Best Stripping Games To Play: Off To An Unforgettable Time

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Well okay, we got it, we wrote about enough cool party games, but, some stripping will hurt nobody! We deeply know all adults love them. They turn on the heat at every party, no matter the number of players or the gender! When you go through all the games, you’ll see that lots of them work great even for date nights for couples!

After we completed our extensive research, we selected the best games only, so, whatever you choose, it will be nothing less than fun! Some of the games below are brand new, but, let me tell you, you’ve probably heard about some of them mentioned in previous articles.

Here are today’s main characters:

  • Tips for stripping games;
  • The games:
  1. War;
  2. Cards Against Humanity;
  3. Jenga;
  4. Spin The Bottle;
  5. Punish Me, Daddy!;
  6. Strip Twister;
  7. Battleship;
  8. Heads Up;
  9. Truth Or Remove;
  10. Strip Pong;
  11. 4 Square;
  12. Scrabble;
  13. Strip Poker;
  14. Uno;
  15. Operation;
  • Summarize;

1. War


Equipment: A deck of cards | Number of players: 2

You’re asking how do you start the game? Well, as mentioned in the card games for 2 players, first, you’ll have to divide the deck equally into 2 piles for both of you. Hold the piles face-down in your hands, and start flipping over the top card at the same time. After flipping the cards, the player who has the highest rank takes both cards and places them in a pile next to them. This continues until one player wins the whole deck. 

When that happens, the other player has to take off an article of clothing. You may continue the game as long as you want. You may also decide on the order of clothes to remove. An optional way of playing this card game is removing a piece of clothing whenever you lose a tiebreaker. Enjoy! 

2. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity

Equipment: Cards Against Humanity deck | Players: 4+

Don’t we have enough ways to play this card game? There’s the drinking way and all that… No, human, Cards Against Humanity fits perfectly fine for every occasion! Since you already know the CAH rules, now all you gotta add is some little stripping… What you’ll do is make the winner remove one piece of clothing, which can lead to everyone trying to make horrible combinations, huh? Or, make the winner of each round put on an article of clothing, and the losers remove one. Here comes the stripping!

3. Jenga


Equipment: Jenga blocks | Players: 2 or more

I bet you have played Jenga a million times! And you bet this stripping version is way hotter… Now look, there are two ways to play this game. The first one is that everyone who crashes the tower should take something off. This could last a bit longer, right? Well, the other thing you may do is write some stripping (or not so) challenges on the blocks, so, every time a player draws one, they gotta read and complete that specific challenge. Why don’t we mix these two up? Read what’s on the blocks, and strip if you crash the tower over! 

4. Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle

Equipment: A bottle | Players: 3 or more

No matter if you’re a freshman or an adult, we never get tired of Spin The Bottle, do we? You may play based on the usual rules, you know, making questions and all that, but, we know you’re into stripping. Well, what you’d like to do is one player spins the bottle, and whoever it points to, has to remove one piece of clothing. This continues as long as you want, or until one of you is completely naked. 

You could find more variations of the game, such as the spinner determining the player who doesn’t have to take something off. This means that everyone, besides the player the bottle pointed to, has to take something they’re wearing off. Both ways bring lots of fun…

5. Punish Me, Daddy! – $24.99

Punish Me, Daddy!

Equipment: The deck of cards | Players: 2+ 

Don’t we adore Amazon card games? Hella yeah! ‘Punish Me, Daddy!’ is an astonishing card game that includes 3 decks of cards: dares, twists, and punishments. During the game, you may also run into some plot twists, let me tell you! Playing the game is all easy. First, you draw one dare & twist card together and try to complete it. If you can not, you’ll have to draw a punishment card! Obviously, this card game is made for people over 18. Check some of the cards:

  • Dare: Pretend to be a stripper looking for a lap dance;
  • Dare: Crawl across the room pretending to be a slug;
  • Twist: Be blindfolded;
  • Punishment: Get tickled by everyone else for 15 seconds;
  • Plot twist: Do your current dare, then draw and complete a second dare. 

6. Strip Twister

Equipment: Twister mat & spinner | Players: 2 or more

It’s the lovely Twister, people! I bet you know how to play it, but, let me simply repeat them. Take your shoes off, and step on the mat. One player gives instructions about where to move the body parts. You’re looking for stripping, aren’t you? Okay, you may make your own house rules, but here’s an idea: whenever the spinner lands on red, players remove one article of clothing. When removing clothes, make sure you don’t move. You only use one hand to help you and then place it back on its circle. The winner gets chosen just as in the regular Twister game. 

7. BattleShip


Equipment: 2 grids & 10 ships | Players: 2

Cheers to a game for only 2 people! Both of you get 1 grid and 5 ships, which can be placed anywhere in the grid. Just by calling out coordinates, you try to sink your opponent’s ships. You may add your rules. Since there are 5 different ships, set an item of clothing to be removed for each specific ship. Remove socks, pants, shirt, and so on, until you sink the biggest ship, the Carrier, where you have to strip completely. You may also add drinking: every time you hit a ship. The first player to sink all the 5 ships, wins the BattleShip! 

8. Heads Up

Heads Up

Equipment: The phone app | Players: 2 or more

First thing first, you better get the phone app! Similar to Charades, the game is all about guessing, specifically, helping your teammates guess. In this fast-paced game, the point is being faster and winning the rounds. Why don’t we add some stripping? To do that, here are some rules: the losing team has to remove one article of clothing. If you wanna collaborate with the winning team as well, you may allow them to put on one article they’ve removed. This proceeds until one team is completely naked. Fun, endless fun! 

9. Truth Or Remove

Truth Or Remove

Equipment: Questions | Players: 2 or more

Do you mind the famous, remarkable Truth Or Dare? Well, let’s modify the dare to remove! Take turns asking each other questions. Once any of you doesn’t want to answer, they should remove something. Another variation is Truth, Drink, or Remove. So, first, you choose between truth or drink. If you refuse to answer, you remove a piece of your clothing. The game continues as long as you’re comfortable with it, such as someone ending completely naked… Whoopsies… 

10. Strip Pong

Strip Pong

Equipment: A table, cups, balls | Players: 2 or more

We did talk about Beer Pong, that’s a fact! If you don’t know how to play it, go read the rules, you hurried humans. Just kidding, it’s all simple. Place the cups as a pyramid on the table, on both sides of it. You try to put the balls on your opponents’ cups. Every time you score, the other team has to remove an article of clothing. To make it easier, use a marker to write on the cups, so each cup has its specific clothing to remove. The game ends wherever the last cup is used. Have some drinks as well, why not! 

11. 4 Square

4 Square

Equipment: A ball, a good zone | Players: 2+

Remember this innocent game you used to play in elementary school? Who would’ve thought that people’s evil minds could turn it into strips! The rules are pretty simple though. Draw some lines to make four zones of playing somewhere on the floor, outside, or inside the house. Some of you volunteer to be in the center of all zones, and they’ve got 30 seconds to move to an available zone. 

Whenever the timer’s out, that player should announce the number of the zone they think they’re in. If they’re right, everyone else playing strips. If they’re wrong, that player should take something off. Just as simple as riding a bike!

12. Scrabble 


Equipment: Scrabble board | Players: 2-4

Ah, Scrabble, the lovely Scrabble… Starting the games, you may make a key rule: only make some risky, sexy words. Anyways, random words work well. After considering all the basic rules of playing Scrabble, you’ll now add your stripping. You may make your own way of playing, but, you may consider stripping after the player before and after you, outscore you. If there’s a tie, both players taking part in that tie must strip. Another good rule is for every 100 points scored, that player chooses whoever they want to strip. Let’s have fun! 

13. Strip Poker

Strip Poker

Equipment: A deck of cards | Players: 2 or more

How could we continue without mentioning any Poker games? That’s right, we couldn’t! Play any poker game (card game) you want. Make sure you follow all the rules of playing. You and your partner should both have the same number of clothing pieces worn. Also, agree on the order these pieces have to be removed, from top to bottom. Play based on the rules, for example, the loser of a hand, takes something off. This leads to some stripping. I bet you enjoy that! 

14. UNO


Equipment: Uno deck | Players: 2-10

Uno is everyone’s go-to game, am I right? After you’ve had all your fun reversing, changing colors, and swapping hands, let’s add something hotter to the game! There are many variations to do that. The basic one is stripping after someone had said ‘UNO’ and now can make a player of their choice strip. Something we recommend more is writing specific articles of clothing to remove on some of the cards, in like 10 of them, so, whenever that card is played, that player has to strip. We’re definitely more into this second way! 

15. Operation


Equipment: Operation game | Players: 2+

We know you’re no surgeon, but you’ll do a little operation! We’ll mix this kids’ game with some stripping! If you’re looking for the game, check it out on Amazon. Follow the rules as if you’re playing the game in normal mode. Since you’ve gotta remove something from the patient, without touching the sides, if you succeed, you’ve got the chance to make someone remove a piece of clothing, or put something yourself on. Otherwise, you may also fail. If you do touch the sides, you have to remove something. Whatever happens, please, do not kill the patient! 

Summarize: Are These Games Fun?

Sincerely, we took many reviews and did tons of research before making this list. It’s not all about stripping. It’s also about fun & creating bonds with each other. Do not forget to follow all our instructions and tips on every game, so, you’d take the best out of them.

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