LET’S GET DEEP In This Card Game Review

Let's Get Deep - Cover Photo

For all my mates who suck at communicating, Let’s Get Deep comes to save your life. It works great for all types of connections, precisely as a couples’ card game, and enhances heartfelt conversations, aiming to strengthen your relationships.

The Box & Cards In Let’s Get Deep 

The front of the Let’s Get Deep box probably shows a strong purple aura, explaining the aim of the game: spiritual connection. 

Let's Get Deep - Box

The design is as simple as it should be: The main pieces of information are written in white, as a contrast to the purple background. There’s the game name, the game’s target audience, and the name of the creators (which is  What Do You Meme?).

Let's Get Deep - Back Of The Box

On the other hand, the back of the box shows a lot more. It starts off with a short game description, which makes you buy the game immediately! Then, you’ll meet the card levels, the contents, and the main rules of Let’s Get Deep: the age range, number of players, and playing time.

What we really care about, is the cards. Let’s Get Deep contains a deck of 500 cards, divided into 3 levels. Specifically, there are 100 Ice Breakers, 200 Deep cards, and 200 more deeper cards. 

The back of each card shows the level, followed by the gradient color, from the icebreaker (lighter color) to the deepest level (in the darkest purple). 

Although you will probably get the game soon, here’s one card of each category to give you the feeling of Let’s Get Deep:

A pretty considerable example of an Ice Breaker. Nothing too personal, great to begin with & start strengthening relationships.

Answers from this card could get weirder and funnier than you could ever imagine. 

Ouch. I bet most of you would prefer to never answer this question at all. 

Here’s a video of a couple playing the game, so you could meet more cards as well: Let’s Get Deep challenge

Ps. If you ever find the box in red, bear in mind that it’s the same content. The only difference is the color & appearance.

How To Play Let’s Get Deep & Player’s Perspective

Let’s recap the main rules quickly: Let’s Get Deep could be played by 2 or more players, ages 17+, and a good game can last from 30 to 90 minutes. 

To play, keep the cards in precise decks, as they are: Icebreakers, Deep, and Deeper. Players take turns to ask each other questions: the first player begins by drawing 1 Icebreaker, 2 Deep cards, and 2 Deeper ones, and asks these out loud. The other player must respond to all these questions. The game ends whenever you feel like you know too much about each other, just like the official instructions explain.

Peeps are getting pretty creative with the use of Let’s Get Deep. One of my absolute favorites is a Twitter mate sending people cards from the deck, and starting conversations: Sending cards from Let’s Get Deep.

If you really wanna know what I value most about Let’s Get Deep, it gotta be how it evolves from random questions, to incredibly deep ones, which leads to talking your hearts out. It made us share stories, which daily, I wouldn’t be vulnerable to.

Considering we shared our deepest fears, life goals, expectations, and more, the connection was stronger than ever. Well, get prepared to enjoy it all: crying, laughing, and falling in love!  

Let's Get Deep - Player's Perspective

Where To Get Let’s Get Deep?

The most trusted place to order such games, is from official stores, indeed. You can get Let’s Get Deep at Relatable (the manufacturers) for only $19.99. All other packs are available there as well. 

Extra Packs Of Let’s Get Deep

Undoubtedly, extra packs are always a good idea. Besides the main game, the Couples Edition, there are 2 other packs: the Friends Edition, and After-Dark expansion. The Friends one contains 400 cards, divided into categories just like the core edition. The After-Dark, on the other hand, brings 200 cards, coming in Icebreakers, Deep, and Deeper, too. 

Let's Get Deep - Extra Packs

Final Thoughts

Let’s Get Deep is one of the most effective card games to strengthen relationships, speaking of personal experience. The good thing is that you might bond with friends too, or upgrade to the After-Dark, once the main game has done enough.

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