70 UNO Customizable Card Ideas To Make Your Deck

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If someone had told me that there’s a way to make UNO even more fun, I would look at them and think they’re crazy! The tables have turned, and I found a way to make UNO a game of my own, by making my custom cards. Simply put, you will be adding a few rules to the game, to make it even more amazing than Drunk UNO

What Are UNO Customizable Cards?

All you gotta do is look at our blank card ideas and use your favorites, depending on the number of blank cards you have in your deck, or even better, make your customizable wild card expansion. After you write them on the blank cards, shuffle with the deck, and play as usual. 

1. Double Edge

Double Edge

This rule is a double-edged sword. Once you play it, you must draw 2 cards from the deck, and pick one other player to draw 5 cards. 

2. Bomb

The player who has this card must play it face-up in the deck, so it becomes a bomb for anyone who draws it. That player must then draw 2 additional cards.

3. Steal Turn

Whoever has this card can play it anytime they want, and steal a player’s turn. 

4. Badge Collector

Do you have a set of colors in your hand? 1 card of each color? Well, if you have a Badge Collector, you may discard all these cards in your turn. 

5. Envy


Count how many players have fewer cards in their hands than you. Then, you can discard as many cards as the number of these players. 

6. Gem Of True Sight

When you play a Gem Of True Sight, it’s bad luck for a player of your choice. They have to show their hand of cards to the group. 

7. Reset Rule

If you have a Reset Rule card, you may play and reset your card count to seven, no matter the number of cards you currently have. 

8. Anti-Fun

When someone’s playing their last card, and you have an Anti-Fun in your hand, you can play this card and make the almost-winning player draw 4 extra cards, which prevents them from winning. 

Ps. don’t forget that there are other games you could play with UNO cards, and that’s pro-fun! 

9. Judgment


You’re gonna trust your intuition. You will target someone, and they will draw 3 cards if they have a wild card in their hand. If not, nothing happens, so your judgment card is wasted. 

10. Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette (not Rihanna’s song), is a rule where you make all players play a card from their hand into the pile, and then shuffle it. Next, the player who has played the Russian Roulette card draws a random card from the shuffled pile, and whoever played that card, must draw 3 extra cards. If more than 1 player had the same card, all of them draw 2 cards. 

11. Black Hole

When a Black Hole card is played, all the people playing bring their cards together and shuffle them into a whole deck. Then, players are dealt the same number of cards again. 

12. Balanced

Balanced puts balance between you and a player of your choice. Once you play this card, pick one player, and one of you draws cards, while the other discards, until you have the same number of cards in your hands.

13. Charity

You will target a player and give them 2 cards from your hand. That’s all of it. 

14. Copy Cat

The Copy Cat rule copies the effect of the last card played: if a draw card was played, once you play the Cop

15. Curse


The Curse card is used when the last card played is a wildcard, and the last player must draw 3 cards. If you played it, but the last card wasn’t a wild card, you draw 3 cards.

16. Ghost

The Ghost card is just like a Joker. You may play it as a wildcard of your choice, but you must also draw 2 cards from the deck.

17. Abduction

The Abduction rule card allows you to take one wildcard from a player’s hand. Target a player of your choice. 

18. Deflect


If another player has targeted you for a wild card or action, you may discard a Deflect card, and pass whatever was meant for you, to the next player. 

19. Hare

The player or players with the least number of cards in their hands, skip their turn 2 times.

20. Silence

When a Silence wild card is played, all wildcards have no effect until it’s your turn again.

21. Revelation

Let’s reveal wild cards. All players in the count of three must reveal (show to the group) one wildcard from their hand. If they don’t have one or refuse to do so, they have to draw 1 card from the pile. 

22. King’s & Queen’s Decree

If you have a King’s Decree card, you’re immune to drawing cards, but the only requirement is that you have at least 4 cards in your hand. 

If you play a Queen’s Decree card, it’s important that you don’t have more than 3 cards in your hand. Then, two players on your left and right must draw cards if they have fewer cards than the player who discarded Queen’s Decree.

23. Devil’s Deal

Devil's Deal

The Devil’s Deal can be activated several times. Once you activate it, all players with 1 card remaining in their hand, must draw 1 more card from the pile, while the owner draws 2 cards.

24. Kryptonite

When a Kryptonite is played, the owner picks a color. Players who don’t have that color must draw 3 cards from the deck. 

25. United We Fall

United We Fall, and draw 2 cards each. 

26. Cyclone

A cyclone’s about to happen. All players must draw one card from the player to their left hand of cards.

27. Mercy


If you draw a Mercy card from the deck, it must be played immediately, and the draw phase ends for you, no matter if you had to draw +4, or any other number of cards.

FYI, it has nothing to do with the UNO No Mercy game.

28. Moderation

For this rule, you’ll need a dice too, just as you were playing a poker game. You have to throw the dice and draw or discard until you have as many cards in your hand as the value in the dice.

29. Recycle

If you discard a Recycle card, you must draw 3 cards that aren’t wild ones from the discard deck. 

30. Fortune’s Gift

Fortune's Gift

This is a fortune’s gift, you humans! Once you play this card, you have to guess the top card of the remaining deck. If correct, you can discard 3 cards, plus the top card you had to guess. If incorrect, both the top card and the Fortune’s Gift card into the deck.

31. Fair

When drawing a Fair or Fair Play card, you have to check which player has the least number of cards in their hand. That targetted player must draw until they have the same number of cards as you.

32. Card Shield

Card Shield helps you to stop drawing cards, and protects you, and the next player, in turn, draws (depending on the Wild Draw card).

33. Robin Hood

The Robin Hood rule affects 2 players: one should give up to 3 cards of their choice to the other player, and draw 3 cards from the hand of the other player without looking at them.

34. Greed

When someone has to draw cards, you may play a Greed card, and double the amount of cards they have to draw. 

Speaking of fun rules, remember that you can play games like UNO with regular cards!

35. Stun

When you play a Stun card, the player who’s in turn to play should skip their turn.

36. Hand Of God

Hand Of God

Don’t you need a hand of God? If you have more than 9 cards in your hand, you may use this special custom card and discard 5 cards. 

37. Poison

If you draw a Poison card, you must immediately discard it and draw 3 extra cards from the deck. Typical poison.

38. Secondary Color

Y’all know what Secondary colors right? Well, pick a secondary color (ex. Purple, blue, orange, and so on), and all players must play one of the two color cards that make that secondary color (it would be blue and yellow for green), until a wildcard is drawn. 

39. Reflection

The Reflection rule card mimics a wildcard. This means that when you play a wildcard, you must show the other wild card too, as proof for the reflection.

40. Slap


When you play a Slap card into the table, everyone must race to slap the card. The last player to do so draws 2 extra cards.

41. Illuminati

When you play an Illuminati card, everyone should show their hand of cards to you only. You may choose what you want to do with that information afterward. 

42. Steal

The Steal Turn (or simply Steal) allows you to steal a player’s turn.

43. Picky

We heard you’re picky… What you have to do is discard one card from your hand, draw 5 cards from the deck, choose your favorite to keep, and discard the other 4. 

44. Stone Cold Mr. Steve

You might use the Stone Cold Mr. Steve to block any +2 card directed to you.  

45. High Roller

High Roller

If you have at least 10 cards in your hand or are the player with the most cards, you can discard 2 cards in your turn instead of one, by showing the High Roller card.

46. Feeling Lucky

The Feeling Lucky rule takes some concentration to understand. You have to pick as many cards from the bottom of the pile, as the number of other players in the game. You have to pick one card from the total of the cards picked, and then let the other players shuffle these cards, and place them face down in front of you.

Then, guess which one was your assigned card. If correct, you spread the cards to all players and get to discard that many cards from your hand pile too. If incorrect, you take these new cards and add them to your pile. 

47. Number Draw

Listen to me: if you have a Number Draw card in your hand, means that all the next players must draw cards, depending on the value of the card the previous player discarded, till it’s their turn again. Eg. if you played a 4, the next player must draw 4 cards, and play a card as well. 

48. Purity


The Purity Card makes you immune to being targetted, and wildcards, till your next turn. 

49. Mystery Box

To apply this rule, place a colored card under the Mystery Box card, and pick one player to guess the color. If they guess correctly, you draw 2 cards. If incorrect, they draw 2 cards. The specific card specifies the color of the turn too. 

50. Imposter

For the Imposter Rule, pick one player to show their hand of cards to you, in exchange for you drawing 1 card. Then, pick one card from their hand to be the Imposter card, and that player can’t play this specific card for 3 rounds, or get punished with drawing 3 cards.

51. Cheating

With the Cheating rule, you might look at all players’ hands, draw 5 cards from the pile, and give each player up to 2 cards.

52. Assassinate


Once you draw an Assassinate card, you have to target a player and ask them if they have a specific card. If yes, they discard it and draw 5 extra cards. If not, nothing happens.

53. Nuke

Nuke, found as Tactical Nuke too, makes the targetted player draw 8 cards, the two players on their sides pick 4 cards, and the other 2 side players draw 2 cards. Bad luck, huh?

54. Dino Special

Whenever you play a Dino Special, all players must discard all their cards valued from 4 and below.

55. Temperance

This rule is applied to all players who have 3 or fewer cards in their hands: they must draw 2 cards from the deck.  

56. Tortoise


The player with the most cards can discard cards until they have the same amount of cards as the second player with the most number of cards when a Tortoise card is played.

57. Indolence

The Indolence is an all-in-one: you can discard one card (but only if you have 4 or more cards in your hand), skip your turn, and if you’re the target of any action, the next player takes it.  

58. Lust

Lust is bad luck for one player only, which you target. For 3 rounds in a row, they must draw 1 card from the deck every time their turn starts. 

59. Master


For the Master rule, you’ll take 10 top cards from the remaining deck, and pick one favorite you want to keep. Then, rearrange the remaining 9 cards at the top of the pile again. 

60. Faith

The Faith Rule lets you pick a player who, for the next two rounds will draw as many cards as you do. You’re welcome. 

61. Anger

Anger doesn’t change the number of cards you hold: you (or a targeted player) must discard all cards, and draw the same amount of cards from the deck.

62. Kamikaze

The Kamikaze rule makes the owner draw 3 cards, and all other players draw 1 card.

63. Justice

When a player plays a draw card, and you’re the targetted player, you can play a Justice card, and ask for justice. The player who made you draw has to draw the same amount of cards too. 

64. Spy


The Spy card must remain a secret. If someone suspects that you have a spy card, they may accuse you, and if correct, you draw 5 cards. If incorrect, they must draw 5 cards.

65. Equality

With the Equality card, everyone is equal. Make sure to discard and draw cards, until everyone has 5 cards in their hands.

66. Virus

The Virus card makes the owner draw cards until they have 8 cards in their hand, but, only if the card is played in a green card, or the player has less than 4 cards in their hand. 

67. Gimmie

If you draw a Gimmie card, you may target a player, and ask them to trade all their wild cards with cards of your choice. If they have none, you draw 4 cards.

68. Grave Digger

Grave Digger

You may dig in the discard pile, choose one card you’ll need, and add it to your hand while discarding one other card. 

69. Promise Keeper

When you draw a Promise Keeper card, you have to pick a color and promise you’ll play that in your next round. If you do, you get to discard a card. If not, you have to draw 2 cards from the deck. 

70. Color Spill

Declare a color, and all players can discard all cards of that color. Bear in mind to protect these cards you made with love, at all costs. The UNO cases & storage boxes are a big help! 

Final Thoughts

Your experience with UNO will never be the same again after using these UNO wild card ideas, even if it’s in your UNO All Wild! There’s literally an endless list of ideas for blank cards, so all you need to do is pick your favorites or simply use them all. Ps. You can add your own creative thoughts too! 

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