19 Drinking Games Without Cards – The Infinite Fun For All Adults Who Like Drinking! 

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Although drinking card games are a blast, at some point you don’t wanna deal with cards or any of that equipment, right? That’s exactly why we brought you a total of 19 drinking games that will get y’all tipsy, and help you create great memories, no matter who you’re playing with! 

  • The drinking games list;
  1. Taboo Game;
  2. Most likely;
  3. I’m Going To The Bar;
  4. Can You Survive Till’ 21?;
  5. Never Have I Ever;
  6. Two Truths And One Lie;
  7. Shot roulette;
  8. Piccolo;
  9. Beer Pong;
  10. TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game;
  11. Yes, No, Maybe;
  12. Medusa!;
  13. Quarters;
  14. I Drink & I Know Things;
  15. Paranoia;
  16. Spin The Bottle;
  17. Mister Freeze;
  18. Straight Face;
  19. Drunk Jenga;                        
  • Final thoughts;

1. Taboo Game

Taboo Game

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about the ‘Taboo Game’:

Just as you assumed, in Taboo, you have to skip mentioning the Taboo words & actions. Therefore, make a list of ‘forbidden words & actions’, such as cursing, saying ‘drink’, checking the phone, drinking without asking others if they want some, and anything you wish. Once someone does any of what you’ve written in the list, they have to drink. The game may either last for the whole night or just for specific minutes, as you wish. The drinking amount depends on you. 

2. Most Likely… 

Who's Most Likely

3 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Most Likely…’:

It’s Who’s Most Likely Too. Our go-to game since forever! All you need when playing is a list of questions. It’s all about who is the most-voted player when a statement is said. So, if you say, ‘who’s most likely to wake up drunk in a whole new country’, everyone has to point to one player. Whoever gets the most votes, has to drink! Check out Who’s Most Likely To… questions, which is a list of funny, dirty, deep, and extremely fun content. 

3. I’m Going To The Bar

I'm Going To The Bar

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘I’m Going To The Bar’:

You can use any other sentence to start, telling you’re going to the bar, to a picnic, or whatever place that comes into your mind. As a drinking game for 2 or more, one player will start by saying the first sentence and adding something of their own. For instance, it could be something like ‘I’m going to the bar and I’m getting two margaritas’. The next player should repeat whatever the previous player said, and add something else. This order continues until someone forgets to say a word in the made-up story, or takes too long to answer. That player drinks! 

4. Can You Survive Till’ 21?

Can You Survive Till 21

3 or more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Can You Survive Till’ 21?’:

This gotta be one of the simplest, and yet most fun games ever! You start by sitting in a circle and counting from 1 to 21, one player at a time. The player that says 21 has to make up a rule: it can be anything: switch number 7 with 15 (meaning that every time someone has to say 7, they say 15), everyone has to drink twice, make the whole group waterfall after every 3 rounds, and so on. You can basically add any rule that comes into your mind. 

5. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

2 to 12 players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Never Have I Ever’:

We’re used to playing the standard Never Have I Ever, which is a blast. However, the drinking game is what you need in life! To play, you have to make a list, most likely by using our Never Have I Ever questions, which come in different categories. Then, you read the question out loud, and everyone who relates has to drink (which is just like saying ‘yes’). Otherwise, you don’t drink, and the group understands that you haven’t done that/don’t relate to the question.

6. Two Truths And One Lie

The Name Game

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Two Truths And One Lie’:

We love games that help you know people better. Each of you will take turns telling 3 things about yourself. Two should be truths, and one should be a lie. All players must guess what you lied about. Everyone who guessed incorrectly, drinks. If you made them simple to guess, and everyone guessed correctly, you have to down your drink. You may play as many rounds as you want, or until you don’t have anything else to share with the group. 

7. Shot Roulette

Two Truths And One Lie

2 to 8 players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Shot Roulette’:

Shot roulette is a great choice if you want to keep it safe. You’ll take enough shot glasses, and fill all with vodka, besides one which has to be filled with water. You’ll take turns picking one glass and drinking it, but, trying to keep a straight face, so, no one knows if you drank water or vodka. You may also find shot recipes and make a roulette of shots, so there’s alcohol only. Ps. It’s called roulette since you don’t know what you’ll drink, it’s a surprise for all! 

8. Piccolo

Shot Roulette

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘ Picolo’? 

First things first, Picolo can be found on AppStore and Google Play, and it’s all free! In the app, you’ll find lots of challenges and questions, such as starting a ‘Would You Rather’ game, saying the alphabet backward, drinking if you believe in ghosts, giving out shots, down your drinks, and more. The motto of this drinking game app is that there are no rules to remember! Therefore, the screen tells you everything you need to do.

9. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

1 to 4 players per team;

Everything you need to know about ‘Beer Pong’:

As a team drinking game, Beer Pong is irreplaceable! Start by arranging the cups into pyramids, starting with 4 cups in the first row, and ending with 1 on top, on both edges of the table. Both teams should face each other, and take turns throwing the ping pong balls. Keep in mind that cups should be filled halfway with alcohol. If you manage to throw the ball successfully into one of your opponents’ cups, they have to drink from that cup. The game continues until one team has drunk all of the cups, which makes them the losers!

10. TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game

Tv OR Movie Drinking Game

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘ TV Show/ Movie Drinking Game’:

If you ever run out of ideas, watching a movie always works at parties. It works even better when we add a cool twist to it! So, you’re gonna play your favorite movie or tv-show, give everyone drinks, and add some drinking rules. Therefore, you’ll drink when there’s music in the background, another movie is referred to, someone gets into a fight, two characters kiss, and more specific ones. You may get as creative as you want, and we’d recommend you check out our movie drinking games to give you a hand! 

11. Yes, No, Maybe

Forbidden Words

3 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Yes, No, Maybe’:

I bet you all played this as a kid. The whole point of the game is that whatever you’re asked, you can’t answer with either yes, no, or maybe. If you use any of these words, you have to take a shot. Depending on your preferences, you may start a new game, ask questions, and apply the ‘yes, no, maybe’ rule, or, make it as an external rule to any of the games you’ll play during the night (Never Have I Ever, Most Likely, or other).

12. Medusa!


3 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Medusa’:

Medusa is the perfect example that simple things can often be the most entertaining ones! All of you should keep drinks near, and sit in a circle. First, you have to bow your heads, all at once. On the count of three, you all should look up to one player in the table. If two players are directly looking at each other, they drink. If many players are looking at one player, that player drinks as many drinks as the number of people looking at them. So, the point is looking at someone, but not at someone who’s looking at you… 

13. Quarters


3 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Quarters’:

We’ll always love Quarters! Ideally, two players compete with each other, so they sit facing each other. There will be a glass filled halfway with beer, and taking turns, you have to try and bounce it into the glass. If it lands successfully, your opponent drinks, if not, the turn is passed to them. However, you may get a second try, but if you fail that, it’s you who has to drink whatever’s in the glass. Ps. Be careful and don’t swallow the coin tho’… You may find the other special rules on our special Quarters drinking game rules.

14. I Drink & I Know Things

3 or more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘I Drink & I Know Things’:

Let’s not just get drunk. Why don’t we test our knowledge as well? In this game, when it’s your turn, you have to say ‘I drink & I know…’, followed by a fact you know about. For instance, you may say ‘I drink & I know who was the second president of America’. If any player in the group knows the answer (in your case, the name of the president), they have to say it out loud, and all other players drink. The player who got it right makes the other statement. If no one finds the answer, everyone drinks besides the player who made the statement. 

15. Paranoia


4 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Paranoia’:

Well, some of us really want to know about everything that’s going around, every rumor, huh? That’s why this game is made! You have to sit in a circle, and let someone start first. The first player must whisper a question into the next player’s ear. Questions should start with ‘Who?’, so that the player who’s been whispered to, has to answer by saying a name (of someone in the room). So, the whole group knows the name (the answer) of the question, but not the question. If the person who was mentioned wants to know what they were tagged for, they drink. If not, the turn is passed to them, and they follow the same rules.

16. Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle

3 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Spin The Bottle’:

Our all-time favorite way of playing spin the bottle is turning it into a Truth or Drink one. To be clear, you will sit in a circle, spin the bottle, and ask the player who the bottle is pointing to a question (feel free to borrow questions we attached above). If the player refuses to answer, they have to drink the specified amount from the question maker. Even though it’s fun getting drunk, we recommend you try and answer more questions, so you get to bond with each other.

17. Mister Freeze

Mister Freeze

3 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Mister Freezer’?

This may seem like a kids’ game, but the kids don’t drink, do they? You alert the players that during the night (or day) each of them can ‘freeze’ themselves, and this is how they become Mr. Freezer. Each player who sees that someone is frozen has to immediately freeze. The last player to see that people are freezing, which leads them to become the last one to freeze, has to take one shot… 

18. Straight Face

Straight Face

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Straight Face’?

Straight Face is all about making each other laugh, and drinking a lot! The point is that you have to write some letters, some funny ones, and some others can be difficult texts to read, you know like, coded words or stuff. Taking turns, each player has to read one by them, trying to keep a straight face. If at any time they laugh or make a confused face, they have to take a sip of alcohol. 

19. Drunk Jenga

2 and more players;

Everything you need to know about ‘Drunk Jenga’:

We can’t help but admit that Drunk Jenga is our favorite version of Jenga! Before starting to play, write drinking challenges (and other creative dares) in the tiles. This leaves us understanding that once you draw a tile, before placing it on top and passing your turn, you have to complete the challenge. Of course, the game ends when your Jenga tower is crashed. If you need tips & ideas for what to write in the tiles, we precisely made a Jenga drinking game guide for you!

Final Thoughts

If you didn’t like all ninety of them, you’ll undoubtedly find some that match your preferences perfectly. Make sure everyone is comfortable with the game, check the recommended number of players & rules, take enough drinks for all players, and don’t forget to drink responsibly. You will definitely have a total blast playing & be the coolest game host ever!

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