Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary: One-Century Story and Whimsy

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversy Edition - Cover Photo

Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary Edition is a special pack that marks a very important milestone in the game. It brings cards you’ve never seen before and designs that speak out the importance of the edition. Do Cards of Humour and Whimsy tell something to you? Well, we’ll find that out in a bit.   

What Is The 100th Anniversary Edition?

Although we thought Cards Against Humanity was released in the last few years, surprisingly, it turns out the first-ever edition came in 1923. Quick math, one year ago, in 2023, this first edition celebrated its 100th anniversary! For a remarkable date like this one, they couldn’t do anything less, but make a special edition, because there’s never something as too many CAH editions.

This Anniversary Edition, besides coming in an antique design, brings a great deal of cards too. It includes the 600 cards of the main game, and 30 special ones, but, more on that later.  

The History of the First-Ever Edition

A card game going viral in the 21st century, but having a history since 1923, is not a very common thing to hear. Our lovely Cards Against Humanity back then was named Cards of Humour & Whimsy and was created by a Viennese Jewish immigrant. Although the game was first considered a commercial failure, later on, influenced many writers and artists, including here Hemingway. 

Now, the name change from Cards of Humour & Whimsy to Cards Against Humanity is a whole new story. Here’s the official history of the game, found on the back of the box:

Everything About This Edition

What’s In The Box?

We shouldn’t expect anything less than a golden box from CAH for their 100th Anniversary. Two main colors are used in the design (gold and black), and it’s right as it should be. 

The Box

They made sure to show all important pieces of information, but in a great design, to give a luxurious vibe. The front of the box is transparent to show what’s inside the box, and really, it’s nothing less but art. 

So inside the big pretty box, you’ll find the main 2.4 version game, but in a gold foil package, and a pack of 30 cards, which are taken from the first-ever edition of Cards Against Humanity!

Main Game

Well, not only does the package of the main game look like a gold bar, but the cards are covered in golden foil as well!

Cards 2

But, here comes the main character: 30 white cards you haven’t ever seen before, because they were made in 1923! 

The 1923 Pack
The 1923 Cards

They knew what they were doing! The cards look old, and the content is best understood by people who have lived in the late 1900s. However, you’re supposed to mix them with the main game

If curious, here’s what’s written in some of the other 1923 cards:

  • Bathtub gin;
  • A horse riding another horse;
  • Dying on the Titanic;
  • My six ugly sons;
  • Sexual cannibalism;
  • The refreshing zing of Coca-Cola with real cocaine;
  • Assassinating Archduke Franz Ferdinand;
  • Amateur taxidermy;
  • Bolshevik rabble-rousers;
  • Passing ass and scampering away;
  • A variety of jellies and marmalades;

And we’ll let you find the others out yourself! Since you love unboxing videos, watch this: Cards Against Humanity 100th Anniversary Edition.

Where To Buy & Is This A Limited Pack?

Cards Against Humanity the 100th Anniversary Edition is available at the official store of the creators, Cards Against Humanity, for $35. 

And yes, this is a limited pack. They only made 40.000 copies of the game. Once these are sold, there won’t be more 100th Anniversary Editions available. Or at least they say so. 

If you’re curious, the back of the core game tells which pack you bought:

Back Of The Box

Anything Else To Say?

This edition is played just like any other CAH game. Just like Cards Against Star Wars, let’s say. You might notice that cards of the 100th Anniversary edition, and the package too, are a little heavier, but that’s because of the gold foil used.

Albeit this special edition is one of our most beloved ones, we wish they could sell the 30 ‘Cards of Humour & Whimsy’ pack separately, because even people who already have the core game, would have to buy the whole pack again, just to have these special old cards. 

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