Bōks Cards Against Humanity: The Newest Product From The Creators Of CAH

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Cover Photo

The biggest struggle of all CAH lovers is finding a large enough box to fit all the cards, especially for the ones who are crazily addicted to buying all possible editions. Mercifully, the manufacturers have launched a product that would solve this: Bōks! We got just as excited about it as you are now! 

This device is as useful as it could be, and we couldn’t help but inform you about this fascinating news at the speed of light. Get ready to be amazed by the design, practicality, and offers they got. 

What Is Bōks? 

Bōks is an empty box made by the team of Cards Against Humanity, which is supposed to fit around 3500 cards. On the exterior, it is made of vegan leather and microsuede lining. Its dimensions are 15.5 x 9.5 x 5.75“, and here’s how it looks: 

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Look 1
Boks Cards Against Humanity - Look 2

It’s all black and we love black! The box has a rectangular shape, which is simply perfect for storing cards. As you already noticed, it comes with a covering piece of paper that informs you about the usefulness of the box. Here’s what the back says:

Boks Cards Against Humanity - The Back

You’ll get to know about what it includes, the material, capacity, and more surprises. However, the important part is how it looks on the inside. Take a glimpse:

Boks Cards Against Humanity - The Inside
Boks Cards Against Humanity - The Inside 2

The box has 5 dividers which will help you organize your cards. It also has a closing mechanism, which makes the cards very secure and no damage could ever be caused to them. To make it extra portable, they added a handle on the side, so you can carry it wherever you go & make it your favorite bag. 

Even though we already had some kinds of Cards Against Humanity carrying cases & storages, yet, the Bōks is the best one so far. One because it fits a large number of cards, and two because it is made of the creators of the game, so they know exactly what their cards need.

As an extra, it also brings you five one-of-a-kind procedurally-generated cards. 

Is Bōks Available To Purchase Now?

Even though the product was created in November of this year, it is currently available on the official site of Boks Cards Against Humanity, for $59. However, the latter is ordered since it starts shipping right away. Nonetheless, the price isn’t that high for that quality, they’ve done some crazy discounts. 

This is what they did for Black Friday:

Boks Cards Against Humanity - 200% Discount Tweet

Yes. A 200% off sale! Is this possible? Unbelievably, yes. So, literally, they’d pay you to buy the game. This wasn’t a scam and lasted for 4 days. People have confirmed that they actually paid them. Here’s what it said once someone answered the questions and got the code: 

Boks Cards Against Humanity - 200% Discount Tweet Comment 1

Withal, the website broke a few times during this offer, because of the traffic, yet, they managed to somehow fix it up. We believe the name Bōks stands for the spelling of the word ‘box’, which is obviously the idea behind this product. 

Does It Come With Cards? 

No, not really. Well, except if you count the five one-of-a-kind cards. However, starting in January, you can get the Ultimate Expansion. This is an expansion pack that includes around 2000 cards & the Bōks: 

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Ultimate Expansion

Includes cards from the Absurd Box, Everything Box, Red, Blu & Green Box, Nostalgia Pack, Pride Pack, College Pack, you know, the themed packs, 100 blank cards for you to add your crazy ideas, and more. This is the combination of buying the Bōks we talked about earlier and all your favorite editions.  It’s perfect, especially for those who don’t own many packs and want to start it all from the beginning.

To create you an idea of it, here’s how it looks inside:

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Inside Of The Ultimate Expansion

You can make the order for $129 right now on the official site, and it will arrive within few days. 

Final Thoughts

If you listen to us, we believe that every penny spent in this box is worth it. This because of the quality and the capacity of the box. It could also be used for you to store your printed CAH cards and other cards you may have. Follow their page on Twitter (Cards Against Humanity) since they may give discount codes or offer other off sales, and we don’t doubt you’ll love them. 

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