4th Of July Drinking Games: Getting Patriotic & Drunk Together! 

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The 4th of July isn’t only about town festivals, picnics, parades, block parties, and all that kind of stuff. It is also about drinking games. Yes. You heard that right. Drinking games will make your 4th of July celebration more gratifying, and help you socialize with people. Also, if you think this holiday has always been celebrated in the same way, what we’ll show below is a good refresher. 

Among all types of games, there will also be patriotic ones, which we know you proud citizens will enjoy at their fullest. Okay, you people, even if you don’t live in the USA, you may use the 4th of July as a reason to drink and play the games we’ll recommend in a bit. It’s okay. You can thank us later. 

  • The Games:
  1. Dizzy Washington;
  2. Snap And Crackle;
  3. Drunk Jenga;
  4. National Anthem Keg Stands;
  5. Flag Beer Pong;
  6. Vodka Or Water?;
  7. Declaration Of Independence Cup;
  8. LIIT Party;
  9. Edward 40 Hands;
  10. Beer Relays;
  11. Drink If Patriotic Edition;
  12. Patriotic Scavenger Hunt;
  • Conclusion;

1. Dizzy Washington

Dizzy Washington

Number of players: 2 or more (2 teams of equal players);

What to prepare? A large enough outdoor space, balls, a bat, and drinks, obviously. 

Details about ‘Dizzy Washington’:

You guys, it’s precisely like Dizzy Bat, but we like to call it that way since it feels more 4-July appropriate! You may either play it individually or in teams. However, the point is that one player from a team starts by placing the bat on the floor, drinking their drink down, and spinning about 10 times around the bat. Once that process finishes, one player from the other team throws the ball. If you manage to hit it right, you get one point. Otherwise, if you miss or accidentally hit someone’s head, they get one point! 

2. Snap And Crackle

Snap And Crackle

Number of players: 1 and more (it could be a single-player game).

What to prepare? Fireworks (which are usual for the 4th of July) and drinks for you and your people. 

Details about ‘Snap And Crackle’:

Well, who doesn’t love fireworks? Especially on a holiday like Independence Day! The game is not complicated at all. All you gotta do is gather around and start looking at the sky. Every time a firework goes off, you all take a sip of your drink. If 2 fireworks of the same color go off, you take 2 sips of your drink. Finish your drink when you thought the fireworks show has ended, but they were actually just taking a quick break. Cheers!

3. Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga

Number of players: 2 to 10.

What to prepare? Jenga tiles and alcohol.

Details about ‘Drunk Jenga’:

Jenga always gets a yes from us, specifically when it’s the drinking version. This game is supposed to be played by people you’re closest to, or if you’re not that shy type of person. This is because the challenges are a bit embarrassing, however, the latter is all up to you. To get to the point, all you have to do is write questions and challenges on the tiles, so every time you draw and move a tile while playing random Jenga, you get to complete a challenge. You may get as creative as you want, for inspiration, take a look at the pic we added above. 

4. National Anthem Keg Stands

National Anthem Keg Stands

Number of players: 3 and more.

What to prepare? Some of your favorite drinks are all you’ll need to play this game. 

Details about National Anthem Keg Stands’:

This drinking game is just as simple as you may have thought. The idea behind it is that all members of the group should bolster up for an old-fashioned keg stand. Then, you have to start chugging your drink down, while everyone sings the national anthem. The player who knows the most words of ‘The Star-Spangled Banners’ and makes it the furthest, is the winner. This is also a good way to see which one of you is the most patriotic, so, yeah, a 2-in-1 kind of thing.

5. Flag Beer Pong

Flag Beer Pong

Number of players: 4 and more.

What to prepare? 35 plastic cups (in case you want it to look like a flag), ping-pong balls, a stable table, and drinks. 

Details about ‘Flag Beer Pong’:

We have some type of unconditional love for Beer Pong, and we don’t even try to hide it! You may actually play it in the standard way, you know, with 10 cups or something, but since it’s a special occasion, get  11 white, 15 red and 9 blue cups & try to arrange them into the American flag. Now, just like we talked about weeks ago, you should get divided into 2 teams, and try to land the ball on one of your opponent’s cups. Every time you shot correctly, they have to drink that cup specifically. 

6. Vodka Or Water?

Number of players: 2 and more.

What to prepare? Fill some shot glasses with vodka, and some others with water. That’s all you need.

Details about ‘Vodka Or Water?’:

The name basically says it all. If you remember our drinking game with shots, this one is definitely one of them. Start by filling the glasses with vodka and water. It would be ideal if you had one shot per player or even some extras. Now, everyone has to drink one of them, without knowing which is vodka and which is water. You should try to hide it if your shot was alcohol. If you look suspicious, one of the players may say ‘Bullshit’ (just like the card game), and you’re not one of the winners! 

7. Declaration Of Independence Cup

Declaration Of Independence Cup

Number of players: 4 or more.

What to prepare? Plastic cups, drinks, and to make it perfect, get some wings that represent the country’s leaders! Also, blank paper and a pen could be used. 

Details about the ‘Declaration Of Independence Cup’:

Let’s add a twist to our very beloved Flip Cup! Ask everyone to bring a wig of their favorite founding father of the USA. Divide all players into 2 teams, and start playing the usual game. If you successfully flip the cup, you should fake a sign of the person you’re wearing the wig of. Remember that both teams should be playing at the same time, and your teammates can drink only after you’ve finished signing. The first team that gets 5 signatures, wins the Declaration Of Independence Cup.

8. LIIT Party

LIIT Party

Number of players: 3 and more.

What to prepare? Long Island Iced Teas for everyone. 

Details about ‘LIIT Party’:

Now, you can also get other drinks as well, but for some reason, it works best with this cocktail. Now, one of you starts first by saying the name of an important historical figure (president, leader, or whatever). The other player should say another name whose first name starts with the first letter of the previous character’s last name. For instance, if the first player said Abraham Lincoln, the next one should say Louis Armstrong, the other should start with A, and so on. If you take longer than 10 seconds to come up with a name, you drink until you find a name. Good luck with that! 

 9. Edward 40 Hands 

Edward 40 Hands

Number of players: 2 or more.

What to prepare? 2 40oz’s of malt liquor for each player and duct tape.

Details about ‘Edward 40 Hands’:

This may be one of the most hilarious games ever. You start by helping each other tape the 40 ozs to your hands. Once that is completed, you can only use your hands to lift the drink and take gulps. Even logically, you can’t use your hands for anything else. You have bottles stuck to your hands. You can’t free up your hands without finishing the whole drink. The winner is whoever drinks the fastest, and manages to get rid of the tape. 

10. Beer Relays

Beer Relays

Number of players: 4 and more.

What to prepare? Get some beers for all players and you’ll be fine! 

Details about ‘Beer Relays’:

Are you ready for an adventure? Well, this game could get you a bit dizzy, to be honest. Start by dividing all players into 2 big teams. Next, everyone has to chug down a beer and start running. Don’t forget to make a finish line as well. Now, if one team’s players have all passed the finish line, they win. Optionally, to make it even more fun, you can ride a bicycle instead of running. So, you drink a beer, get on your bike, and go down the driveway. You can also wear helmets. We’re okay with that. 

11. Drink If Patriotic Edition

Drink If Patriotic Edition

Number of players: 2 to 20+.

What to prepare? A Drink If list of questions (you can purchase the printable version at Etsy for $3.00) and drinks for all of you. 

Details about ‘Drink If Patriotic Version’:

You surely know about this drinking game. Especially after you’ve read our Drink If Questions. Now, the idea is that you have to drink if you relate to one of the statements. For instance, you’ll drink if you’re single, you’re under 35, or anything similar. The special thing is that lots of the questions will be 4-July themed, such as the stars one, or the drink if you love America. You can make your own list of questions, or order some printable ones. The game ends whenever you feel too drunk or got bored. 

12. 4th Of July Scavenger Hunt

4th Of July Scavenger Hunt

Number of players: 4 and more.

What to prepare? A list of items for hunting, and alcohol, undoubtedly. 

Details about ‘4th Of July Scavenger Hunt’:

We love all Scavenger Hunt games, frankly. This patriotic one is unique as well. All you need is to print or write down the list of items you’re looking for and go haunting. Usually, you get divided into teams, depending on the number of players, and start looking for the items outdoors, such as at fairs, festivals, street parties, and similar things. All teammates should take pictures of everything they find. The first team who successfully checks all items wins the game, and all the other teams should drink. 


The 4th of July is special and heartwarming. Especially if you go back and look at all the history. Now, everything you do on this holiday should be special as well. That is actually the main reason we presented these games to you. For you to have fun with your people, get a few drinks, and get to meet some very well-thought games. Friendly reminder: keep in mind to always drink responsibly and love your country <3.

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