All About Printing Cards Against Humanity In The Best Possible Way: A Detailist Talking

Printed Cards Against Humanity Cards

Will we ever have enough of Cards Against Humanity and everything related to it? No, don’t bother, we won’t!

It’s always fun finding & informing you about new stuff all about this stunning and hilarious card game. Especially when we know that these tips are about to make your life betterr!

We know buying the game is totally okay, and you can find lots of shops who sell the editions and all that, but, when you’re a CAH addict, and you want to try all the possible main games & extra packs, it may cost a little too much buying all the boxes, of course, if you’re not a millionaire…

And yeah, it does feel better having the chance to edit the cards, to choose your favorite size, being able to print another card, you know, just in case you don’t have a CAH case and you’ve lost a card, or you spilled some tea on it, that’s gonna be destroyed, for sure! 

We’ll try to show you as many links as possible for the PDF versions, and then some hacks on how to print them in the correct way. Besides that, there are some more surprises below… Keep reading! 

THe PDF Versions Of Some Of Cards Against Humanity Packs

1. The Main Game – Cards Against Humanity PDF Cards 

These are the white & black cards of the core game. A total of 540 cards, 460 white cards & 90 black ones. You’ll also find the game instructions in there (just in case you don’t know the rules already).

2. The Family Edition – PDF Cards

The family edition’s gotta be one of our favourites, I mean, we’re all little kids when it comes to family! There are 95 black cards and 505 white ones. Yes, a huge set of 600 cards! 

3. The Australian Version- Main Game PDF

The PDF version of Cards Against Humanity to suit Aussie culture… 100 white cards and 40 black cards, 18 of which are blank ones (we’ll get to that later)! 

4. The Second Expansion PDF 

The second expansion is a pack of white cards, specifically, a set of  100 white cards. I mean, you already have the black cards of the main game! 

5. The Third Expansion – White Cards PDF & Black Cards PDF

What comes next after the second expansion? Logically, the third one. Yes! There are 75 white cards and 25 black ones, do the math, 100 cards in total! 

6. The Holiday Pack PDF

Holidays are coming sooner than we think, and the Holiday Pack is always a good idea! It includes 30 cards!

7. French Version Main Game PDF

Bonjour! Here’s the french version for all our français out there! It has 460 white cards & 100 black ones, including 10 blank cards… 

How To Print The Cards In The Best Possible Way?

Besides the main game, we also gave you the PDFs of some extra packs. But, how do we print them correctly? Aghh… The struggle is real! No worries, we’ll help you out, here are some tips & steps to follow:

Download the pack you want to print. 

Since there are many options, firstly you pick the edition/ expansion you need & want to print, or if you want, you can print them all.

Even though most of the time you can print the cards directly from the page, we recommend you download it, to avoid possible errors, because honestly, they can be tricky sometimes!

Printing Cards Against Humanity - Downloading The Cards

If you’re not printing them at home, make sure to go to the best printing place.  

Obviously, this is the most important detail. If printing goes wrong, what’s the point? I mean, if the text is all blurred, some letters can’t even be read, or the black isn’t really black, umm.. It isn’t that fun anymore. 

We personally prefer printim them at a photocopy place, because you know, they’re professionists and there are more choices about the paper, color, and much more. Anyways, if you’re good at printing stuff, there’s no problem with printing them at your local printer, just know that you should be really precise. 

After choosing the place, make sure you pay attention to the paper.

If you haven’t thought of it, here’s a question: What paper should the cards be printed on? 

Here’s the only correct answer: thick paper, as thicker as possible. Don;t even bother printing them in regular A4 paper, you did nothing! That’s why we told you earlier to be careful what place you choose to print the cards, not all of them have qualitative paper! 

Here’s why thick paper is necessary: 

  • If cards were made in normal paper, they could be torn very easily;
  • They would be destroyed even if you poured just some little tea or coffee on them;
  • If playing Cards Against Humanity as a drinking game, you never know what can happen to the cards, we don’t wanna lose them!;
  • It’s very hard (i’m trying hard to not say impossible) to shuffle the cards if they’re not made with thick paper, I mean, just imagine it!;
  • You can’t even keep them in your hands, and I bet we can all agree on that. Some little cards made out of thin paper can’t be handled! 

I mean, you don’t want your card to look like this, do you? 

Printed Cards -Thin Paper

The size, the paper, aghh, it just hurts my eyes!

If printing them at home, glue the printed paper in cardboard.

Chances are high that most people who have a printer, are supplied only with random paper, and that’s totally understandable. I mean, we only need them for work or to print some documents.

To print the cards as economically as possible, you can place & glue the paper where you have the cards into cardboard, which I bet you all have, a shoe box, a box that is left out from the groceries you bought, or anything you have in your basement… It would be great if you have a white & black cardboard, but if not, any color works.

White CardBoard For Cards

You can choose if you want to print the cards in small or large versions.

Usually, 9 cards per paper means that you’re gonna have the cards in the large version, while, if there are 20 cards in one paper, you’re gonna have the cards in the small version.

One regular card in the game is 63 mm wide and 88 mm tall, or 2.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. Anyways, the size is up to your preferences, good for you there are 2 versions available! 

After dealing with printing the cards, be careful while cutting them.

Yes, you can mess all that hard work up! Cutting the cards can be really stressful, one small omission, and it’s all gone… You don’t wanna throw them all, do you? 

If you’re making them at the copy place, maybe the guys there will help you out and use their tools (if they have good ones).

If not, take the papers with you, and cut them carefully at home, because you know, sit in a comfortable place, clean the table, get a good tool, such as a utility knife, paper or rotary cutter, and oh, of course, a ruler. I mean, if your eye’s an expert on details, you can ignore the ruler, but, just to be sure, use one. 

I know you only used rules in school, but c’mon now, you should have one! Well okay, a hardcover notebook works fine! 

Make a box to place the cards

I’m not bothering to say ‘if you have a CAH box use it’ and blah blah, because if you had one, you’d probably have the cards as well! I assume you haven’t bought the box without the cards, am I right?

Yes, you can use a random box, just the one you left somewhere after buying your new phone, or any random box, but it just feels different when you have the box that actually fits the game, we know you’re a detailist! 

It would be great if you found a black cardboard, and make a cuboid (or whatever shape that is) out of it: 

Black DIY Box CAH

If available, get some adhesive paper and cut out the letters to make Cards Against Humanity, or the respective edition, and stick them in the box. 

This is it, you made the box, everything is in their place! 

Printing The Blank Cards: Personalizing The Cards

If you’re that creative human, and if you have a good humour sense, it’s your time to shine! 

What we like about making the blank pack, is that you can add your own jokes, you can combine stuff from lots of editions and expansions, you can turn it into a themed pack or make it kid-friendly, and honestly, lots of choices… 

Blank White Cards Against Humanity
Blank Black Cards Against Humanity

There’s nothing wrong with using some random white paper you have at home, cutting and writing on them, but, we highly recommend you print the blank cards, because of the details that are written in the corners (such as pick 2 on some cards), and to be honest, they’d feel more like real cards.

So, just download the PDF of blank cards and print as many as you want. The blank cards are usually in white, because we don’t think you have a white pencil at home. Yes, if you want, you can edit the cards and write on them in the PDF (before printing them), or you first print them, and then handwrite, that doesn’t really matter. 

This is actually very lovely even if you have the packs, or you printed existing ones, but you want to add some extra cards, or to make an extra pack (you have to follow the same tips as in the previous part to print the blank cards).

What Can We Say More?

We took care of the cards, all the details, printing, cutting them, and the box as well… Obviously, there’s nothing left!

All the tips are as important as the other, but, if you don’t pay attention to the paper quality and cards size, don’t even bother printing them, I mean, chances are high you’re gonna throw them in the trash right after taking a look at them (that’s how bad they look), or you’re gonna use them once (if you can hold them in your hands), and they’re gonna get destroyed, just by looking at them! 

Unfortunately, you can’t find all the packs in the PDF version for free, well yes, there is a considerable number, but there are many good ones left. 

Another cheaper way to get the game is to buy the PDF version of the game, which evidently cost 50% cheaper or even more. Here are 5 of the most famous editions you can find in this format:

Of course Cards Against Humanity is always a party saver, and turns the boring game nights (or random nights) into cool & funny nights, no matter if you’re 20 or just 2 or 3 people playing

Enjoy it, (as the manufacturer says) you horrible people! 

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