13 Adulthood Fun Dirty Card Games To Have A Blast!

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If you’re an adult, we bet there’s one void in your heart that no other card game category could fill, and what’s missing is dirty card games! They bring hysterical laughs, embarrassment, and lots of fun, therefore, will become the best part of all your parties. We’ve made a list of people’s favorite dirty games, and you might read them all and pick the best!

  • Games:
  1. If You Had To…;
  2. What Do You Meme NSFW;
  3. $#!% Happens;
  4. Drawing Without Dignity;
  5. Twisted Vulgarities;
  6. Unstable Unicorns NSFW;
  7. Quick & Dirty;
  8. Dirty Minds;
  9. Punish Me Daddy;
  10. Truth Or Drink Extra Dirty;
  11. Loaded Questions;
  12. Go Hoe Or Go Home;
  13. Risk It Or Drink It;
  • Final thoughts;

  1. If You Had To… 

If You Had To

250 cards | 3+ Players | Age 17+;

If You Had To… is a card game all about choosing one between two horrible situations, and imagine what you would pick if you had to. Just so you know, you’ll get to decide between live webcams being on you 24/7 or eating all of your meals off Vin Diesel’s hand, both your parents being pornstars or declaring yourself as a sex offender to everyone you meet, and such awful choices.

2. What Do You Meme NSFW

What Do You Meme NSFW

90 cards | 3+ players | Ages 17+;

If you’re reading this, it means you already know how fun What Do You Meme? is. The NSFW expansion is an extra pack, meant to be added to the main game, and brings 90 brand-new dirty caption cards. For your information, it includes stuff like:  When your daughter says ‘Pass the salt, Daddy’, and both you and her boyfriend reach for it, or when he’s the man of your dreams but his thing tastes like hot dog water… I bet it’s enough to prove a point.

3. $#!% Happens

Shit Happens

200 cards | 2+ players | Ages 18+;

Yes. Shit happens to pretty much everyone. In this card game, named creatively, you’ll have to rank the cards based on their shittiness. We mean cards such as finding a dead hooker in your room, s*x with the oldest person you know, explosive diarrhea every time you orgasm, finding a condom in a burger at a restaurant, and more crazy r-rated ones. Ps. All cards have their ranks written from 1 to 100, and players who guess the shittiness number, get to keep that card as a point.

4. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

150 cards | 4-12+ players | Ages 14+;

With over 670 ideas, you will draw without dignity. Precisely, you’ll draw things like a naughty schoolgirl, a wet dream, a nude model, a mind in the gutter, and similar. There are steal cards too, which contain r-rated illustrations and phrases like Beefcake (my man meat is even better), or Twins (We do everything together. And we mean EVERYTHING). It’s indeed one of the best dirty card games for large groups

5. Twisted Vulgarities

Twisted Vulgarities

325 cards | Players: 3-15+ | Age range: 17+

You’re always up for fan-made packs of Cards Against Humanity, ain’t ya? In Twisted Vulgarities, which contains playing cards & tasks-to-pass cards, you will match cards and create hilarious combinations. If you’re curious, task-to-pass cards sound something like: _____ is fun until your mom sends you a picture of her tits, or _____ feels great until you get dog hair on your genitals, and playing cards contain stuff like sexting, penis pump, tuna salad, or hot yoga. 

6. Unstable Unicorns NSFW

Unstable Unicorns NSFW

135 cards | 2-8 players| Ages 21+;

Unstable Unicorns is one of our all-time faves! Safe to say, our favorite edition is the NSFW one… This one’s a standalone, and the idea of it in simple words, is to create a unicorn army and try to screw your opponents’ strategies. Indeed, cards are appropriate for people who are 21 and older, specifically, there is content like buck naked, unicorn vibrator, horse with a dildo, giant horned cock, horny flying unicorn, and many more.

7. Quick & Dirty

Quick & Dirty

70 cards | 2-20+ players | Ages 18+;

Under the pressure of time, mostly the first answers that come into your mind are the dirty ones. In Quick & Dirty, white cards contain letters, and black ones contain topics. You will flip over a white & black card at the same time, and the first player to say a word in that letter, relating to that topic, wins the round.

8. Dirty Minds

Dirty Minds

50 cards | 2+ players | Ages 17+;

Although the clues are dirty, in Dirty Minds, all answers are cleaner than they seem. Basically, players will read clues in cards, and let the group guess the answer. Depending on the correctness, the players get letter cards. Whoever spells DIRTY first, wins the game! Let’s test it out: I can come by the quart. If you lick me too long your mouth will go numb. To pick me up in a bar, you have to grab my stick. Of course it’s ice cream! 

9. Punish Me Daddy

Punish Me Daddy

300 cards | 2+ players | Ages 21+;

Punish Me Daddy, besides all, is a great bachelorette party card game as well! Simply, you will have to draw a dare card, add a twist to that, and complete it. If you fail to complete that dare, you must do a punishment card. For instance, you have to pretend to be a stripper looking for a strip dance (dare), blindfolded (twist). If you can’t do this, you must get tickled by everyone for 15 seconds (punishment).

10. Truth Or Drink Extra Dirty

Truth Or Drink Extra Dirty

432 cards | 2+ players | Ages 21+;

Truth Or Drink is a game changer. Always. To play, you must draw cards that require you to answer questions like tell us about a time you invaded someone’s privacy and regretted what you found, or what BDSM stands for, otherwise, drink. This special pack includes extra blank cards, and ‘Buy a round’ ones to get everyone involved. Basically, you’ll either share dark secrets with the group or get drunk. There’s no in-between.

11. Loaded Questions;

Loaded Questions

58 cards | 4-6 players | Ages 17+;

Cheers to questions you never got the courage to ask out loud! Loaded Questions, the adult version, makes you spin the spinner, read specific cards out loud, and let everyone get creative with their answers. In questions like what one word sums up your sex life or what movie title sounds like an adult movie, the unexpected is expected. Right after everyone writes down their answers, whoever read the card must pick their favorite answer, and guess who wrote what. There are no right or wrong answers tho’. It’s all about creativity!

12. Go Hoe Or Go Home;

Go Hoe Or Go Home

104 cards | 2+ players | Ages 21+;

You can’t quite guess what’s up with the name, huh? Go Hoe Or Go Home is a drinking card game, which includes spicy dares and incredible feelings. To give you an idea, you will vote on the player you think is best in bed, you will give out drinks if you ever took an STD test, those who have kissed need to kiss again, and quite more! The only competition in this game is checking who will drink & give out drinks most, therefore, be the most sincere. 

13. Risk It Or Drink It;

Risk It Or Drink It

150 cards | 2+ players | Ages 21+;

Finally, we’ll never have enough of drinking games. Risk It Or Drink It contains 4 card categories: white ones to get you tipsy, green cards for challenges, black ones to bring questions and dares, and red cards to test your limits. Cards like everyone who has ever skinny dipping drinks, call a random restaurant and ask if you can have sex in their bathroom, or make a proposal speech and propose to someone in the group, have all different points, from 0 to 3!  

Final Words

This is the most adult content in an article we’ve ever used, and it’s our guilty pleasure. Although they bring the most fun & excitement to adults’ parties, firstly make sure everyone in the group feels comfortable, since boy, all these questions & challenges are pretty spicy. If you’re looking for other questions, more innocent ones, check out our question card games!

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