Bōks Cards Against Humanity: Are There Any Cards?

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Cover Photo

Bōks Cards Against Humanity is a product of CAH, which is made to keep your cards safe. Although it’s not a game, Bōks is one of the most special creations of these manufacturers, and definitely, one of the most useful ones, especially if you have a few editions of the game.   

Pieces Of Information About BŌks

As it should, Bōks comes in a matte black color, so it doesn’t get far from the usual CAH games’ design.

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Look 1
Boks Cards Against Humanity - Look 2

Here’s what you should know about Bōks Cards Against Humanity:

  • It is made of vegan leather on the exterior and microsuede lining in the interior; 
  • Measures 15.5 by 9.5 and 5.75 inches;
  • Fits around 3500 cards;
  • Has a great divider system; 
  • Comes with a handle to carry it around;
  • Includes surprises, extra equipment & special cards;

I bet it’s obvious why it’s named Bōks, isn’t it? Well, it’s just like writing the spelled version of the word ‘box’, which is the aim of the product. 

They couldn’t write anything about the product in this luxurious leather, so, there’s an information cover included. Here’s what it says in the back:

Boks Cards Against Humanity - The Back

This part includes everything you need to know about the capacity and quality of the box. However, we’ll explain all the details in a glimpse of an eye.

Boks Cards Against Humanity - The Inside
Boks Cards Against Humanity - The Inside 2

Bōks comes with 5 dividers to help you keep cards in place and a great closing mechanism. Besides all, this leather case has a great handle, so you can take it with you even when moving. If you move the top lid, there’s storage for you to store any extra equipment you might need when playing CAH games.

And that’s not all! This case comes with 5 foam space-fillers for partial rows and a few colorful dividers, so all your cards are organized. Counting all these, Bōks is absolutely the best out of  Cards Against Humanity carrying cases & storages! One thing we wish we could change is the heaviness of the box, but, considering it fits over 3K cards, and it’s very sturdy, that’s understandable. 

Where Can You Buy Bōks? 

Bōks Cards Against Humanity is available at the official site, Cards Against Humanity for $59. As buyers say, it’s pricey, but worth it for the quality. 

The Real Question: Does It Come With Cards? 

The original Bōks comes with 5 one-of-a-kind cards (coming in an envelope), which are unique for each purchase:

Boks Cards Against Humanity - 5 Cards

Also, this product comes with secrets. Although we’d like to let you find that out yourself, bear in mind that there’s one QR code on the sides of the box, which becomes visible after using black light.

If you’d like to see someone explaining what’s in this box, watch Cards Against Humanity Bōks

But, if you would like to get Bōks, full of cards, the Ultimate Expansion is available now. It has 2000 expansion cards (including 100 blank cards) all packed in this special case.  

Boks Cards Against Humanity - Ultimate Expansion
Boks Cards Against Humanity - Inside Of The Ultimate Expansion

Final Thoughts

As a person who proudly owns lots of Cards Against Humanity editions, therefore, lots of cases & boxes too, Bōks is the highest quality one. One of the main reasons for that is that this product is made by the same people who make the games, so they know best for their cards, and that is reflected in the superior characteristics of Bōks. 

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