Drunk Desires Card Game Review: Are You Up For Some Extra Love?

Drunk Desires Review - Cover Photo

Drunk Desires is a couples’ drinking game, with great design and astonishing content, which brings intimate connection, especially when you and your partner have been apart for a few days.

  • Main details;
  • The box & cards;
  • Game instructions & is it worth the hype?;
  • Where to get Drunk Desires & Special packs;
  • Final thoughts;

The Box & The Cards Of Drunk Desires

Will it be love at first sight? Well, the box is what makes you love a card game when you see it on the store shelves, or hate it.

Drunk Desires - Box

We absolutely love how they didn’t overfill the front of the box with extra illustrations or information. There’s simply the game name, the type, and two little red hearts to win your admiration. But, is sex in the cards?

Drunk Desires - Back Of The Box

All main pieces of information are described in the back of Drunk Desires’ box: a short description, the main rules of the game to prove to you how simple it is, and of course, details about what this pack contains. Precisely, Drunk Desires contains a total of 50 cards: 28 black cards & 22 white ones. What we value is that each card has a special illustration, which explains the cards’ content graphically. 

The black cards are the dirty ones of the pack, while the white ones are a little more innocent, so, they’re the flirty lovely cards of the game.

Although you will get to read all cards once you get the pack, we thought you deserve a little preview:

Extreme points of both categories of cards, aren’t they?

Drunk Desires - Cards 2

Extreme points of both categories of cards, aren’t they?

Drunk Desires - Cards 3

If you’re both stubborn, the white card will probably make you drink.

Drunk Desires - Cards 4

We’ve got nothing to say, except enjoy. 

Here’s a video for all our fellas who wish to see more cards: Drunk Desires

Game Instructions & Is Drunk Desires Worth The Hype?

Yes. Most drinking card games are simple to play. Yet, Drunk Desires is one of the simplest of them all. Here’s how it goes:

  • Take turns to draw cards, one card at a time;
  • If you get an ‘…or drink’ card, means that you either complete the challenge or drink. This is applied only to the player who drew the card.
  • If you get a ‘Drink if…’ card, which is applied to both of you, you drink if you relate to the prompt. 
  • The game ends whenever you’re tired of playing or want to save some cards for later.

Such games are really all about personal preferences. However, speaking of personal experience, it has got me and my partner out of many fights and helped us talk things out & get romantic as well. Extremely romantic, if you get what I mean.

The content’s well-thought-out, the illustrations are cute & explanatory, and there are just enough cards for a good, lovely game night. When we got the other extra pack, precisely the X-Rated one, me and my partner loved randomly drawing cards throughout the dare, whenever we needed some extra love or spicy time. So, we had cards for a few months, and every single day made us try something new. Just like we did with Truth Or Dare

Where To Get Drunk Desires & Special Packs

Just like the mass of card games, you might find Drunk Desires in hundreds of shops. However, two of them are our favorite ways:

  • Buying the deck of cards at the official shop, drunk-desires.com, for €22.95;
  • Making your own deck, for no penny at all, using our PDF version of Drunk Desires, which contains most of the cards. You can download it here.

The main game is hands down, good enough. However, they made a few extra packs, for all our extra people. Each of them has another 30, or most likely, 50 cards, which could either be played as stand-alone or mixed with the original main game. This is what they created:

  • Drunk Desires X-Rated;
  • Drunk Desires Three Or More;
  • Drunk Desires Dates;
  • Drunk Desires Never Have I Ever;
  • Drunk Desires Would You Rather;
  • Drunk Desires Experiences;
  • Drunk Desires Positions;

The names of all packs are self-explanatory.

*All of these are available in the official shop. 

Final Thoughts

If you were having second thoughts, for whatever reason, this is your sign to get Drunk Desires. They will make you drunk, romantic, freaky, and most importantly, feel more connected with your other half. Since you will love the main game that much, the great thing is that you will find extra packs, with special features & cards, to expand your love. 

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