Who Can Do It Game Reviews: Series Of Extraordinary Challenges

Who Can Do It - Cover Photo

Who Can Do It is an adult game full of challenges that bring out the craziest and most adventurous part of you. Coming as a series of different types of dares, Who Can Do It turns your gathering into an experience of its own. 

The Box & Contents

The designers did their job perfectly with this box. Even if you haven’t ever heard of the game, the design speaks: it has to do with challenges. 

There’s a red background to show the risk and huge letters in black and white. Also, the fact that this one’s a party game, is pretty well announced.

Who Can Do It - Box On The Back

If by any chance the front of the box ain’t convincing enough, the back will make you buy the game. This part will show you the main rules (age range, number of cards, and players), and a little preview of the cards inside Who Can Do It, a game for you and your stupid friends.
Undoubtedly, the magic is found inside this box. Who Can Do It contains 250 cards, one category only. The back of these cards has the same design as the box, while the front is simply white with black cards. Each card has its number (#number), so you can keep track.

Who Can Do It - Inside The Box

Here are a few cards for you to check before the game arrives at your house:

Who Can Do It - Cards 4

Cards right above, prove that Who Can Do It contains explicit content, indeed. Each is more hilarious than the other, but, make sure you’re comfortable playing. Of course, there are normal cards too! 

If you want to get a glimpse of more cards, here’s a TikTok for you: Who Can Do It cards.  

The Game Rules & Our Honest Opinion On Who Can Do It

Primo, bear in mind that Who Can Do It, for known reasons already, can only be played by people who are 17 or older. A good game consists of 3 or more players (makes a great game for 3 players), and lasts over 30 minutes, depending on how many challenges you complete. 

Each round, there’s a new judge, who must read cards out loud. All other players must do the dares based on specific criteria written, and wait for the judge to tell who they think completed the dare best. If you win the round, you keep the card as a point. Luckily, official rules exist too: WCDI instructions.

Heart-to-heart opinion: Who Can Do It is one of the games with the most creative dares, not the usual ones we’re at home with. The same cards aren’t replayable, but, since there’s a huge deck, you could easily divide the deck into several piles, and play a few times. It’s nearly impossible to complete all 250 dares in one sitting.

What me and my peeps prefer to do once in a while, is to play it as a drinking card game. So, all players, besides the one who wins the round, must take a sip of their drink. Cheers! 

But, where to buy WCDI? This astounding card game is easily found at Amazon, for only $18.00, and at the official store, DSS Games, for the same price too. 


We believe that all adults have one crazy part of them, so Who Can Do It reveals this part. It will get pretty risky, dirty, and hysterically funny, so, that’s a whole package of entertainment. If you wish to see how the game goes, watch Who Can Do It gameplay

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