Is Cards Against Disney Really Against Disney? – Review

Cards Against Disney - Cover Photo_1

Cards Against Disney is an unofficial edition of Cards Against Humanity, which brings you your favorite childhood memory: Disney. All the content in the cards deals with characters who simply made life better. But hey! This game is for adults only! 

The Box & Cards Of Cards Against Disney 

Cards Against Disney - Both Color Boxes

Before we get to anything else, why are there two different boxes? We’re happy to tell you that there’s no difference in the content of these two packs of Cards Against Disney. It’s simply which color & design you prefer best. 

The box, just like most CAH packs, has simple illustrations: the name & a short caption about the game. White letters on a black or red background, and Disney details (such as Mickey Mouse), are the perfect combinations to win our hearts.

On the side, there are just a few details about the gameplay: the number of players, age range, and the game time. The back of the box, in the meantime, shows lots more information about Cards Against Disney, but, we’ll let that be a sweet surprise for you! 

Cards Against Disney Sides

Cards Against Humanity Disney edition contains a total of 828 cards, precisely 260 question cards, and 568 answer cards.

You notice Disney mentioned, and you assume it’s appropriate for kids as well. Absolutely not. Cards Against Disney is made for people over 17. This little preview of the cards proves it: 

Cards Against Disney - Combination 1

Two extremes of card content, and we love both!

Cards Against Disney - Combination 2

Still doubting the age range? Jokes about the Little Mermaid were never this dirty, indeed.

Cards Against Disney - Combination 3

Is this such a bad idea, after all?

Cards Against Disney - Combination 4

My favorite? Definitely the one with Piglet.

Cards Against Disney - Combination 5

Finding an Irishman who doesn’t care about potatoes when he’s sober? Not that possible.

Here’s a Tiktok video to show you, mates, a few more hilarious cards: Cards Against Disney

If you’re wondering, CAH Disney is played just like every edition of this genre, and it even lasts the same (30 to 90 minutes). Simply, pick one Card Czar, and let them read one red/black card each round, while all other players submit their white cards, as responses. The funniest combination wins the round!

Where Can We Buy Cards Against Disney? & Did It Bring Back Memories?

Buying Cards Against Disney_1

Considering that this is a fan-made edition, it isn’t available in most of the shops. However, if you’re in the UK, you might get Cards Against Disney at Amazon. But, our all-time favorite way is to purchase it on EditionCards for only $9.95. 

Personally, it’s one of the favorite packs of CAH, and I’ve played lots! What I’ve noticed when playing with other people, is that even the ones who don’t like playing Cards Against Humanity, end up loving Cards Against Disney, probably because of the great mix of nostalgia & hilarious adult humor they bring. 

It’s extremely impressive how cards could be that dirty, and bring back very innocent memories of childhood, so, that’s a 10/10 for me.

However, make sure to explain to everyone that the content is definitely not for the weak, and although it says Disney, it’s made for adults only. Don’t be fooled when seeing Disney on it. Just as what happens with Cards Against Your Childhood


Cards Against Disney could be a great addition to any of your other CAH editions, and definitely, an astonishing stand-alone game.

The content is like no other, and the vibe the cards bring is indecipherable. Get your good company, and remember Disney stuff in the most unusual way ever. 

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