12 Astounding Question Card Games!

Question Card Games

We, as humans, lovemaking questions. All the time. Even if our questions are worthless, yeah, we love talking, in general…

Here you can find out the best 20 Question Card Games below:

1. The Game Of Deep Conversations: Icebreaker Deck – $24.99

Icebreaker Deck

The game specifics:

The Icebreaker Deck is a good one for (almost) all ages. Inside the box, we will find 150 cards (questions). The cards are divided into 6 sections: Life, Random, Deep, Experiences, If you could, Would you rather.

What are some of the questions?

  • What’s your love language?;
  • What do you enjoy doing the most with your best friend?;
  • What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?;
  • When was the last time you cried and why?;
  • What’s your dream job if money didn’t matter?

2. A Deep Game For The Couples (Or Couples To Be): Let’s Get Deep – $19.99

Let's Get Deep

The game specifics:

You about to get deep? A game made by the amazing creators of What Do You Meme?, and the manufacturer recommends it to people that are ages 17+. There’s a huge set inside, 500 cards, divided into: Icebreaker, Deep, Deeper.

What are some of the questions?

  • What do your friends think of me?;
  • Do you believe in second chances? Why or why not?;
  • What’s your guilty pleasure?;
  • What’s something embarrassing you do when nobody is home?;

3. A Psychological Game (Kinda): The Hygge Game – $20.00 

The Hygge Game

The game specifics:

The Hygge Game makes you dive into some psychological questions, it has 300 questions inside, and we recommend it to people who are 14 years or older. Great to play with your family or friends! 

What are some of the questions?

  • Did you try anything for the first time in the past year?;
  • What smell reminds you the most of your childhood?;
  • Name something you look back at and think ”I can’t believe I was afraid of that!”;
  • Was there any period of your life that was difficult but that ultimately made you a stronger or better person?

4. The Game To Challenge Your Speed Of Thinking: Brain Freeze – $14.95

Brain Freeze

The game specifics:

Does your brain freeze? You’ll prove that with the amazing 120 cards, especially if you & your team are older than 15 (3 or more people is best). It also has a family edition.

The point is to see who can give the fastest answer to a question (or to tell something about a specific sentence). Basically, all you have to do is blow stuff out!

What are some of the questions?

  • I judge people for _______;
  • My first kiss;
  • My biggest turn off;
  • My safe word;
  • Most embarrassing moment.

5. The Game To Gather The Family Together: Little Talk – $24.99

Little Talk

The game specifics:

This ‘Little Talk’ is designed for all ages, for kids 4 years or older. It includes 150 cards, six-color categories: Hopes & Dreams, Likes & Dislikes, Reflections, Self Expression, Emotional Intelligence & Random.

What are some of the questions?

  • What do you need help with right now?;
  • What’s your least favourite food?;
  • What’s one thing your mom/dad does that drives you crazy?;
  • What book character would you like to be and why?;
  • What are you really good at that you can teach others how to do?

6. The Game Where You Get To Vote: Who’s In The Room? – $20.00

Who In The Room

The game specifics:

This resembles me with the Voting Game, but anyways… Who In The Room? has 300 questions, but be careful, they’re not appropriate for people under the age of 17.

You take some seconds to think, and then point to the player you think fits best in that question.

What are some of the questions?

Who in the room:

  • Pees in the shower;
  • Has the best voice for radio;
  • Has the smallest feet;
  • Doesn’t make their bed in the morning;
  • Would rate their sexual skills the highest on a scale of 1-10.

7. Great Conversation Starter: Misconceptions – $14.95


The game specifics:

Did you create misconceptions about specific facts? This game has 150 interesting cards, which are fun for the whole family (best for 12+). What we love is that there are 8 other editions of this game.

What are some of the questions?

  • True or false: Eating Twinkies was used as a defense against murder;
  • In the Disney movie Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs the Wicked Queen says: “Mirror, mirror on the wall” or “Magic mirror on the wall.”;
  • True or false: Fortune cookies come from Japan;

8. The Game Of Competition: Say Anything – $16.04

Say Anything

The game specifics:

Say Anything is a deck of 80 question cards. Appropriate for ages 13+, and based on our experience, it works best for 3-8 players. 

The player who asked the question gets to choose the funniest (anonymous) answer.

What are some of the questions?

  • If I had a ‘big’ anything what would it be?;
  • Who’s the most annoying celebrity in show business?;
  • What’s the worst thing to say to a cop after getting pulled over?;
  • I’ll be your best friend if you place ______ next to my drink.

9. A Game Of Mindfulness: Vertellis Holiday Edition – $19.00


The game specifics:

As a question game, Vertellis makes us connect more with our beloved ones. The game contains 46 questions & it can be played by all ages. There is also the relationship edition & the family edition!

What are some of the questions?

  • What are the three things that gave you the most energy?;
  • What do you want to achieve next year?;
  • Who has inspired you most?;
  • Of which personal achievement are you most proud?;

10. Testing Our Social Skills: You Know – $22.99

You Know

The game specifics:

You know? The game has 2 decks of cards, a total of 108 cards (Would You Rather), including the special cards, just as: Take Two, Wild, Skip, Reverse, Card Spy, etc. The manufacturer recommends it for people (and kids) that are 7 years or older.

What are some of the questions?

  • Would you rather: Be able to rewind time OR Be able to change the future?;
  • Be known for being a good person OR Be known for being talented?;
  • All your friends be better looking OR All your friends be smarter than you?;
  • Never feel pain again OR Never feel fear again?

11. Do You Really Know Your Best Friend Game: The Best Friend – $20.49

The Best Friend

The game specifics:

Just as the name, you got the meaning of it. This Best Friend Game has 250 questions, where you get to guess things about your besties, and it’s designed for ages 14+.  

What are some of the questions?

  • What was the name of my first girlfriend/ boyfriend?;
  • If a stranger saw me on a street, how would they think I am?;
  • What’s my bedtime (Use 30-minute increments);
  • Netflix, HBO or Youtube?

12. For The Player In The Hot Seat: Do You Know Me? – $19.99

Do You Know Me

The game specifics:

There’s a player in the hot seat. Meaning that all the other players complete 5 sentences about that person, and have to guess if that’s true or not. The game has 430 question cards, made for people who are 17 or older. 

What are some of the questions?

  • Has _____ ever peed in a bottle?;
  • Was ______ ever suspended from school?;
  • If ______ won the lottery, would they share the money with the other players?;
  • Can _____ name three people Taylor Swift dated?

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