Top 13 UNO Cards Storage Boxes & Cases – Case Solved!

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Each game lover has their comfort card game; whatever happens, it’s their go-to. If you’re just like me, and UNO is your chosen one forever, you know what a challenge it is to keep the cards secure. Especially if you bring them to every possible gathering. To make life easier, and the experience of playing better, we’ll share with you a few of the best cases and storage boxes, that fit all packs of UNO. 

  • The cases:
  1. Hard Travel Case;
  2. Plastic UNO Card Case Holder;
  3. UNO Cards Deck Holder;
  4. Travel Carry Case;
  5. Twin Deck Holder;
  6. Side By Side Deck Holder;
  7. UNO Card Holder;
  8. Storage Case;
  9. Caseling Card Game Case;
  10. Theo Klein UNO Carrying Bag;
  11. LTGEM Travel Case;
  12. 4-Compartment Clear Card Box;
  13. EVC Storage Case;
  14. Extra: UNO Card Launcher;
  • Final thoughts;

1. Hermitshell Hard Travel Case – $10.99

Hard Travel Case

4 x 2.5 x 1.3 inches | Made of EVA | Available in black/red & yellow;

The design of this Hermitshell case is very simple but practical. It is very compact & sturdy, doesn’t take up much space so you can use it when traveling, and could easily be attached to any of your larger bags using a keychain. Has room for one deck of UNO (even if that’s UNO All Wild). The case is spill-proof, and the ribbons inside are pretty useful. 

2. Cwdew Plastic UNO Card Case Holder – $10.39

Plastic UNO Card Case Holder

4.3 x 2.9 x 1.8 inches | Made of polypropylene plastic;

You could never go wrong with a basic, sturdy plastic case. If you’re a card collector, these cases are wonderful since you can separate all the different decks, and keep them organized. It is see-through, so you exactly know what deck you’re picking, just in case you have a few. The case is durable, lightweight, water resistant, and has a practical snap. One case fits a deck of UNO, and it’s appropriate for all editions, excluding the No Mercy one.  

3. IPC Deck Holder – $9.21

UNO Cards Deck Holder

4.5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches | Made of polyester | Available in 10 colors;

It’s always lovely getting a handmade, 3D printed case for your favorite game. This one works as a 2-in-one: deck holder for when you’re playing, to easily draw cards, and a storage case to keep the cards in place. It’s available in a few colors and has an ellipse-like hole on top, so if you have more than one edition, you can easily select them, without having to open each. Fits like a glove to your hands, and makes the game more vibrant.  

4. USA Gear Travel Carry Case – $12.99

Travel Carry Case

5.5 x 3 x 1 inch | Made of neoprene | Available in black;

If you wish you could take your UNO deck on vacay, camping, or literally everywhere, you need this carry case. This one’s flexible and has a small pocket inside, for any of your accessories. Coming with a carabiner and belt loop, you might clip it to your purse, or belt, or just throw it on your luggage. Made of tear-proof material, and a scratch-resistant interior, your cards will be safer than ever. 

5.  CLG Carrying Case – $47.57

Twin Deck Holder

4.13 x 3.15 inches | Made of leather | Available in black;

For all of you who are here to get a case as a game gift, the perfect choice is a good-quality leather one. It is the perfect case, especially if you have 2 favorite decks that you always want to bring with you since that’s how many it can fit. The divided sections and soft lining in the interior make this carrying case very utilitarian. Because of the material and classic design, can be carried around as a small bag too! 

6. KDD Side By Side Deck Holder – $13.49

Side By Side Deck Holder

5.25 x 4 x 1.5 inches | Made of polyester | Available in 7 colors;

We do love these deck holders that work as storage boxes too! Fits two decks of UNO, and you can use it while playing so you divide the draw deck & discard pile. Comes in a variety of colors, so you might simply match it with your cards, so it gives full satisfaction. It is very sturdy, and designed in a way that drawing cards is so effortless. Yes, it’s made of plastic, therefore, it’s water-resistant and safe for your lovely cards.

7. GWCase UNO Card Holder – $21.99

UNO Card Holder

10 x 7.5 x 4 inches | Made of plastic | Available in orange & transparent;

Our love for huge storage boxes is unexplainable. And we’re talking about one that fits over 1300 cards!  This box has a handle that helps you with carrying the box or hanging it on the hatstand. Because of its qualitative material, it is scratch & waterproof. There’s a foam base placed inside the box, which has 2 card slots to help you organize all the cards, and divide each deck. We recommend it for people who own a few packs of games, counting here games similar to UNO too!

8. Storage Box – $24.67

Storage Case

8 x 4 x 2 inches | Made of plastic | Available in red & white;

Here’s another storage case that we truly believe works great even as a travel case. The strongest value of this case gotta be the very functional design, in which The two parts of the case fit perfectly with each other. The top is transparent, to make your selection simpler. It is waterproof, indeed, and besides being an astonishing storage box, brings to you another deck of UNO. The latter’s never too many, huh?

9. Caseling Card Game Case – $14.99

Caseling Card Game Case

8.5 4.4 x 3.5 inches | Made of cardstock | Available in black;

Caselling cases are always our go-to, even as Cards Against Humanity cases. Fits over 600 cards, and has 5 movable dividers, which you can use based on your needs, mostly to divide different decks. It is sturdy on the outside and has a soft lining on the outside, which protects the cards from scratch, or even worse, tearing. Comes with an extremely secure zipper so your cards remain secure even if taken traveling.

10. Theo Klein UNO Carrying Bag – $18.72

5.91×4.3×13.78 inches | Made of plastic| Available colorful;

Sure. A black simple case is great. However, colors add excitement to life. This Theo Klein cards bag can fit up to 2 decks of UNO, and the instructions book too. The interior contains two rubber bands to keep the cards in place and help you divide decks. The bag is lightweight to carry, and easy to maintain since it’s washable. Friendly idea: you can customize it by adding a few stickers of your own! 

11. LTGEM Travel Case – $25.99

11.5 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches | Made of hard EVA | Available in 12 colors; 

So, you like to take all your 8 decks of UNO, or whatever 8 of your favorite card games whenever in the world you go? This travel case is the answer. It fits over 2500 cards, which with the loop fastener dividers could become very organized. It doesn’t get damaged by scratches or spills, which are the main details to keep your cards safe. With a qualitative rubber handle and a holding belt, you may easily carry your favorite case around.

12. 4-Compartment Clear Card Box – $7.99

4-Compartment Clear Card Box

Made of plastic | Available in transparent;

A 4-Compartment box, which can be used both vertically and horizontally, is the perfect way to store your cards. Holds up to 150 cards horizontally, and up to 240 cards vertically. The top cover and 2 dividers are removable, so you can easily adapt it to your gameplay. It’s made of a double-wall strength, which makes it durable and hard to break. What’s important, is that it fits card sleeves too, so the protection is at the highest level.

13. EVC Storage Case – $10.20

EVC Storage Case

Made of PLA | Available in 4 versions;

You’re looking for something that feels like a treasure chest because really, your UNO cards are treasure? This one is it! The EVC Storage Case is pretty compact, durable, and resistant to water and scratches. Inside you’ll find a card holder too, which will most likely be used while playing with your mates. The snaps are very secure, so your favorite cards won’t move around. And you have the chance to personalize it, so, cheers to that!

Final Thoughts

After extensive research, we’ve come up with the most appropriate, qualitative, and affordable cases, so your preferred cards are protected at all costs. Make sure you choose the one depending on its destination, precisely if it will be used for traveling, storing the cards, or keeping them organized while playing. Whatever you pick, your cards will thank you… 

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