45 Offensive And Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Combos

Offensive And Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Combos Examples

We tried so hard to keep ourselves from sharing these Cards Against Humanity combos with you. Probably because we wanted you to enjoy them when playing. However, once our stomach ached from laughter, we knew you must see these card combinations as soon as possible.

  • Dirtiest and funniest Cards Against Humanity combos;
  • Almost clean Cards Against Humanity combos;

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Dirtiest and Funniest Cards Against Humanity Combos

If you’re under the inappropriate age (check the rules), you shouldn’t be here when talking about Cards Against Humanity. If for whatever reason you’re here, skip this part. These card combinations are hilarious but dirty. You’ll love them.

1. Oh Grandma…

Grandma’s still thinking about these things? Even when they’re 70+?

2. Gotta Trust The Laboratory Study

This black card gives many opportunities to create funny combos. No one could beat this one though. Now that I think of it, the Disney Edition wouldn’t be such a bad idea…

3. It’s the only way to go, innit?

Here’s a dirty combo using one card from the extra packs of CAH. The picture pack, specifically.

4. Jesus Christ!!!

I laughed, and I laughed so bad. I ugly laughed. Made me think for a second, but then it came to me: my grandma is dead…

5. It’s all about the practice.

It’s probably better for my mental health to go check the kid-versions of CAH. Never mind, I love this combo. Who am I lying?

6. They had us in the first half, I’m not gonna lie

This ‘licking things’ part is so relatable. Didn’t you all lick snacks so your siblings would stop touching them? I’m choosing to not comment on the other white card.

7. Doctor, please do help.

Did we laugh? Yes. Should we be laughing? Who cares, yes! 

8. Fox News. It must be Fox News.

This list of white cards just keeps getting dirtier and dirtier.

9. Duh!

If it doesn’t have a least a little bit of truth in there, it wouldn’t make anyone laugh. The thing is, it made us laugh. This one… This one is the truth itself.

10. As always, a blast.

What if whoever submitted this card actually relates? Can people go this far? Will there be story time?

11. Not again Grandma!!!

Did we all think of grandmas when we saw this picture, or is it just me?

12. Loki, yes.

Well, this is probably about Loki. Our Loki. Cards Against Marvel’s Loki.

13. You have been forgiven, child.

For some reason, this reminded me of ‘Oh the Rumanity!’ and my friend Matilda. I bet that this combo not only won the round but also destroyed everyone’s tummy muscles. 

14. Sure…

I bet explosions will lighten up the atmosphere in your bedroom. In the literally.

15. D-d-do I Say Something or…

When I say CAH and the fan-made packs include dark humor, this is the amount of darkness I’m talking about. 

16. Oh no…

No wonder why playing Cards Against Humanity shows that side of people you know. You know, the side you’ve never seen before. 

17. Son, don’t listen…

I laughed, I’m not gonna lie. And I feel so bad for doing so. Jesus Christ! What’s wrong with me?

18. Ouch!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… If I were the Card Czar of that round,  I would resign from my job. I wouldn’t pick one. It’s impossible!!!

19. Shut the f*ck up already, Tim!

Imagine all your husband talks about is his 9-year-old era. Or I’m just jealous I memorize nothing about my childhood. 

20. Questioning my existence…

Again, another part where you realize how messed up your friends are, and how messed up you are for understanding the jokes they intended to make. A cheesy bond in the making… But like, a strong one. 

21. Who??!

For your information, Britney Bitch doesn’t stand for Brtiney Spears. God Forbid. Or it does. Ask Michael from the Office. He got us using it.

22. This is too dark. Or is it?

Your mom? Asking you to be thankful for committing suicide? We’ve gone too far…

23. A very specific list.

I’m curious to know how people come up with these ideas. Are they based on personal experiences?

24. Hermione Granger Supremacy

Wait. You don’t know where these cards belong? You haven’t played Cards Against Muggles yet? Oopsies.

25. Mr. Clean Is Here

Yes. People like me enjoy this type of humor. Judge who you want, we’re having fun.

26. A Jimmy-Savile Looking Toy

What toy are they specifically meaning? We’ll let you take a guess!

27. Free Samples What?

Who will taste these samples? I will never say samples again and not think of this card.

28. No Black Card At All

We took this empty black card and made a hilariously offensive combo of white cards. It makes sense, huh?

29. Brutal.

Whoever made this combo, probably let lots of their anger come out. In a very peaceful way, I would say.

30. Ouch

Humor like this is dark. But you laughed, didn’t you? I did too, don’t worry.

31. Illogical Thoughts

This is the ‘Would you love me if I were a bird?’ type of content. If you know, you know.

32. Who’s The Mayor?

I might be crazy, but there’s logic after this card combination. Right? 

Almost Clean Yet Hilarious Cards Against Humanity Combos

Yeah, it’s almost. Not entirely clean. No Cards Against Humanity card is fully clean. However, this section is here to prove that CAH can be fun even if there are fewer dirty words used. Or no such things at all. Ps. If you don’t get any of the cards, make sure to read the CAH cards explained.

1. Period.

This almost got me into an existential crisis, so I calmed myself down by inviting my friends over to play that Kardashians Edition. Feeling much better now, thanks.

2. Nice to meet him?

The creativity… You guys! I’m so glad I saw this, and I’m even more glad I get to share this with you. 

3. Gotta do what you gotta do.


What’s wrong with showing your babe your PowerPoint skills? You know, with the morph tools, transformation, and all that? 

4. Oh no! Live AND angry bees!


One thing is the son ejaculating bees. The other thing is that they’re alive AND angry. Could it BE crazier? (just as Joey in Friends would say).

5. Too far?


If you know the community on Reddit, you could take a guess about the questions you would get. People on Reddit have no shame.

6. Mansplaining

That’s it. That’s the tweet. Stop mansplaining.

7. Peace And Quiet

All we ask for is some peace and quiet, God Damn!

8. Spain But S Is Silent

It looks like it’s traumatizing, and hurting, for whoever made this card combination. Go take a walk. 

9. Pretty Gay Best Friend

Grandmas are homophobic until they meet that gay best friend of yours who they treat as an extra child. It takes time.

10. Alcoholism Alcoholism

We will forever find this funny. Too simple. Too creative. 

11. Self-Concious

The important thing is that you know what the problem was. At least you won’t blame your ex.

12. A Big Help For Obama

Nothing could help Obama unwind besides one thing… That one thing… Queen Taylor, and news about her. 

13. Issues Or Not?

Her personality is probably all because of daddy issues. It’s fine though. She now makes fun of it.

Final Thoughts

Although you get to have enough laughs when actually playing Cards Against Humanity, you could’ve missed lots of combinations we showed. The time was wrong, you weren’t creative at the moment, or just never thought of such combinations. Lucky you, you get to read this as you would read a novel, and laugh your socks out! 

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