That’s What She Said Card Game Review: Is That What She Really Said?

That's What She Said - Cover Photo

That’s What She Said isn’t only the funniest phrase ever, if used in correct situations. Just like in the Office…  It’s also one hilarious card game, which besides showing the humorous part of you, gets you in the competitive spirit likewise!  

The Box & The Cards Of That’s What She Said

Although they like to update the look of the box once in a while (and add a few illustrations), this is how it currently looks:

That's What She Said - Box

The lips represent a girl, because… that’s what she said, huh? The background is white, the attention is on the lips, and there are just a few pieces of information about the gameplay. Of course, these include the age range, playing time, and the number of players.

That's What She Said - Back Of The Box

The back of the box is here for you to get an idea of the game, even if you catch in on your local store. There’s a little preview of some of the cards, a short description of That’s What She Said, and the creators’ official website & social media.

Now, let’s talk about the cherry on top: cards! This card game like Cards Against Humanity, brings a deck of 458 cards: 400 white cards, and 58 red ones. 

That's What She Said - Cards

Keep scrolling to read some of our absolute favorite cards:

That's What She Said - Cards 1

Jokes with superheroes are not so innocent anymore. We ain’t mad about that though. 

That's What She Said - Cards 2

I know you tilted your head to read it. For a prompt like doing it three in a row, it’s definitely worth it. 

That's What She Said - Cards 3

Which one’s your favorite, and why exactly the one with the stool?

Instructions & Sincere Thoughts On That’s What She Said

That’s What She Said is perhaps one game that proves that simplicity can be hysterical too! As an adult card game, it could be played by people who are 17 or older. A TWSS game, consisting of 4 or more players, lasts 30 to 60 minutes. 

To play, one played becomes the game judge for the round, and reads one red card out loud, while all other players submit their chosen white phrase cards. After the game judge reads all responses and picks whatever they think is the funniest. That player keeps the red card of the round as one point, and the game continues until one player has 5 points and, therefore, wins. 

That's What She Said - Rules

Now, That’s What She Said absolutely lives up to its promise. Adult humor is used, but now the type of humor with dirty words. Their meaning is adult-friendly, just like the phrase ‘that’s what she said is’. It’s hilarious how the most innocent sentences can be turned into something embarrassing, which, to be sincere, we all enjoyed. This card game fantastically proved to me how hilarious my people are. 

If you’re curious to see how the game goes, watch That’s What She Said.

Extra Packs Of That’s What She Said

Sure! Over 450 cards are a great deal for good gameplay. But, why not make it awesome? Besides the core game, the creators brought 3 expansions too, with 100 brand-new cards each. These expansions are just additions to the main game and, therefore, are played using the same rules, and bring the same type of content.

That's What She Said - Expansions

* If you wanna get the main game, or any of the packs, bear in mind that they’re available on Amazon. 

Final Thoughts

That’s What She Said is one of our to-go picks, anytime we have a little gathering. They lighten up parties and bring uncontrollable laughs. The content is super creative, the jokes get dirty, and the game gets different, depending on who you’re playing with.

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