15 Card Games To Get To Know Each Other Better

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One of the things I’ve always wanted to work on was communicating and expressing my feelings. Nothing has helped more than the card games. Good card games, by all means. For everyone who feels the same, welcome to the team and start connecting with your people right after you read this list!

  • The card games:
  1. Why Don’t We?;
  2. Icebreaker;
  3. Table Topics;
  4. Talking Point;
  5. So…;
  6. Who’s Most Likely To…;
  7. For The Girls;
  8. Never Have I Ever;
  9. Big Talk;
  10. You Know;
  11. Pricetitution;
  12. We’re Not Really Strangers;
  13. Let’s Get Deep;
  14. The And;
  15. Let’s Get Closer
  • Conclusion;

1. Why Don’t We?

Why Don't We

120 cards | Ages 18+;

Information about ‘Why Don’t We’:

‘Why Don’t We’ is a deck of cards that tends to create stronger bonds, and bring more love, fun, and smiles. The game contains 6 categories of questions: Quick Rounds, Who Knows Who, Talk To Me, What Ifs, It’s Getting Hot In Here, and Break The Ice. The good thing is, that they can be played by couples or friends.

What are some of the cards?

  • What instantly makes you dislike a person?;
  • If you could be born at any point in time and history, which era would you choose and why?;
  • What is your idea of a hot date?;

2. Icebreaker


150 Cards | Ages 14+;

Information about ‘IceBreaker’:

Icebreaker is an icebreaker. Kills the anxiety when you meet new people and have absolutely no idea how to start conversations. This card game contains 6 card categories (Life, Random, Deep, Experiences, If You Could…, and Would You Rather), and makes your relationships deeper. Ps. There’s also a deeper deck of IceBreaker if you wanna check it out!

What are some of the cards?

  • What’s the most illegal thing you’ve done?;
  • Would you rather end the life of one human or 100 puppies and kittens?;
  • If you could only drink one type of alcohol for the rest of your life, what would you choose?;

3. TableTopics


135 cards | Ages 13+

Information about ‘Table Topics’:

Although Table Topics has a few editions, the Best Things Ever brings out the best (or worst) of people. You can play it with whoever you wish, but mostly with people you haven’t been in touch with lately. Or never. There’s only one category of cards, but they will tell a lot about people’s mindset.

What are some of the cards?

  • Which comedians make you laugh until your sides ache?;
  • Who’s the best boss you’ve ever had?;
  • If you could receive a bouquet of many flowers, what would it be?;
  • Which band would you wish would get back together?

4. Talking Point

Talking Point

200 cards | Ages 8+;

Information about ‘Talking Point’:

Don’t you all need a Talking Point with people? Coming with a total of 4 categories, this family card game touches Get To Know You, Family Time, What Makes You, You, and Fun & Random. Even though it is made for family times, you can also play it with friends or other people, and spend some meaningful time!

What are some of the cards?

  • What do children know more about than adults?;
  • What are the most important things you’ve learned from your family?;
  • What’s one special talent you would like to have?

5. So… 


54 cards | Ages 17+;

Information about ‘So…’:

So… it’s all about deep conversations. This deck can either be used in a date night to share thoughts and feelings, or at a party with people you absolutely have no connection with at all. Cards are straightforward, creative, and very meaningful. If you want something more personal, they’ve got deeper decks too!

What are some of the cards?

  • If you could punch anyone in the face without repercussions, who would it be?;
  • What’s a common trait shared by everyone you’ve dated?;
  • What is something you’ve said or done that still makes you cringe?;
  • What usually are your first thoughts in the morning?

6.  Who’s Most Likely To…

Who's Most Likely To...

250 cards | Ages 14+;

Information about ‘Who’s Most Likely To…’:

Differently from other games, ‘Who’s Most Likely’ doesn’t ask direct questions. The questions are read out loud, and everyone (preferably, 4+ people) must guess to whom the prompt relates mostly. In the best scenario, people playing should know a bit about each other, so they can refer to questions. The best thing is that you can play without cards too, only by using our Most Likely To list of questions.

What are some of the cards?

  • Owns a snuggie/pillow pet;
  • Makes a terrible first impression;
  • Will do anything for $5;
  • Has a heart-to-heart with a homeless guy. 

7. For The Girls

For The Girls

400 cards | Ages 17+;

Information about ‘For The Girls’:

For The Girls is for the girls, duh! Since girls expect to make new girlfriends every day, this card game is a big help. It contains 5 card categories, and each has its color: Keep this card, Give this card, First to mess up loses a card, Give this card, and Do this dare to keep this card. The first to earn 25 cards wins. You’re welcome.

What are some of the cards?

  • Keep this card if you’ve ever given the wrong number on purpose;
  • The first to mess up loses a card: Fashion Designers;
  • Keep this card if you’ve ever broken a bone;
  • Give this card to whoever was the youngest to get their period;

8. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

550 cards | Ages 17+;

Information about ‘Never Have I Ever:

Never Have I Ever is fun in all ways. While using a simple list of Never Have I Ever questions too. To play, questions are read out loud, and everyone must answer with either ‘I have’, or ‘I have not’. It’s a very special way to get to know people, especially with the added rule cards.

What are some of the cards?

  • Never have I ever made a dangerous turn on the road just because the Waze told me to;
  • Never have I ever taken a nap and missed all my classes for the day;
  • Never have I ever paid for Instagram followers.

9. Big Talk

Big Talk

90 cards | Ages 13+’

Information about ‘Big Talk’:

Wanna know how to skip small talk sessions? Big Talk helps you do that, and the best thing is that it is one of the most heart-touching card games for 2. Because of its simplicity, and the way the questions are written, Big Talk is used in therapy sessions too. That’s how powerful it is.

What are some of the cards?

  • If you could talk to everyone in the world, what would you say?;
  • What subject would you save if your house was on fire?;
  • Where would you like to wake up tomorrow?;
  • If you could create and run your whole country, what would it be like?

10. You Know

You Know

108 cards | Ages 7+; 

Information about ‘You Know’:

‘You Know’, besides connecting people, helps with self-esteem too. That’s why it is this important. All cards contain 2 questions, so there are enough things to talk about. Most of the questions start with Would You Rather, but, there are extra wild cards as well. We might say it’s similar to UNO.

What are some of the cards?

  • Would you rather change one thing about the world or one thing about yourself?;
  • Would you rather live with your favorite people in a glacier, or live and travel anywhere, but always alone?;
  • Would you rather everyone in your family have 1 wish, or have 3 wishes all to yourself?

11. Pricetitution


130 cards | Ages 16+;

Information about ‘Pricetitution’:

Pricetitution is a very… unique way to get to know people. The idea of the game is to guess how much money would it take for a player to do specific things. Although lots of the questions are hilarious, many of them explore your fears, tell about your personality, and help you connect deeply with the people playing, whether you’re close friends or have just met each other. 

What are some of the cards?

  • How much money would it take me to tell a preschool class of 20 kids that Santa isn’t real?;
  • How much money would it take me to get a tattoo on my arm of the last food I ate?;
  • How much money would it take me to delete all my social media without an explanation?

12. We’re Not Really Strangers


150 cards | Ages 15+;

Information about ‘We’re Not Really Strangers’:

We’re Not Really Strangers, turns strangers into connected people. The cards belong to 3 categories, which differ from their intimacy level: Perception, Connection, and Reflection. The content is deep and touches your soul. If you’re curious, there are other such games like We’re Not Really Strangers.

What are some of the cards?

  • What parts of yourself do you see in me?
  • Do you think I fall in love easily? Why or why not?
  • What was your first impression of me?

13. Let’s Get Deep

Let's Get Deep

400 cards | Ages 17+;

Information about ‘Let’s Get Deep’:

The huge deck of Let’s Get Deep allows you to talk about everything, with your partner, or other close people. The cards belong to 3 main categories (Icebreaker, Deep, or Deeper), and you may either mix them all or play preferred decks only. This deck is mostly made for date nights, but you can find the Friends Edition too! 

What are some of the cards?

  • What do you spend the most time thinking about? Why?
  • What’s something you’re weirdly good at?
  • What’s something embarrassing you do when no one’s home?

14. The And

199 cards | Ages 17+;

Information about ‘The And’:

As a question card game, The And has several editions. Although the couple one is the most famous, we appreciate the friend one extremely! The design of the cards is very minimalistic, but the questions touch your soul. The Skin Deep definitely knew what they were doing with this game!

What are some of the cards?

  • How do our differences enhance our relationship?
  • What do you treasure about our friendship?
  • How many people do you think I’ve slept with?

15. Let’s Get Closer

130 cards | Ages 16+;

Information about ‘Let’s Get Closer’:

With 3 card categories (Close, Closer, and Closest), this card game creates strong bonds and feels like a journal. You might play it with whoever you want, even consider it a couples’ card game. Decks are physically divided too, so depending on how you’re feeling, you can play one deck only. Or preferably, mix all cards and play them as one single deck! 

What are some of the cards?

  • What is your favorite thing about yourself?
  • What motivates you to get up every morning?
  • What is the greatest accomplishment of your life?

Final Thoughts

Well, it was a long journey, wasn’t it? This article was super delicate and special to us, knowing how much trouble people have communicating and connecting with each other. There are several game types included, and you’ll find the perfect card game to connect with people, either if you prefer direct questions, or bonding while guessing.

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