Best 8 Cards Against Humanity Expansion Packs for Laughs

absurd box new box

On today’s episode of the Cards Against Humanity series, you’ll meet the best expansions and themed packs of this hilarious card game Before making this list, I always found it overwhelming to distinguish all the packs and decide which one I would prefer to buy. For your fate and mine, today you’ll get details about each of them! 

  • Expansions: 
  1. Glow In The Dark;
  2. The Everything Box;
  3. The Red Box;
  4. The Blue Box;
  5. The Green Box;
  6. The Absurd Box;
  7. The Hot Box;
  8. Ultimate Expansion;

Expansions Of Cards Against Humanity 

When comparing the importance, the expansions are almost as valuable as the main games, especially when talking about Cards Against Humanity. Not only do they bring a huge deck of cards to add to your game, but, add jokes & creativity too! 

1. Glow In The Dark Box

CAH Glow In The Dark Box

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 10+;

Although the Glow In The Dark expansion can be enjoyed by adults too, it was originally made to be mixed with the Family Edition. This pack brings 300 new cards to your deck, including 50 black ones and 250 white cards, which can easily be played as a stand-alone too! The box glows in the dark, and there are glow-in-the-dark stickers too for all the kids & adults playing! Check out the cards list here: Glow In The Dark Spreadsheet.

2. The Everything Box

CAH Everything Box

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 17+;

This is literally an everything box. Cards include jokes & truths about the chaotic world we’re living in. This contains 300 brand-new cards too, specifically, 49 black cards and 251 white ones. It is made to be added to the main game of CAH, or if you wish, can be mixed with one of the unofficial editions. Ps. There’s a bagel with all types of seeds on top, which explains the game idea. 

For your curiosity, here’s the card list

3. The Red Box

The Red Box CAH

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 17+;

The colored boxes in the following are legendary! The first one everyone talks most about is the Red Box, which contains the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd expansions of Cards Against Humanity. As you guessed, it brings 300 cards to your game, meant to be played with any of the main games (no kids included, obviously). Since you can’t wait till you get the game, check what the cards contain here.

4. The Blue Box

blue box new

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 17+;

You’re probably here because blue is your favorite color. Or because you liked the 4th, 5th, and 6th expansions of Cards Against Humanity years ago. Whatever the reason, this pack includes a total of 300 brand-new cards (which you may read in the card list), which will make your game experience better. Does the content have to do anything with blue? Absolutely not. 

5. The Green Box

green box new

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 17+;

Fellas, this is the last pack of CAH names after a color. At least till the 2023 Releases. The Green Box includes 245 white cards and 55 black ones, therefore, a total of 300 added cards. Just as in every pack of CAH, the cards are very funny, and a few of them are really dirty as well, so, just a reminder to pick your company well. Ps. We know you’re dying to see the card spreadsheet!

6. The Absurd Box

absurd box new box

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 17+;

The Absurd Box makes you laugh out loud in the middle of the night, literally. The cards are absurd and take a little more to understand, but that’s what makes it funnier! There are 300 cards included in a box, divided into 255 white cards and 45 black ones. Specifically, you’ll talk about a baby weighing 700 pounds, the boring-ass white bitch from work, and more! Well, don’t forget to take a look at the card list for more. 

*These last boxes (the color-named ones and the Absurd Box) were updated a few times, so they removed a few inappropriate, offensive cards and added some refreshed ones. And if there’s any card you don’t understand, check the Cards Against Humanity cards explained

7. The Hot Box

Cards Against Humanity ($20.00) | Ages 17+;

One of the newest & hottest expansions of Cards Against Humanity is the Hot Box, with a total of 300 cards to turn the game night into fire! This expansion is played using the same Cards Against Humanity rules, but, brings brand-new cards, and pretty hot topics: the green card, the good men being gay, red flags, and more. Wanna check the card list of this box?

8. Ultimate Expansion

Cards Against Humanity ($129.00) | Ages 17+;

The Ultimate Expansion holds everything you love about CAH. Even the Boks case! It is Ultimate because contains nearly 2000 cards, and your favorite expansions and themed editions, in total, around 15 packs, plus 100 extra blank cards for you to make your own expansion. It costs a little more because of the huge deck of cards, and the extraordinary quality of the storage case! 

Final Thoughts

Obviously, Cards Against Humanity has made hundreds of packs, and it would be nearly impossible to write about every single one of them, so, we made a list of the best packs ever!

Make sure to read the descriptions carefully and use our savings codes to get your preferred games at the best prices possible. 

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