9 Kids & Teens Version Friendly Cards Against Humanity

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One of the hardest things to do is explain to kids why they can’t play Cards Against Humanity with you. Luckily, genius minds have created teen and kid-friendly versions, so you can show them the cool adult that you are. Following the same general idea, the games below feel like CAH, and manage to keep the whole family laughing & off-screen for hours! 

  • Games:
  1. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition;
  2. Kids Against Maturity;
  3. Not Parent Approved;
  4. Apples To Apples;
  5. What Do You Meme? Family Edition;
  6. Kids Create Absurdity;
  7. Relative Insanity;
  8. Outrageous; 
  9. Kid History;
  10. Master Dater;
  11. Dixit;
  12. Stinker;
  13. Cards Against Profanity;
  14. Snake Oil;
  • Conclusion;

1. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

CAH family edition

Ages 8+ | 4 to 20+ players | 600 cards;

The family edition of CAH is in fact, made by the creators of the original game. It brings the same type of cards and exact rules, but the content is family-friendly, indeed. It’s appropriate to be played with the whole family unless you’re not comfortable with the kids saying butt, boobies, or similar. The cards in this edition are slightly larger, so there’s no way you will accidentally mix the fun cards into the deck. Just kidding. Both are fun. 

Ps. You can download the cards for free here.

2. Kids Against Maturity

kids against maturity

Ages 10+ | 4+ players| 600 cards;

The Kids Against Maturity card game is one of the kids’ most favorite. It follows the same rules just like Cards Against Humanity and brings just as much fun. Comes with a huge deck of cards, divided into blue cards (questions) and white cards (answers). Well, one of the reasons kids absolutely love it, is that it includes lots of their favorite types of jokes: fart jokes, so you’ll see them giggling all the time! Here’s an honest review from kids: Kids Against Maturity 🙂 

3. Not Parent Approved

Not parent approved

Ages 8+ | 3 to 10 players | 455 cards;

One thing about kids is that they tend to do things that they’re not allowed to. That’s why they love Not Parents Approved. They suppose it’s not parent-approved, and love to play it! But this, in fact, is absolutely parent-approved. From not-showering-for-days jokes to making fun of their teachers, kids enjoy playing Not Parents Approved with their mates, favorite aunt, and parents. They’ve also made a few extra packs if you wanna check that out! 

4. Apples To Apples

Ages 12+ | 4 to 8 players | 504 cards;

Exactly. Apples To Apples is unofficially the clean version of Cards Against Humanity. So, there are green & red apple cards, right? The game judge reads the green card out loud, and each player must submit one of their red cards, which they think matches the green one of the round best. Just like CAH, but with apples! Although the creators suggest the game to be played by ages 12+, based on our experience, works just as well with younger kids too!  

5. What Do You Meme? Family Edition

what do you meme

Ages 8+ | 3+ players | 365 cards;

What Do You Meme? is what CAH would look like with photos included. The family edition includes appropriate pictures and captions too, so your kids can show their imagination, without you feeling shocked… It’s unbelievable how basic, innocent pictures will turn into the funniest memes ever, because yes, kids are unpredictable. It’s very replayable, and we honestly think it’s good for all kids, once they can read. Played once with a 6-year-old, it went great!

6. Kids Create Absurdity

Kids Create Absurdity

Ages 6+ | 4 to 10 players | 465 cards;

Kids create absurdity, in the matter of fact. The Big Cheese, as we like to call the game judge, reads a question card, and then picks their favorite response. What we utterly love is the colors used in the cards (blue and orange), which are just the right move to make kids love it at first sight. Although it might not contain content that seems enjoyable to adults, you would want to play this game with kids. They somehow manage to make it the funniest game ever! 

7. Relative Insanity

Ages 14+ | 4 to 12 players | 500 cards;

Mates, what we entirely love about Relative Insanity, is that every card combination is a story on its own. The punchlines for each red card come from imaginary relatives. So, let’s say, when the brother brought out the new baby to show the family, the granny blurted out and said something. Each player’s job is to create the funniest scenario of what the granny could’ve said. Be prepared to get a stomach ache from laughing. All teens & adults enjoy it, and this video is proof!

8. Outrageous

Ages 13+ | 4 to 8 players | 220 cards;

Let’s start with the fact that this game was made by a mom, so yeah, you can’t expect less. The main difference from the previous card games we mentioned, is that in Outrageous, you won’t combine a few cards with one another. This time, the game judge reads a card which is either a question or a fill-in-the-blank, and all other players write their answers down. The rest goes just like in other similar games. Yes, the fun part is that everyone goes beyond their limits and writes hysterically funny stuff! 

9. Kid History

Ages 8+ | 4+ players | 450 cards;

The uniqueness of Kid History doesn’t depend on the rules, frankly. There’s one game judge who reads question cards and gives points for the best answers too. The twist in Kid History is that the question cards are actually famous quotes, for which kids probably have no clue. So, kids must pick one of their response cards that describes funnily what they think that quote means. Let’s see what kids think about Marie Antoinette’s quotes! 

10. Master Dater

Ages 14+ | 3 to 6 players | 230 cards;

You can expect nothing less than magic by creators of Joking Hazard. In this game, mostly enjoyed by teens (over 14), players try to create the perfect date. The game judge shares three interest cards with the group, while the daters select the perfect head & the perfect body for the judge’s requirements. Then, hope that the judge thinks your date is the perfect match. Fighting for love, ain’t you? Here’s a video of people playing it, to show how irreplaceable the game is: Master Dater

11. Dixit

Ages 8+ | 3 to 6 players | 84 cards;

I bet y’all would like the idea of CAH in a board game, wouldn’t you? Dixit could be played by the whole family together, and the rules are simple, so possibly kids under 8 can play with no struggle too! The idea of the game is that the storyteller draws a card, and shares a clue for it with the group. Then, all other players must choose one of the cards in their hand that they think matches the given clue best. Then, players will take turns voting on each other cards, using the tokens. For your curiosity, Dixit’s a great game for 6+ people

12. Stinker

Ages 10+ | 3 to 6 players | 200 cards;

Stinker is a whole new way of making hilarious responses to cards, precisely, to cards like the real reason for World War II, the secret for eternal life, Einstein’s other hobby, and more. So, you will use randomly drawn letters to make an answer and convince the judge your response is best, even if it doesn’t make sense at all. The grammar, and the spelling, don’t really matter, as long as you have a reliable explanation for it, which I bet you kids will have!

13. Cards Against Profanity

Cards Against Profanity

Available on Cedar Fort ($19.99) | Ages 8+ | 4 to 20+ players | 500 cards;

No. This ain’t Bards Dispense Profanity. Cards Against Profanity is indeed a kid-friendly version, with hilarious cards and a great way to create unforgettable combinations. The game and the rules are just like Cards Against Humanity, but the cards come in fun colors, red, and white! There’s nothing inappropriate about it, in fact, it’s one of the most innocent card games ever. Well, unless your kids are dirty-minded, which I don’t think they are, right?               

14. Snake Oil

Ages 10+ | 3 to 10 players | 370 cards;

Surprisingly, Snake Oil isn’t a card game for adults only… The whole family can burst into laughter while playing it! One of the players will become the costumer, therefore, draw customer cards. Now, other players, in other words, the creators, will try to create the best oils, while combining cards, and then try to convince the customer that their idea of the oil is the best. Yes, it’s all about how well you can lie and create scenarios so the customer picks yours!   


The thing about these creative card games is that yes, they’re the best kid & teen-friendly versions of CAH, but are enjoyed by adults too! Although they share the same idea as your favorite offensive & hilarious card game, each is unique in its content and design. The content is totally appropriate, in all the games we mentioned, however, you might want to go through the cards before sharing the game with the little ones.   

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