Cards Against Star Wars Review: The Best Game in the Galaxy!

Cards Against Star Wars - Cover Photo

Mixing Cards Against Humanity & the Star Wars franchise creates only the most humorous card game ever. Not only the pack brings jokes about your favorite space characters, it teases your competitive spirit as well! 

The Box & Cards Of Cards Against Star Wars

What could we expect less from Star Wars, other than a box in a galaxy theme? 

Cards Against Star Wars - Box

The front of the box has a black background, while all details & stars are done in white. This part usually shows only the game name and a little caption. 

Cards Against Star Wars - Back Of The Box

The back of Cards Against Star Wars shows plenty of information. You might learn how to play the game, just by reading this part of the game. Details about the number of players & more are written on the sides of the box:

Cards Against Star Wars - Cover Photo 2

As it tells, it could be played by 4 to 20+ players, ages 17 or older, and has a game time of 30 to 90 minutes, just like every other CAH pack

Although the box is really pretty, what we should be talking about is the cards. Cards Against Star Wars has a total of 746 cards: 501 white ones, and 245 black cards. Below, you might read a few hilarious cards:

Cards Against Star Wars - Cards 1

Jar Jar could make them do things without their full convenience. Superpowers I guess…

Cards Against Star Wars - Cards 3

Ouch. We will try not to laugh at this…

Cards Against Star Wars - Cards 2

Do you think the Jedi would approve of wielding two lightsabers for that purpose?

Here are a few other random picks, in case you can’t wait to get the game: Cards Against Star Wars TikTok.

How To Play Cards Against Star Wars? & Is It One Of Our Favorites? 

If you’ve played any game of CAH, Cards Against Muggles, or whatever, playing Star Wars Against Humanity will be as simple as pie. Start with one player being the game judge & reading the first black card, which must then pick their favorite white response. The player with the most awesome points wins the game! 

In case you forgot, such games can be played online too!

If you’re a huge fan and have friends who are huge fans, just like I do, don’t underestimate the power of Cards Against Star Wars. The prompts just get more and more entertaining, and really, it’s the players who decide how the game will go. Besides making us show love for our favorite characters, debate about scenes, and make dirty jokes about even the most innocent things, it was a bonding experience as well. 

One thing we wish they’d work on more is the spelling errors in a few cards. But we decided to ignore that. People make mistakes, right?

Where To Buy The Amazing Cards Against Star Wars 

Unfortunately, Cards Against Star Wars was a limited edition. Fortunately, it’s still available at EditionCards Store for only $9.95! 

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t really matter if it’s a gift, or you’re just making yourself happy. As long as you’re a fan of Star Wars, Cards Against Star Wars should be part of your collection. The laughs are uncontrollable, and memories created during the gameplay will be part of your life forever… 

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