What’s The Deal With Kids Against Maturity? A 2024 Review!

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For all of you, my CAH mates, who hate when kids ask to play Cards Against Humanity and you just don’t know how to tell them that it is NOT made for them, people have finally made a family-friendly version!

Kids Against Maturity is a card game made to be played by all kids and parents. Keep reading to understand the game rules, design, and how the idea of the game came.

  • Short description;
  • The design of the box & cards;
  • Rules of Kids Against Maturity;
  • Honest thoughts;
  • Extra packs;
  • Purchasing the game;
  • CAH Family Edition VS. Kids Against Maturity;
  • Final thoughts;

Short Description About Kids Against Maturity

Knowing that the concept of Kids Against Maturity, made by a father of two, is basically creating a card game for kids & parents to play together, considering that families don’t spend enough time together, makes it heartwarming & heartbreaking at the same time. 

This card game, designed by Chad Boyles, and released in 2016, is most of the time considered a fan-made edition of Cards Against Humanity, and you’ll see later why. With a deck of over 500 cards, Kids Against Maturity is made to be played by 4 or more players, by whoever’s 10 years or older! 

The Design Of The Box & Cards

Kids Against Maturity Box

A shiny blue box, the game name written in a silly font, and cute family illustrations, are just the perfect fit for a game such as Kids Against Maturity. It’s simple, yet matches the game perfectly. 

The back of the box is fairly simple: blue background, white letters. It has funny fake awards and a little bit of information about the game. 

Once you open the box, you will find a huge deck of over 500 hundred cards, divided into blue (question) cards, and white (answer) cards. The cards are shiny, and they feel firm when holding them. Each card has the Kids Against Maturity. logo on the left bottom, and an icon on the right bottom that indicates what type of card it is (A for Answer cards, and Q for Question cards). 

Here are a few of the cards, so you create an impression:

Cards 1

Kids and jokes about veggies? We’re in!

Cards 3

Just imagine what great card combos will be made with Diarrhea Cha Cha Cha!

Cards 2

We can get more creative than Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Cards 4

Too much to process. They’re gonna go crazy with the Granny card, I bet!

Rules Of Kids Against Maturity: Are They The Same As Cards Against Humanity?

Rules Of Kids Against Maturity

Wait. Let’s get the rhythm real quick. You know how to play Cards Against Humanity, right? Even if your answer is yes, or no, do not worry! After reading our rules, everything will be as clear as glass.

As they say, the person with the hairiest knuckles begins to read the first question card and deals everyone 10 white cards. Then, other players submit their funniest white answer card. The current Question reader, reads all answer cards and picks their favorite, which gets one point. Bear in mind to draw cards each round so you always have a hand of 10 cards. The player with the most points wins the game! 

Differently from CAH, there isn’t a Card Czar. Players simply take turns to read the question cards, going clockwise. 

Honest Thoughts: Is Kids Against Maturity For Everyone?

Kids Against Maturity is definitely a game to create a fun screen-free time with the family and create memories. The laughs these cards bring make the time stop, and make the kids, as well as adults, appreciate valuable family time. The cards are creative enough, and keep all ages entertained. The rules as well are super simple to understand, so you won’t get a hundred questions from the little ones once you start playing.

But, here’s a catch – it is made for chill parents only. Well, depends if you consider fart and poop jokes cool or not. At least most of the kids love them. Other than that, phrases such as “Kim Kardashian’s booty’, ‘Santa’s big fat sack’, ‘Boobs’, 

‘One twig and two berries’ are mentioned too.

Inappropriate Card 1

When I played with 2 kids in the family (11 and 13 years old), unfortunately, they understood what these cards meant… The next thing we knew, we had 2 burning red faces staring at the ground laughing nervously. I guess that’s fun too!  

We don’t say this game is made for everyone. Nothing’s perfect, right? If you want to bring some fun to your family nights (or family reunion), but some of the cards concern you, you could go through the cards, and remove anything that seems too much. To be fair, everyone enjoys Kids Against Maturity. Especially when hearing those little giggles when they (kids) hear or play a somewhat dirty card (which usually has to do with farts or poop).

Refreshing the Game – Extra Packs

Considering that Kids Against Maturity has a deck of nothing less than 500 cards and that you might create new card combinations every time you play, the game is very replayable. However, a game expansion or a special edition always makes a card game better!  

Expansions: Volumes 1, 2, 3, and 4

Expansions Of Kids Against Maturity

If 500 cards weren’t enough, they made a total of 4 expansions (volumes) with 100 cards each. These packs refresh the core game and expand your deck of cards. However, none can be played as a stand-alone, without being mixed with any of the main editions. Here are the game terms, just in case you need them! 

Illustrated Edition – $24.99

Illustrated Edition

If there’s anything missing in the main editions’ cards, is definitely the illustrations! The Illustrated Edition comes with a total of 600 cards (200 questions, and 400 answer cards), and each card is uniquely illustrated, relating to the content of the card. 

Let’s Go! Edition – $11.99

Let's Go Edition

The Let’s Go! Edition is a game you could play in the car! This pack comes with 200 cards (150 answer cards, and 50 questions), and it’s a travel size, people! There are illustrations just as in the previous edition, but there are fewer & refreshed cards. 

Down On The Farm Edition – $24.99

Down On The Farm Edition

If there’s one thing we know for sure, is that kids have an unconditional love for the farm & animals. This edition of Kids Against Maturity includes brand-new 400 cards, which have chickens, pigs, turkeys, cows, and more cute things in their illustrations! And the cards aren’t white & blue this time: the designers made them in white & green to match the farm! 

Where to buy Kids Against Maturity Game

Considering the fun it brings, we might spoil it to you that the price of Kids Against Maturity is reasonable. That’s all we can say. Here are the most trustworthy places to get this astonishing card game & the price.

The competition is pretty obvious though. Here are Kids Against Maturity’s competitors:

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition VS. Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity Vs. CAH Family Edition

People always tend to compare games that bring the same amount of fun. That’s what they do with Cards Against Humanity Family Edition and Kids Against Maturity as well. Now, these two games have almost the exact rules and similar content. However, we might say that cards in Kids Against Maturity are a bit more naughty: words like boobies, farts, poop, ass, and dirty jokes, are mentioned more than in CAH Family Edition.  

That’s exactly why they have a different age range too. The Family Edition of CAH can be played by whoever’s 8 or older, while Kids Against Maturity is made for people who are 10+. Also, the main edition of the latter contains 500 cards, while the Family Edition has a deck of 600 cards.

Kids Against Maturity is a game on its own and has a few extra expansions and editions. On the other hand, the Family Edition is just another extra pack of a famous card game – Cards Against Humanity. Although it’s an edition (not a main one), still has 1 or 2 extra packs to be mixed with. 

In general, both games are enjoyed by kids & adults. So, you don’t have to pick one. You might simply play both. Oh, and they have similar prices too! 

Final Thoughts

Kids Against Maturity is a great idea to bring the whole family together and learn how the little one’s brains work. Or how dirty their minds are. The game is very replayable, and creative, and the hilarious content will make your tummies hurt. Be cool, get competitive, and ignore the dirty jokes. That’s the way to go. 

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