!  

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