Cards Against Humanity Head Trip: The Most Unique Pack.

CAH Head Trip - Cover Photo

For everyone who thinks that CAH only brings the same packs, in different themes, Head Trip is here to prove it wrong. As one of the newest releases, Cards Against Humanity Head Trip is a card game that, somehow, makes you get inside your friends’ heads. 

What Is the CAH Head Trip?

CAH Head Trip

Head Trip is one of the newest and most special packs of Cards Against Humanity when speaking of design and gameplay as well. The game takes 30 minutes to an hour to play, and works fine for everyone who is 17 or older, just like all other CAH packs

The idea of the game is answering questions as if you were inside someone else’s head: Darth Vader, Abraham Lincoln, Tarzan, Santa Claus, or God. Different from other games made by these amazing creators, Head Trip brings a lot more equipment. 

What’s In The Box Of Head Trip?

By looking at the box, we know this isn’t our usual Cards Against Humanity pack, and that’s one thing to appreciate.

CAH Head Trip - Box

The color pick is not random. It represents the aura, meaning, the psychological effect of playing the game: getting into someone’s thoughts. If you wish to know more about the game, please rotate the box. Here’s what you’ll find in the back:

CAH Head Trip - Back Of The Box

The back of Head Trip explains the game shortly (definitely not the way we do), and shows some cards & other equipment you’ll find inside the box.

Specifically, this fabulous game includes 260 cards, 48 tokens (chips), one board & one booklet.

CAH Head Trip - Contents

What reminds us that this one is part of the Cards Against Humanity family, is that there are two types of cards: black (question) cards, and white (head) cards.

CAH Head Trip - Cards

Not all questions are as innocent as ‘what’s the purpose of life?’ though… They might get pretty offensive and dirty. That’s why the age range is 17+.

How Do You Play Head Trip & Is It As Fun As Other CAH Games?

CAH Head Trip - Playing The Game

Well, we’re used to playing Card Against Humanity games, where one player is the Card Czar, while others submit response cards. Just what happens in Cards Against Muggles Although a similar mindset is followed here, Head Trip is quite different, since it brings a few more rules too.

One player (the one who most recently pooped, as they say), becomes the first tripper. This player starts by reading one question & the options out loud. Then, they read one head card too, and try to get into that character’s head. The tripper must then secretly answer, and all other players should discuss and guess what they think the tripper answered. Oh, 3 to 10+ people can play though. In case you didn’t get that. 

Once the answer’s revealed, you take your guess chip back if you guessed it right, but you lose the chip if you guess it wrong. One head card is defeated if at least one player gets the answer right. You work as a team to defeat all 7 cards, but the last card is defeated, only if all players get it right. And that’s it, fellas. However, more about the rules and setup can be found on the official rules video.

Considering we’re big fans of Cards Against Humanity editions, we didn’t expect less from Head Trip. It’s so great how they managed to stay on track of their game idea, but still, bring something as unique as Head Trip. What we appreciate a lot, is how the whole team works together, having one common goal. Also, the idea of getting into someone else’s head, most likely, someone who we haven’t ever met (like Abraham Lincoln, or God), is one thing we don’t find in any other games. 

Also, if you need tips from when you run out of chips or some special house rules, take a look at the instructions sheet.

Wait, There Isn’t Any Winner?

Just like we mentioned, Head Trip is a cooperative party game: you win or lose as a team. Depending if you’ve defeated 7 head cards or not. However, for all our competitive spirits who want to beat their friends, if you have the biggest stack of chips, you are somehow the winner. Obviously, that’s achieved by guessing correctly. 

Where Could You Buy Head Trip?

Months ago, right when Head Trip was announced, it was only sent as a gift to the OGs. Thankfully, now it’s available for everyone at the official site, Head Trip, for $35. 

Final Thoughts

Head Trip turns usual game nights into crazy ones. As people explain it, Head Trip is just like Cards Against Humanity, but more engaging, complicated, and fun, so, imagine how good it could be! 

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