Card Games Like ‘What Do You Meme?’ – Let The Memes Begin! 

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Let’s appreciate “What Do You Meme?” for making us laugh a lot. It’s great but can get old; so, when it does, we find other fun games like it to keep the good times rolling.

  • The games:
  1. Joking Hazard;
  2. Apples To Apples;
  3. Review My Thingy;
  4. Cards Against Humanity;
  5. Grounded For Life;
  6. Social Sabotage;
  7. Live Laugh Loose;
  8. Don’t Be Meme;
  9. Red Flags;
  10. Pitchstorm;
  11. That’s What She Said;
  12. Deck Around;
  13. What’s Yours Like?;
  14. Disturbed Friends;
  15. Drawing Without Dignity;
  16. Couch Skeletons;
  • Conclusion;

1. Joking Hazard

Joking Hazard

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Target ($25.00) | 360 cards | 3 to 10 people | Ages 18+

The idea behind both games of putting your effort into creating the funniest combination is the same. However, when playing ‘What Do You Meme?’ you’ll only have to combine 2 cards (which sounds easier), different from ‘Joking Hazard’ where there are always 3 cards part of a combination.

2. Apples To Apples

Apples To Apples

Available on Amazon ($11.35) & Target ($11.39) | 504 cards | 4 to 10 people | Ages 12+

Both games contain combining two cards to make a funny combination. Nevertheless, Apples To Apples doesn’t include pictures, and it is also teen-friendly.

3. Review My Thingy

Review My Thingy

Available on Amazon ($14.99) | 475 cards | 3 + people | Ages 17+

There is one common starting card, and many reply cards in each round, in both games. On the latter, things are more specific: there are products & reviews. They should match with each other. I think in ‘What Do You Meme?’ you’re a bigger free spirit when making combinations. 

4. Cards Against Humanity

Available on Amazon ($25.00) | 600 cards | 4 to 20+ people | Ages 17+

In both ‘Cards Against Humanity and ‘What Do You Meme?’ the content is spicy, and not recommended for people who can’t take a joke. The only main difference is that CAH doesn’t use pictures, but only questions & answers.

5. Grounded For Life

Grounded For Life

Available on Amazon ($19.82) & Target ($19.99) | 500 cards | 3+ people | Ages 8+

You try your best to make the funniest combination and impress the game judge in both games. The good thing is that ‘Grounded For Life’ is a family-friendly card game, and there won’t be anything that gets you embarrassed.

6. Social Sabotage

Social Sabotage

Available on Amazon ($10.00) & Target ($11.49) | 500 cards | 3+ people | Ages 17+

What they have in common is matching cards, so you match the picture and the caption, and also the platform/person with the post. ‘Social Sabotage’ includes completing challenges as well, specifically on social media. It may not be the best for shy/introverted people… 

7. Live Laugh Lose 

Live Laugh Lose

Available on Amazon ($19.99) & Target ($19.99) | 400 cards | 2+ people | Ages 17+

Yup, again combinations are what make the game fun. When playing ‘Live Laugh Lose’, it’s not about if you’re judge will choose your card or not. It is all about making people laugh, and your acting skills as well.

8. Don’t Be Meme

Don't Be Meme

Available on Amazon ($19.99) | 468 cards | 3 to 20 people | Ages 10+

Firstly, the names are pretty similar. Second, in both games are caption cards and picture cards. If we talk about what sets them apart, is that ‘Don’t Be Meme’ is kid & teen-friendly, and also has some special goat cards, which make the game more attractive, while completing different challenges.

9. Red Flags

Red Flags

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($24.87) | 400 cards | 3 to 10 people | Ages 17+

There are two things in common: the content (adult-friendly) and combining cards. In Red Flags the ending combination will be made of 3 cards, and makes you think from a specific perspective: would I date that? 

10. Pitchstorm


Available on Amazon ($18.99) & Walmart ($29.97) | 500 cards | 3 to 12 people | Ages 14+

A very important move in both games is synthetizing the right 2 cards because your points depend on that. ‘Pitchstorm’ by my POV, requires more creativity, especially when you have to make a whole movie pitch out of 2 cards. 

11. That’s What She Said

That's What She Said

Available on Amazon ($19.16) & Target ($19.16) | 458 cards | 4+ people | Ages 17+

You’re gonna have to match cards in both games. ‘What Do You Meme?’ has photo cards, but ‘That’s What She Said’ has only words. The content is similar, but there’s one thing about the last-mentioned game, that all cards, especially white, make sense with the that’s what she said phrase… 

12. Deck Around

Deck Around

Available on Amazon ($35.95) | 106 cards | 3 to 10 people | Ages 17+

In both games, the content is explicit, and not for over-sensitive people. What’s different in ‘Deck’ around is that you get to write all your ideas, all your answers, and you’re not limited on the cards.

13. What’s Yours Like?

What's Yours Like

Available on Amazon ($14.99) & Walmart ($14.99) | 288 cards | 4+ people | Ages 12+

Whatever game you play, to win, you have to use the best of your sense of humor, and get creative. Also, you’ll have to match 2 thoughts (and cards) together. When playing ‘What’s Yours Like?’, you have more ways of expressing yourself, in both talking and guessing. 

14. Disturbed Friends

Disturbed Friends

Available on Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($43.93) | 360 cards | 4 to 10 people | Ages 21+

If you’re strategic, and if you know the game judge, or the person who asks questions in the last-mentioned game, you’re gonna do great. In both games, you get to know your people deeper, but in ‘Disturbed Friends’, questions are way more personal. 

15. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

Available on Amazon ($24.99) & Walmart ($24.99) | 150 cards | 4 to 12+ people | Ages 17+

‘What Do You Meme?’ has pictures, ‘Drawing Without Dignity’ has drawings. They have the same meaning and relate to similar content. Anyways, speaking of the latter, you can show your artistic skills, and how good you are n teamworking. 

16. Couch Skeletons

Couch Skeletons

Available on Amazon ($9.99) & Target ($18.99) | 72 cards | 2 people | Ages 9+

In both games it is required to match cards, so they make sense. However, we think ‘Couch Skeletons’ is more mathematical (if I may say), and you don’t need to make any joke or any type of humor to earn points. 


We think these games are great for making friends and having fun, with each one offering a unique way to laugh, be creative, or share about yourself.

They’re similar to ‘What Do You Meme?’ but not the same, offering new twists and additions to keep things interesting. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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