Play Nine Card Game Review: Playing Golf Without A Ball!

Play Nine Game - Cover Photo

Play Nine is here to prove that you don’t necessarily need Bermuda grass or a putter to play golf. A great way of playing this club-and-ball sport is by using a few creative cards. It’s just as strategic and challenging as playing golf, and it’s appropriate for the whole family! 

The Box & Cards Of Play Nine

Play Nine’s box is attractive for adults, and kids too!

Play Nine Card Game - The Box

There’s a yellow background, detailed with green letters to represent the grass. The front of the box informs about the main rules: age range (8+), and the number of players (2 to 6). The creators have shared a few cards as well, so you create an idea of what’s inside. 

Play Nine Card Game - Back Of The Box

As per usual, the back of the box shows a little description of the game, a few more cards, and the official site of the creators. And that’s it! 

As we previously mentioned, Play Nine has a total of 108 cards, including 8 cards of each value (from 0 – Mulligan to 12 – Out of Bounds) and four Hole-in-One cards. Take a look at some of them:

Play Nine Card Game - Cards 3

Cards become more attractive with their unique illustrations, which is one of our favorite features of the game.  

Besides the playing cards, Play Nine brings a score card too, for you to keep track of and determine the winner. 

Watch this if you wanna know how the game goes: Play Nine – A Non-Gamer’s Review.

How Do You Play Nine?

Play Nine, a game similar to UNO, could be played by 2 to 6 people, of all ages starting from 8. A usual game lasts 30 to 90 minutes, but that depends on your play speed. 

Each player is dealt 8 cards, which must be arranged in 2 rows of 4 cards, in front of each player. The latter must tee off by turning over 2 cards of their choice from their playing area. 

Play Nine Card Game - How To Play

Then, players take turns, going clockwise from the dealer’s left, to draw the top card from either the draw deck or the discard pile. 

  • If drawn from the deck, players must either replace one facedown or faceup card of their playing area, with the new card, or discard the new card, and turn any of their facedown cards over. 
  • If drawn from the pile, the new card replaces one faceup or facedown card of their area, and the replaced card gets discarded. 

When one player turns over or replaces all 8 cards, the game ends for them. Other players take one more shot, and after that, the score is counted. The game continues for nine holes, and then the winner is announced. 

To count scores, cards are worth their face value, with negative Hole-In-One cards removing scores. Specific card layouts on the area, shave strokes off your score. More on that, and strategy tips, might be found on the official rules sheet.

Where To Get Play Nine?

The card game of golf is available at the official store, Play Nine, for €17.04 EUR. Besides the main game, they have some cool gift bundles too! 

But, here’s a surprise: Besides having a super cool deck of cards, the manufacturers have also created a game app, for everyone who prefers playing digitally. The app is available on the App Store and Google Play. The gameplay is exactly the same, and the greatest feature is that it has automatic score counting. 

Play Nine Card Game - The Game App

Final Thoughts

For all our peeps who wish they could play golf indoors, without any extra accessories, Play Nine is the solution. Aside from that, it’s a great way for the whole family to hang out, from 8-year-old kids to grandparents, considering here the exceedingly simple rules.

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