SERVD Card Game Review: Serving Challenges & Laughs.

SERVD - Cover Photo

Whenever you need a little entertainment & crazy challenges in your love life, keep your eye on SERVD. As a couples’ card game, SERVD brings to you extremely creative content, meant to add spontaneity and playful dares to your relationship.

SERVD Box & Cards Design

SERVD is one of the rare games designed in yellow, and that’s something we absolutely love. 


This one above is the front of the box, in a yellow background, and bold black letters. You can read the game name, the edition right below, and a few information about the creators. 

The sides of the box show that this is a game for 2 players only, and is appropriate for ages 18 or older. Some basic instructions about the gameplay are found on the back of the box, but, let’s keep that a surprise!

You’re probably here for the cards, ain’t you? SERVD brings to you a deck of 62 cards, all belonging to the same category. 


We love that they put effort into the design of each card. It’s not something we usually see in typical card games. While you’re here, take a look at some of the cards: 

SERVD - A Few Cards

Each card has a title, which makes you curious about the dare that’s about to come. Then, the dare is explained meticulously, waiting to be completed by you.

Our favorite from these 6? Well, the Food Envy one, definitely. For all my girlies, yes, their meal is always better. 

Playing SERVD & Our Personal Take

SERVD - Playing The Game

SERVD is not the typical game where you sit and play for half an hour and finish. The game is made for larger time periods, depending on your choice. 

To play, firstly split the deck into 2 equal piles (of 31 cards each), and keep one for yourself, hand the other to your partner. Then, decide on a timeframe, among which you’ll be able to use the cards. You can only play one card at a time, whatever card you want, whenever you want. Cards do not cancel each other, but if your partner refuses, or fails to complete a challenge, you take one card from their deck, and use it against them! More about the rules can be found here

Since you know the rules, you want to know if it’s as fun as it seems? SERVD is different. Good different. We’ve used the deck for a few months, and we always found the perfect moments to use each card. The greatest thing is that we did not only complete challenges, but they lead to incredible memories now: losing the pants at the gas station, dressing each other however we wanted for a whole day, or swapping meals right when we were enjoying it at its fullest. 

Keep your cards in your pocket, mate. You never know when you’ll need them. Watch this man getting SERVD here

Other Packs Of SERVD & Where To Get Each? 

Didn’t we mention it? Besides the main game, there are a few extra packs too! The creators have made one for Best Friends, Kids VS. Parents, Bros, and a special one for the chore chart.

SERVD - All Packs

Ps. years ago, they had special packs called His & Hers, Hers & Hers, His & His, and such, while now, there’s the main couples edition, for all couples out there! 

All packs can be found on the official store, SERVD.

Final Words

We believe in the power of card games, especially ones like SERVD. Not only do cards in this game make you laugh your hearts out while you’re playing them, but they create lifetime memories too. 

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