25 Of Best Adult Card Games: Conversations, Drinking

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A great escape from adulthood, the stress, and every responsibility that comes with it, is playing a good adult card game. Hence, we’ve found a few games that would be perfect, even for those who enjoy question cards, challenges, and also, some good drinks.

  • The Game List:   
  1. Cards Against Humanity;
  2. Drawing Without Dignity;
  3. What Do You Meme?;
  4. Drunk, Stoned, Or Stupid;
  5. Quickwits;
  6. You Laugh You Drink;
  7. Incohearent;
  8. Live, Laugh, Lose;
  9. Search History;
  10. Sotally Tober;
  11. Never Have I Ever;
  12. Red Flags;
  13. Codenames;
  14. These Cards Will Get You Drunk;
  15. Talk, Flirt, Dare;
  16. F**k The Game;
  17. For The Girls;
  18. Truth Or Drink;
  19. New Phone Who Dis?;
  20. Box Against Office;
  21. WTF;
  22. So…;
  23. Bad People;
  24. Punish Me, Daddy;
  25. We’re Not Really Strangers;
  • Our Final Thoughts;

1. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Available on Amazon ($29.00) & Target ($29.00) | 4 to 20+ players | Ages 17+ | 660 cards;

All about ‘Cards Against Humanity’: This has to be one of the people’s all-time favorite card games! What makes Cards Against Humanity special, is that it brings so much fun, and has such simple rules. Basically, you have to find a white card that you think is the funniest match for the black card the Card Czar read and aim to get one awesome point. 
Card examples: 

  • Dude, do not go in that bathroom. There’s a ______ in there. / What never fails to liven up the party? (black cards).
  • My ex-wife.
  • Casually suggesting a threesome.

2. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

Available on Amazon($24.99) & Walmart($24.99) | 4 to 12+ players | Ages 17+ | 150 cards;

All about ‘Drawing Without Dignity’:Leave your dignity aside while playing this game of uncensored sketches! Well, drawing skills are not required. It’s even funnier when you have no talent at all, the game becomes hilarious. Basically, you have to draw the things the card asks for, and your teammates guess what you sketched. The game is usually played in teams, and in a round, there’s an artist & guessers in each team. 
Card examples:

  • Naughty school girl;
  • Drunk driving;
  • Fat camp;

3. What Do You Meme?


Available on Amazon($23.97) & Walmart($29.99) | 3 to 6 players | Ages 17+ | 435 cards;

All about ‘What Do You Meme?’:What Do You Meme? ’ is a game where you’ll either be called boring or the Meme King of the group. There’s no in-between! How ‘What Do You Meme?’ works, is that you are given a caption, and you must find the best picture card, to match with that caption. The game can get hilarious, but keep in mind that it can only be played by adults, because of its dirty content. 
Card examples:

  • When your friend who lies about everything, starts telling a story. 
  • When you fake sick, and everyone is like ‘Yeah, you look terrible’.
  • When you text her ‘Good morning beautiful’ & she replies with ‘Aww, thanks buddy’. 

4. Drunk,  Stoned, Or Stupid

Drunk Stoned Or Stupid

Available on Amazon($27.68) & Walmart ($27.99) | 4+ players | Ages 17+ | 250 cards;

All about ‘Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid’: Drunk, Stoned Or Stupid is a card game, all about tagging each other for specific cards. All you need to do to play is draw cards, read them out loud, and together with the group decide who is the perfect fit for that card. The player who gets tagged the most gets to keep the card. The player who gets 7 cards, loses.
Card examples:

  • Have a 20-minute conversation with Siri.
  • Be a total brand whore.
  • Call dibs on people at a party.

5. Quickwits


Available on Amazon ($14.99) | 3+ players | Ages 17+ | 150 cards;

All about ‘Quickwits’:In Quickwits, a card contains both a category and a symbol. The idea of the game is that you’ll play cards on the table, face up, and pay attention to card matching. If that occurs, you have to give examples of the category on your opponent’s card (the one you matched card symbols with). If you correctly do that, you keep the card as a point.

6. You Laugh, You Drink!

You Laugh You Drink

Available on Amazon($15.99) & Walmart($16.00) | 3+ players | Ages 21+ | 150 cards;

All about ‘You Laugh, You Drink’:Yes, finally, a drinking game! We’re used to saying ‘you laugh, you lose’. Well, this time, you don’t lose. You drink! The gameplay is simple. You draw cards and perform the actions while having a player as your target. If they laugh while you complete your challenges, they must drink.
Card examples:

  • You’re drunk Santa Claus talking to his lead elf (the target).
  • Get as physically close to the target without touching them.
  • Perform your own roast of the target.

7. Incohearent


Available on Amazon($19.82) & Walmart($19.99) | 2+ players | Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

All about ‘Incohearent’:It’s the Incohearent people! There is the judge, who starts the timer & draws cards, and the other players who are guessers. The judge sees the answer to each card, while the other players only see the coded part. The first player to decode the word wins the card. Whenever 3 words are decoded, another player becomes the judge.
Card examples:

  • Hike ant evehen (I can’t even).
  • Hama sauna let’s uh (Amazon Alexa).
  • Yeah skew ween (Yes queen).

8. Live, Laugh, Lose

Live Laugh Lose

Available on Amazon($8.98) & Walmart($19.99) | 2 to 20 players | Ages 17+ | 350 cards;

All about ‘Live, Laugh, Loose’:What’s better than making people you love laugh? To play this cool card game under $10, You have to read a card as if you were in a specific situation. In simple terms, you have a joke card, and a delivery card in your turn. However, don’t get fooled by the name. The content is dirty and definitely not for people under 17. 
Card examples:

  • Read the joke without moving your tongue (delivery card) & What did the judge say to the dentist? ‘Do you swear to pull the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth?’ (joke card);
  • Read the joke like you are on a roller coaster (delivery card) & What did the buffalo say to his son when he went to college? ‘Bison’. (joke card).

9. Search History

Search History

Available on Amazon($16.99) & Walmart($41.35) | 4+ players | Ages 17+ | 200 cards;

All about ‘Search History’: Ahh, would you dare to share your search history with the group? This game is kinda like it… Every card has 3 search sentences you have to finish, based on what you think is the top searched in the search engine. Once everyone has answered, you get points if you guess the correct answer. 
Card examples:

  • Can I poop out ________? /Are fake breasts _________? / Is it possible for a guy and a girl to be ________?
  • How do you tell someone _________? / Can I get fired for going to ________? / Why does deep _________?

10. Sotally Tober

Sotally Tober

Available on Amazon($19.95) & Walmart ($33.73) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 125 cards;

All about ‘Sotally Tober’:This has to be my favorite game name of all time! Inside the box, you’ll find 5 types of cards: Activity, Skill, Curse, Secret & Degree. Everyone should drink based on what the cards say, so basically, there’s no other complicated rule. Lots of challenges & questions which result in you not being sober at the end of this game. 
Card examples:

  • Take a sip and hold it for 30 seconds. Everyone has to make you laugh. If they fail, they all take 1 drink.
  • Everyone must drink with their pinky extended. Whoever forgets, takes one drink.
  • Keep an eye closed for 2 rounds. If you mess up take 1 drink and start over.

11. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Available on Amazon($24.97) & Walmart($24.97) | 4 to 12+ players | Ages 17+ | 550 cards;

All about ‘Never Have I Ever’: Yes, you already know it. This game can also be played without the cards, just by using our Never Have I Ever questions. However, the card game is effortless & a blast! Simply, you read the prompts out loud, and everyone answers with ‘I have’ or ‘I have never’. Or, turn it into a drinking game and drink for everything you’ve done! 
Card examples:

  • Never have I ever not used a condom simply because we didn’t have one.
  • Never have I ever purposely left a belonging with an ex to have an excuse to go back. 
  • Never have I ever been in a fistfight with my roommate. 

12. Red Flags

Red Flags

Available on Amazon($25.00) & Walmart($25.04) | 3 to 10 players | Ages 17+ | 400 cards;

All about ‘Red Flags’: It’s time to stop ignoring red flags, fella! To play, there should be a player (the single one), having the role of a judge, and the other players have to create a character out of 3 cards, which the single player should go on a date with. You also have to convince him/her to choose your combination, even though some of their traits (based on the cards) are real red flags! 
Card examples:

  • Ends every conversation with ‘you’re dismissed’. / Keeps talking about their hot cousin. / Death row inmate. (red cards).
  • You will never gain weight while dating them.
  • Owns your favorite museum.

13. Codenames


Available on Amazon ($12.39) & Walmart ($12.39) | 2 to 8+ players | Ages 10+ | 265 cards;

All about ‘Codenames’:We know Codenames, and we love Codenames. This card game is all about competing with the other team. The thing is that you have to try to make contact with the agents while using your team’s spymaster’s clues. The other teammates must guess all the words with the correct colors while figuring out the available clues. 

14. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

Available on Amazon($15.99) & Walmart ($15.99) | 2 to 8 players | Ages 21+ | 100 cards;

All about ‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk’:Will these cards get you drunk? Definitely! There are Compete Cards, Vote Cards & Screw Your Friends Over Cards. Simple rules: You just have to do whatever the card asks you to. There are special rules too, but everything is written in the cards, so you don’t need to actually memorize anything to play (you’ll be drunk anyways).
Card examples:

  • Imitate another player. The first person to guess correctly picks someone to drink.
  • Everyone who is single drinks.
  • You are Simon. Everyone plays Simon Says. The first person that messes up, drinks. 

15. Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Talk Flirt Dare

Available on Amazon($22.95) & Walmart ($45.00) | 2+ players | Ages 18+ | 150 cards;

All about ‘Talk, Flirt, Dare’:Here’s a perfect 3-in-1 couples card games for you and your lover! It’s all up to you if you want to talk & start conversations, flirt with each other, or complete some spicy, romantic challenges. Or, you may definitely use all decks at once and enjoy playing! It’s perfect to set up a romantic atmosphere and connect deeper. 
Card examples:

  • Write your partner a little poem. It could be funny, romantic, or cute… And go!
  • Make a video of your partner doing a sexy dance using a chair.
  • Do you remember the first kiss you and your partner shared? When was it and how did it happen?

16. F**k The Game

F**k the game

Available on Amazon($14.99) | 3 to 8 players | Ages 18+ | 60 cards;

All about ‘F**k The Game’: Let’s f**k the game… When playing, after flipping over the cards, you must either say the color of the background of the card, the color of the letters, or a swear word (most likely). The twist is that the name of the color, and the actual color of the letter are always different, so that might be confusing most of the time, and really, it’s what brings the fun. 

17. For The Girls

For The Girls

Available on Amazon($24.95) & Walmart($31.98) | 3+ players | Ages 17+ | 500 cards;

All about ‘For The Girls’:How could we forget to mention this great girls’ game, which above all, is an amazing bachelorette card game! There are 100 cards of each color, 5 colors in total, and you have to spin the spinner, to decide what card you should draw. Then, do whatever the card says. Just as simple as that! 
Card examples:

  • Cut off a chunk of your hair with scissors to keep this card.
  • The first to mess up ‘fashion designers’ loses a card.
  • Give this card to whoever’s most likely to wake up holding a burrito.

18. Truth Or Drink

Truth or Drink

Available on Amazon ($29.99) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 275 cards;

All about ‘Truth Or Drink:Will you tell the truth or drink your way out? The box has 4 different card categories, a total of 432 ‘Truth Or Drink’ questions, and 4 levels of intimacy. There are also strategy cards to liven up the game night. You’ll either get to know & share pieces about yourself or end up drunk, together with close people of yours.
Card examples:

  • What’s the most terrible thing you’ve ever done for money?
  • Describe a time you accidentally mortified your parents as a child.
  • Tell us what you do to annoy your partner on purpose.

19. New Phone Who Dis?


Available on Amazon($19.99) | 3+ players | Ages 17+ | 540 cards;

All about ‘New Phone Who Dis’:New Phone Who Dis, a very similar game to CAH, is just like texting without a phone if that makes sense. The whole idea of the game is to find a good reply card for the inbox card. The rotating judge picks their favorite card, and that gets the point. 
Card examples: 

  • Yo, wanna meet my goldfish this weekend? I think you guys would really vibe. / Got a bowl cut and pretty sure my girlfriend is gonna break it off. (inbox)
  • Is this you trying to flirt with me?
  • This is your boss, Chris. I think you have the wrong number.

20. Box Against Office

Cards Against The Office Box - Gallery

Available on Muggles.cards ($9.95) | 4 to 20+ players | Ages 17+ | 352 cards;

All about ‘Box Against Office’:Where are my The Office lovers at? This pack is the Office edition of CAH, which contains hilarious & adult humor about your favorite sitcom. The instructions are the same: take your time picking a funny white card, to match with the Card Czar’s black one. For your information, lots of the white cards contain pictures as well, which makes the game way funnier!
Card examples:

  • What does Michael hate more than Toby?/ The party planning committee decided on a ______-themed Christmas party this year.
  • Meredith’s casual Friday dress.
  • Ryan’s sense of business ethics. 

21. WTF

WTF Card Game

Available on Walmart ($25.75) | 3+ players | Ages 18+ | 288 cards;

All about ‘Wtf’:How often do we say ‘WTF’? It’s time to play a game named after it! The cards can be red, blue, or orange. Each card has 4 questions on it, which brings us a total of over 1100 questions! ‘Wtf’ is all about answering questions and quick thinking, but the twist is that you decide what the answers are. 
Card examples: 

  • According to a drinking rhyme, gin makes you …… what?
  • Name 3 good ways to avoid damp patches in the bed.
  • Which fairy tale heroine fingers a prick?

22. So…

So... card game

Available on Amazon($15.59) & Walmart($20.99) | 2+ players | Ages 12+ | 56 cards;

All about ‘So…’:Let’s talk about a fascinating icebreaking card game that comes with 5 ways to play: Classic, Raffle, Solo, If I Were You, and Lightning Round, about which you can read in the instruction card. All you gotta do when playing is read cards out loud, answer sincerely, and most likely, start meaningful convos.
Card examples:

  • What’s something about your life now, that you would miss when you’re eighty?
  • If you could reach out to your ten-year-old self, what words of comfort would you give?
  • In your biography, what chapters would you ask your partner to skip?

23. Bad People

Bad People

Available on Amazon ($18.59) & Walmart($19.99) | 3 to 10 players | Ages 17+ | 370 cards;

All about ‘Bad People’:While playing this game, you and your friends will see what you all really think of each other! Bad People is all about tagging players for specific cards, which may be offensive lots of the time. In simple terms, it’s just like playing Who’s Most Likely To…, but, there are cards & you don’t have to worry about picking the right content. 
Card examples:

  • Whose parents are the most disappointed in them?
  • Most likely to get a tattoo they will later regret?
  • Who leaves the smallest tips at restaurants?

24. Punish Me, Daddy

Available on Amazon ($25.00) | 2+ players | Ages 21+ | 300 cards;

All about ‘Punish Me, Daddy’:The name already tells us it is ONLY for adults! When it is your turn, you have to draw a dare, then add a twist to your dare, and complete it. If you fail to complete the dare, you draw a punishment card and do whatever it asks you. Yup. Just as simple as that is!  
Card Examples:

  • Act like a Karen that needs to speak to the manager. (dare)
  • Be on your knees. (twist)
  • Get tickled by everyone for 15 seconds. (punishment)

25. We’re Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers

Available on Amazon ($21.24) & Walmart ($24.99) | 2 to 6 players | Ages 15+ | 150 cards;

All about ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’:We’re Not Really Strangers is the game of deep connections. There are 3 levels of intimacy (Perception, Connection, Reflection), and you may pick one to play or play all three decks at once. There’s nothing complicated at all: take turns drawing cards, and answer the questions. The same question may be answered by all players. 
Card examples: 

  • How would you describe the feeling of being in love in 1 word?
  • Wild card: ask a question you’d be too afraid to ask. Something you wouldn’t dare to ask.
  • What’s been your happiest memory this past year?

Our Final Thoughts

We made it to the end. It was a long journey, wasn’t it? We really choose the best games possible and tried to include different categories: drinking, conversation starters, couples card games, games similar to CAH, and more, as you just read. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, we may say that whatever you choose, is gonna be a blast!

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