You Laugh You Drink Card Game Playable in PDF

You Laugh You Drink - Cover Photo

We will take every chance we have to provide as many drinking card games as possible. For all of you who, for some reason, haven’t heard of You Laugh You Drink, bear in mind that it will make you laugh your hearts out. The idea of the game is completing prompts in the cards, aiming to make the other players laugh. Whoever laughs, will take a sip of their drink.

  • This PDF brings 50 cards;
  • One page contains 10 cards;
  • Includes the rules page;
  • The same design as the physical copy;
  • The preview is available below.

If you don’t wanna go through the preview, simply download the file by clicking the button below:

Download PDF - You Laugh You Drink


As y’all assumed, the first page shows the game rules, so everything is as simple as it gets.

You Laugh You Drink Rules

You Laugh You Drink originally has a deck of 150 cards. The digital edition, however, brings 50 of these cards to you. Although it may sound like it’s only one-third of the deck, it’s just the right amount for a good game with your mates. Here’s how the cards look:

You Laugh You Drink Cards

One page in this PDF has 10 cards, so it isn’t the best idea to open it on your phone. Instead, we would recommend you either open the file on a larger screen, or the best of them all, print the cards out, and play it as a usual card game. If you choose to do the latter, our printing advice could come in handy.  

In simple words, you read the prompts, complete whatever’s written in it, and everyone you get laughing, drinks. 

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