Is Joking Hazard Really That Dirty? – Card Game Review

Joking Hazard Review - Cover Photo

When talking about offensive, but hilarious card games, Joking Hazard shouldn’t miss. As an adult game, this one makes all players create comic stories, which very often include dirty humor. 

How Does The Box & Cards Look?

The box design is as creative as it should be and makes you immediately get the vibe of the game. 

Joking Hazard Box

The front of the box shows the game name in bold, the creators, and some funny illustrations, which give a glimpse of what’s inside. 

Joking Hazard Back Of The Box

However, if the front arouses your curiosity, all other information will be found on the back: number of players, age range, a short description, and of course, a few card examples. 

There’s a warning, for everyone who hasn’t heard of Joking Hazard, saying that it contains bad words and violence-related phrases.

The fun part explodes the minute you open the box. Joking Hazard contains a total of 360 cards, and each is more extraordinary than the other.

The Cards Inside Of Joking Hazard

There ain’t different categories of cards, so, each one is used for the same purpose. Expect the card border that vary, but that will be explained right below. If you want to read some of the cards, before getting the game, just keep scrolling down! 

Imagine someone actually saying this to you after you tell them you have cancer. Ouch…

Joking Hazard - Card Combination 4

What a way to start a new relationship! Getting ideas, huh?

Anyway, don’t be surprised when you find a few blank cards in the deck. They usually include 10 blank cards, for you to add your crazy ideas!

Gameplay Instructions & Our Sincere Insights

Mates, this ain’t a family card game, so don’t make this mistake. Joking Hazard is made for Joking Hazards who are 18 or older. 

To play, one of you becomes the game judge and turns the top card of the pile over. If it’s a black-corner card, the judge first adds one more card from their hand. Then, all other players submit their favorite cards and wait for the judge’s pick.

On the other hand, if it’s a red-corner card, the Judge doesn’t submit any cards from their hand. When someone gets 3 points (or as you wish), wins the game, and becomes the funniest Joking Hazard! 

Playing Joking Hazard

I bet you’re pretty curious to know how the game went for me. Well, the card combinations got hilarious really quickly. We appreciate that the game setup and rules are pretty simple, which always makes us save energy for the gameplay.

The illustrations were very funny and made us understand the ideas of the jokes better. After a few minutes, we found ourselves laughing on the floor, and this became an unforgettable memory undoubtedly.

Although we enjoyed the game at its fullest, several times we ran into offensive phrases, but, with my group of people, that wasn’t a problem. Luckily, they appreciated dark & dirty humor, but, Joking Hazard isn’t definitely for the easily offended fellas. 

Here’s a compilation of amusing cards in the deck: 1 Hour of Funny Joking Hazard

Where To Get Joking Hazard

Well, you’re some lucky people. All these hilarious cards & dark jokes could be yours for free! We’re bringing you a digital version of Joking Hazard, which you can decide to play as such, or print the file and make your physical copy of the game. 

All you gotta do is follow the link, read the instructions, and make your deck of the game: Get Joking Hazard in PDF Form.

Joking Hazard PDF

Extra Packs Of Joking Hazard

Hands down, expansions (you must know the game terms) make a game better. Here’s what they made, besides Joking Hazard:

  • 3 deck enhancements, each with 100 cards;
  • 3 themed expansions, with 50 cards each;
  • 2 big ass boxes, that contain all cards from all packs.
Joking Hazard - Extra Packs


The main rule for playing Joking Hazard is to have a group of people who enjoy dark & dirty humor and don’t get offended easily. Then, the game will absolutely fill your gatherings with laughter, and help you create lifetime memories.

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