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Yes, we know we were the ones to tell you that Cards Against Humanity is made to be played by 4 to 20+ people. But, what happens to us who hate making new friends and only hang out with 1 or 2 people their whole life? For your luck and mine, we came up with some rules to play CAH with only 2 or 3 players, and you have no idea how simple they are! The best part is that these work for all Cards Against Humanity packs!

  • Cards Against Humanity for 2 players:
  1. The first way;
  2. The second way;
  3. The third way;
  4. The fourth way;
  • Cards Against Humanity for 3 players:
  1. The first way;
  2. The second way;
  • Playing with 1 player;
  • Final thoughts;

Cards Against Humanity For 2 Players

Playing CAH With 2 Players

Here are your 4 ways of playing the game with only a friend, or whoever – It matters that they agree to play with you.

The First Way – The Simple One

This is the simplest way out of all the ways for the 2 player version of Cards Against Humanity, with only 6 simple steps to follow:

  1. Each of you gets 10 White Cards. These must be dealt face-down.
  2. You randomly select a Black Card. Since there is no Card Czar, you just shuffle the deck of the Black Cards and randomly pick a face-down card from it.  
  3. Read the chosen black card out loud. Any of you can do this.
  4. Choose your White Card. Each of you chooses a White Card that you think will go well with the Black Card of the round.
  5. Decide on a winner of the round. You both read the combinations to each other, and both agree to the funniest one. The funniest answer gets one awesome point.
  6. Calculate all awesome points (just as in standard Cards Against Humanity rules). Whoever has the most points, wins the game!

Ps. if at some point you’re stuck and can’t decide on a winning card, you might play 2 cards each, shuffle them, and let one of you draw one of the 4 cards randomly. The picked card gets a point.

Second Way – Trust & Fun

Second Way - Playing CAH With 2 Players

How do you feel about including a little cheating in a Cards Against Humanity game? First, you don’t want to play this version with that competitive-spirited friend, otherwise, things will turn into something quite ugly. 

  1. The winning points. Before you begin the game you agree to a winning score number. Meaning, that once one of you reaches that number of points wins the game, and the other loses.
  2. For a round, one of you is the Card Czar, while the other is the card submitter.  
  3. The Card Czar of the round reads the black card out loud.
  4. The other player chooses 4 white cards which they must secretly rank from 1-7.
  5. The Card Czar of the round announces the funniest/best card (out of the 4 played), and the other player gets the points, depending on the rank of the winning card.
  6. Keep track of the points, and whenever one of you reaches the target, wins.

The Third Way: Guess & Get Points

Here are the rules for another way of playing that requires trust and honesty from both parties:

  1. Once again, one of you must become the Card Czar of the round.
  2. Deal 10 white cards for one of the players, and one black card for the Card Czar.
  3. The Card Czar of the round reads the Black Card out loud.
  4. The other player picks 3 (or 5) cards as responses but decides in their head which one is the winning card for the black card of the round.
  5. Then, let the Card Czar take guesses on which one they think is the winning card. If incorrect, the mentioned card is discarded, until there’s only one card left. If the latter is guessed incorrectly, the Card Czar gets no point at all. If they guess correctly, they get as many points as the remained card (the ones that weren’t discarded yet).

If you’d like to help the Card Czar out once in a lifetime, they might ask you what you were going for (depending on the content of the card). You may answer with a facial expression, give a few hints, or even refuse to answer at all!

Fourth Way – Add An Extra Cute Player

Fourth Way - Playing CAH With 2 Players

This is one of my favorites! If you’ve got a dog around, or any pet really, you’ll love this version. Or an imaginary friend. Or a simple object you might use. Similar to the Rando Cardrissian rule.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Make the item (your pet, object, imaginary friend, or whatever) the third player. Deal the same number of white cards to them too. They’re playing. 
  2. Start playing the game as you normally would. The Card Czar (you or the other existing player) reads the Black Card.
  1. Both of you play one answer card and draw a random card from the extra player’s hand too. 
  2. Compare the three white cards, and together decide which makes the most hilarious combination with the black card, and give that card one point. 

You have no idea how many times the random card of the extra player will be even funnier than yours. Ps. This way of playing works great for a fan-made CAH expansion too

Cards Against Humanity: 3 Players

Playing CAH With 3 Players

If we made it work for 2 players, we can kill it for 3 players! The following rules are just as simple, and make a good game if playing with your family, close friends, or anyone, really. Remember, you can always spice it up with other things such as turning it into a drinking game and having the time of your life! 

The First Way – One Card Czar

This version of the game is quite similar to the actual rules of CAH. However, it requires all players to be trustworthy, and not annoyingly competitive. All it takes are a few simple steps:

  1. Choose the Card Czar of the round. The Card Czar of the round will be reading the Black Card, and judge the winning card.
  2. Let the Card Czar deal 10 White Cards to the other 2 players. 
  3. After the Black Card is read, both players choose one of their 10 cards and place it face down on the table, preferably, when the Card Czar isn’t looking.
  4. Simply, the game judge decides which of the two was the funniest card. That one gets one awesome point.
  5. Repeat the rules with other players taking turns to be the Card Czar, until you’re tired of playing. Then, calculate the points and announce the winner.

You can apply the imaginary player rule (Rando Cardrissian) here as well. Deal cards as you would to yourself, play one random card from the imaginary player’s hand, and decide on the funniest answer. Simple, innit?

Second Way – No Card Czar

Second Way - Playing CAH With 3 Players

If there were 20 players, sure, everyone would enjoy it. Or you wouldn’t care for all 20 of them, honestly. But, since you are only 3 people (most likely your closest people too), you’d like everyone to have fun equally. This way of playing requires no Card Czar at all!

  1. Shuffle the deck of the Black Cards. Pick a card from the top, and simply read it. All three players get 10 White Cards. Just like the usual, but no Card Czar.
  2. Each chooses their white card to respond and puts it in the middle of the table face-down, The 3 cards get shuffled.
  3. Then, let one of you pick one of the cards haphazardly. The randomly selected card, no matter how absurd, or unfunny it is, wins the round.
  4. Repeat as much as you’d like to, and calculate the points to pick the winner at the end.

You can also decide which one is the funniest card, without shuffling them. Simply take turns to read your own cards, and the one that gets more laughers wins.

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Extra: Playing Cards Against Humanity With One Player Only 

Playing CAH With One Player

All problems have a solution. Even if you have one friend. Even if you have two friends only. Even if… you’re looking forward to playing Cards Against Humanity alone! Whatever the case is. 

This way of playing Cards Against Humanity by yourself is achieved by playing CAH online. Either if it’s while using a mobile phone app, or a website. They’re available 24/7, you don’t need any cards to play, and you might play with strangers, so no other players are required. All you gotta do is write your playing name and play as usual, but with the computer keeping track. 

We’re running out of time. Here are 14 ways to play Cards Against Humanity online!

Final Thoughts

We all know that CAH is fun if played by a large group of people. What I bet you didn’t know, is that when playing with 2 or 3 players, there are plenty of options to have a great time, and plenty of Cards Against Humanity hilarious combos to be made.

Depending on how difficult and competitive you want it to be, pick your preferred way, and start playing Cards Against Humanity in a non-traditional way!

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